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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Lost: "Ab Aeterno"

"Ab Aeterno" is Latin for "From the beginning of time". Naturally, many people suspected this to be a Richard episode. My theory was that Richard was one of the first inhabitants on the Island, the original Other, and he was originally from Egypt. Would this theory hold its own? Well, no. But what was probably the most anticipated episode to date failed to disappoint. My high expectations were met, and "Ab Aeterno" takes its rightful place amongst my 10 favorite Lost episodes.

We were treated to flashbacks that spanned almost the entire show. An unrelated flashback opened the show, featurind the flashabck where Ilana and Jacob meet in the hospital. Jacob explains to Ilana that what she has been preparing for her whole life is finally needed. She has to protect the six remaining candidates. She must bring them to The Temple, then seek out Ricardus, for he will know what to do.

Ilana explains this to everyone sitting around a campfire. Upon hearing this, Richard laughs at the thought, for he doesn't know what the hell he was to do. Richard explains that they are all dead, and the Island is hell. He then notifys everyone to stop listening to Jacob, and start listening to someone else. Who? The Man in Black, of course! Jack was curious who it was, and Sun told him "Locke". Jack looked shocked, but Ben explained that "it's not exactly Locke".

Ben lets Ilana know that going after Richard is useless, for he knows nothing. He then tells everyone that Richard doesn't age. And as Hurley appears to talk to some unknown dead person, Richard's story is finally revealed.

We flashback to the Tenerife, Canary Islands in 1867. Ricardo's wife is very sick. Before leaving for help, Isabella gives him her cross necklace. Riding through a storm, Ricardo went to the doctor, who refused to give him medicine without payment. Ricardo paid everything he had, and even gave the man Isabella's cross. He said it was worthless, and refused to give it to Ricardo. A fight ensues, and Richard accidentaly kills the man. He takes the medicine and runs, but is too late. Isabella is dead, and Ricardo is arrested for murder.

A few days later, a priest comes for Ricardo's confession. Though Ricardo speaks Spanish, his Bible is in English. This is because Ricardo and Islabella were planning to go to the New World to start a new life. The preist does not accept Ricardo's confession and states the murder is unforgivable. And he is to be killed the next day. He is going to hell.

Ricardo is saved, however. He is bought by Mangus Hanso as a slave, and boards the Black Rock. He and others are chained to the wall, and during a huge storm, someone looks through a whole in the side of the ship. They see land, and also the Taweret statue, who they think is the devil. Just then, a huge wave carries the ship up over the statue, and the ship lands in the middle of the jungle.

One of the ships officers begins to kill the surving slaves, but the Smoke Monster appears and kills everyone, except Ricardo. My guess is that it scans Ricardo's memory, and sees that it can manipulate him into killing Jacob. Sometime later, Isabella appears to Richard, and tells him they are in Hell. The Monster appears again, and appears to attack Ricardo's wife. My theory is that Man in Black pretended to be Isabella and attacked itself (so to speak) to scare Richard.

Later, the Man in Black appears to Ricardo and lets him out of his chains. After relaesing him, MiB replies "It's good to see you out of those chains". He then confirms that Ricardo is in "Hell" and the only way to get out is to kill "The Devil"- Jacob.

Richard walks to the statue, now destroyed, save for the foot. Jacob overpowers Richard, and takes the dagger from him. Ricardo explains to Jacob what MiB told him. Jacob tells him that he is not the devil, and they are not in hell. After using force to convince Ricardo, Jacob tells the former slave about his feud with MiB. He also tells Ricardo why MiB is trapped on the Island using a wine bottle as a visual. He then makes a deal with Ricardo. If Ricardo works on behalf of Jacob, he will be granted whatever he wants. After Jacob refuses to ressurect his wife or absolve him of his sins, Ricardo wishes for eternal life, and with that, Jacob touches him and grants it.

Ricardo then approaches MiB and gives him something from Jacob: a white stone. The same stone on the scale that was thrown by MiB into the sea. MiB then gives Ricardo the necklace, which he buries, and disappears. Before he does, MiB explains that if he ever wants to change sides, he can.

Back in Island time, Richard goes to the place he burried the necklace. He shouts to the heavens that he will take MiB's offer to join him. Just then, Hurley appears. He has been talking to Isabella, and Richard communicates through Hurley to Isabella. Richard tells her how much he misses her, and Isabella replies "We're already together". She kisses him, then disappears. Richard then puts the cross on, and Hurley says one more thing. If Richard can't stop MiB from leaving the Island, then they all go to hell. From some distance away, Flocke menacingly hears the conversation.

The final scene is a flashback. Jacob goes to visit the Man in Black. MiB asks to leave the Island, but Jacob refuses him. MiB replies that he will kill Jacob, and that he will kill his replacment to. Jacob then gives MiB the wine bottle used to describe MiB's perdicament. Jacob says he'll see him around as he leaves, and MiB replies "Sooner than you think". The episode ends as MiB raises the wine bottle, then breaks it.

Top 3 Questions I Want Answered:
1). Who were the first people to the Island?
2). What do the Others do?
3). Will Jin and Sun ever be reunited?

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