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Thursday, May 14, 2009

"The Incident"

Wow. Just wow. Last night's episode was everything you'd expect in a Lost finale. There were casualties. New characters were introduced. And it all led up to some shocking revalations, as well as a huge cliffhanger. So, in the words of Eloise Hawking... "Let's Get Started".

In the first scene, we see 2 people watching the Black Rock sail to the Island. Keep in mind one of them is wearing white, and the other one is wearing black. This brings us back to the whole Good vs. Bad thing. Of course, the good person is none other than... JACOB! The evil person is not yet known. But it is revealed that Jacob cannot die, no matter how much the other guy wants to kill him. He can only kill Jacob if he finds a loophole. Very interesting...

Through flashbacks, we see that Jacob has had very important impacts on everyone's life. He helped Kate when she stole. He helped Hurley and Sayid get back to the Island. He helped Jack after that surgery that went wrong. He helped Sawyer write the leetter to Mr. Sawyer. And he helped Locke live after he fell 11 stories.

Kate, Sawyer, and Juliette left the sub to save everyone on the Island. Once they were back, the finally met up with Rose and Bernard. They are happily "retired" living in the jungle and truly happy. It was a very touching scene. It's also a good way to introduce them, or write them out of the show. Whatever happens, they will be happy, even if they do die and become "Adam and Eve" in the caves.

Richard and Elosie left Sayid and Jack to do their thing with the bomb, but were attacked by Dharma people. But, Hurley and the rest came to rescue them.Even though they're rescued, Sayid is shot, and it doesn't look good for him. Finally, all of the Losties are reunited, and even though they don't see eye to eye, they live by the famous line "Live Together, Die Alone." They follow Jack to the Swan area and save him from the Dharma folk. He then throws the Hydrogen bomb into the hatch.

Now, before we finish the story of the 1977 Island, let's flash to the Island in current time. Locke is carrying out his plan to kll Jacob, and puts Ben in charge of the mission. But the Ajiria people have thier own plansand discover a disturbing secret in a crate. They obviously now about the Island, and approach Richard and ask him "What lies in the Shadow of the Statue?" he responds in a different language. Alana later shows what's inside the container- a dead John Locke.

But someone lives in the statue. And for those of you ho want to know, that statue was of Taweret, the Ancient Egyptian goddess of evil, who became the goddess of children and pregnancy. Jacob lives inside there, and when he sees Locke, he asks him if he found his loophole. WTH! Ben confronts Jacob about the way he treated him, and Jacob simply replies "What about You?" Angrily, Ben kills Jacob and Locke pushed him in the fire.

Now, back to the Swan sitch- nothing happens after the bomb is dropped, except for the Incident. The energy is released, and all te metal things around them are pulled into a hole, including Juliette, who is caufght in metal chains. Before plumiting down the hole, she tells Sawyer she loves him, and falls. Oh, and Phil is also killed, but really- who cares? But Juliette is not dead- yet. She's at the bottom of the pit, and she sees the hydrogen bomb. She takes a rock and keeps banging at it. Finally, it explodes, and there's a huge flash... and then...

LOST- the title appears, but in reverse- the letters are in black while the backround is white, leaving us on a major cliff hanger. And so will this post...

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Are You Ready for "The Incident"?

We've heard about it since Season 2. Perhaps one of the biggest questions that fans have asked will be covered tonight, in the Season 5 Finale of Lost.

The penultimate season has been absolutely great, and it's going out with a bang! Tonight, Jack plans to stop the Incident from happening, which started a chain of reactions that caused Oceaninc Flight 815 to crash on the Island. Will he succede, or will he possibly cause the Incident?

Locke is going to give Ben a hard task. Will he have to kill Jacob? Why? Will we possibly see Jacob tonight?

Will we finally find out where Rose and Bernard, et al are?

Find out tonight. At 8 ETD, there will ve a recap episode, with commentary from Dammon Lindloff Carson Cruse. Then, get ready for 2 hours of nonstop action! Then come back tomorrow as we discuss the finale, and next week, as we reflect on Season 5. But keep coming back Wednesdays over the summer as we discuss more about Lost. Stay tuned to find out what I mean.

Monday, May 11, 2009

General Hospital Weekly Roundup- Week of May 11

So let's recap: Last year, Michael was shot and put in a permanent coma. He's sent away to a clinic where he will be taken care of. Fast forward 1 year and he returns to General Hospital, albiet blonde and older. No he's going under some expiremental treatment to wake him up. And what happens: he begins to die. Only in a soap opera, huh? (Ok, so in retrospect, it's really comon. But still...)

Michael will not die. I don't mean to spoil this for anyone, but really, why recast a role when said character will only be asleep for the entire stint. From what I understand, he will eake up later this week. And let me tell you, he'll wake up to someone stupid: Lulu.

Now, I like Lulu, but please writers. Why couldn't he wake up to Carly. What a beautiful, emotional scene that would be. I usually don't cry at all when watching TV, but I might then. But why is it when Lulu's in the room?

Lulu has her own crap to worry about. Her roomate and her ex are fighting their feelings with each other. She might lose her job becuase someone is stealing from Crimson. Her dad is also trying to get her to be with Ethan, who was revealed was not Luke's child. Thank God, what an insult to Luke and Laura.

Meanwhile, Maxie has been trying to get stubborn Spinelli to talk to her again. I was so fed up with Spinelli, until Friday. Instead of trying to catch the culpirt (Judging by the shoes, I think it's either Helena or Kate. Teh question is: why??) they kissed. Get 'er done!

Also, I must point out how freshing this week was. There was no Robin! Like a breath of fresh air. GH can only improve, right!

Let's hope next week is better. Remember to pray for Michael!