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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Lost: "The Last Recruit"

*Editor's Note: Hey everybody! I've been really swamped between the SAT and upcoming AP Exams at school. Sorry I haven't been posting lately, but I'll be posting more in a few weeks. Until then, I'll only be posting my Lost columns. Sorry for the inconvienence!

So, who is the last recruit? I was under the impression that the episode would be a Jack centric, and I doubted that the Man of Faith we know as Jack would give into Flocke's crazy scheme. But I was surprised to see that the flashsideways focused on everyone. And, in a cool twist, it appears all of thier destinies are becoming intertwined with each other in the flashsideways. Pretty cool, right?

The show started out with Locke being rushed to the hospital with Ben at his side after being hit by Desmond. Once they get to the hospital, Sun also arrives with Jin. Remember, Sun was shot in "The Package" and is also pregnant. However, Sun looks over at Locke and appears to recognize him. She begins shouting "It's him" as she is taken inside to be helped. Later in the episode, we find out that her surgery was a success, and her and the baby are going to be okay.

In the police station, Sawyer is seen talking to Kate while the feds are on their way to pick up the fugitive. Miles then calls him over, and informs him of a double homicide at a restaurant. He then shows him camera footgage of the suspect leaving the scene: Sayid. Sayid goes back to Nadia's house and prepares to leave when Miles arrives to ask Nadia a few questions. Sayid leaves out the back door, but is captured by Sawyer.

Meanwhile a pregant Claire goes to an adoption agencey. But Desmond is there, and convinces her to see a lawyer first. She complies, and Desmond takes her to the office of Ilana Verdansky (!). She's been looking for her. Why? Well, as Jack and David Shephard arrive at the same office for the reading of Christian's will. (It's also interesting to note that their relationship is much better now than before). Ilana greets them and informs Jack that she has found Claire Littleton, who is Christian's daughter. He is speechless, until he gets a emergency call from the hospital, and must go. He takes David to the hospital while he prepares to operate on Locke. He sees Locke's reflection in a mirror and is taken aback. He tells the other surgeon "I think I know this guy".

On the Island, we are treated to the conversation we've been waiting for all season. Flocke and Jack discuss things in private. Even though Jack knew of this, he is still amazed. Flocke tells Jack that he took Locke's form because Locke was stupid enough to persue the Island until it got him killed and Jack brought the body back in a coffin so Flocke was able to impersonate him. Jack then asks if he impersonated his father, Christian, in "White Rabbit". Flocke says he did, but I'm not buying it. Why? There's a lot of errors. Christian appeared to Michael on the freighter, and he can't fly over the water. Also, Christian appeared to Locke in the Frozen Donkey Wheel Chamber under the Orchid hundreds of years before Christian's body found its way to the Island. Plus, the Man in Black loves to "help" people, but refused to help an injured John Locke move the Island's wheel. Why would he lie? To get his final recruit, Jack.

Jack and Claire then catch up, their first meeting since "The Beginning of the End". and the first time they meet knowing they are half-siblings. Warm and fuzzy, ain't it? Anyway, Claire asks if Flocke told him he appeared as their father, which directly contradicts Claire telling Jin that (paraphrasing) first her father told her the Others took Aaron, then her friend (Flocke) told her that. She then tells him that because Locke talked to him, Jack has to go with Locke. Why? TBD.

As Sawyer plans to leave on Widmore's sub, Zoe appears and threatens to blow everyone up if "The Package" (aka Desmond) isn't returned by nigthfall. Flocke then decides it is time to leave, and as they go to depart for the boat to take them to Hydra Island, he sends Sayid on a mission to kill Desmond. Sayid goes to the well, and I think Desmond is able to convince Sayid not to trust the Man in Black. But I'm not sure. Sayid later tells Flocke that he killed Des, But I doubt it.

Flocke leaves to find Sayid, and The Losties (minus Claire) make a run for it to the Elizabeth, Desmond's boat. Sawyer refuses to take Claire because she is now "crazy". Claire follows them to the boat, and holds them up at gunpoint. But Kate talks Claire down and states that if Claire isn't going, she isn't going. Claire is allowed on board, but states that "He's going to be mad". And I'm sure Flocke will be!

On their way to Hydra Island, Jack and Sawyer finally converse. But Jack realizes that they aren't suppose to leave. He tells Sawyer that he remembers how he felt after he left the Island. He hated it. They're supposed to do something and have a purpose on the Island. Sawyer is furious with Jack and tells him to get off his boat because there is no room on board for "that crazy talk". Jack reaffirms his postion as the Man of Faith, apologizes for getting Juliet killed, and jumps off the boat. He swims back to the Main Island as Kate tells Sawyer they have to go back for him. But Sawyer refuses.

The group arrive on Hydra Island, where they are greeted by Widmore's team. Jin comes out of the trees, and Sun is overjoyed to see him. They run towards each other. I must say I thought they were going to get zapped by that Sonar fence, so I was so worried they were going to die. But luckily, the fence was turned off, and their reunion left me tearing up and smiling. The restate their love for each other, and Sun is able to speak english again, as Frank points out to everyone.

But their reunion is cut short as Zoe tells them to get on the ground. She tells her people to "fire when ready". Back on the Main Island, Jack is greeted by a menacing looking Flocke who sees Sawyer has taken his boat. Just then, Flocke's group is fired upon, and Flocke takes Jack to a place for cover, stating "You're with me now".

Top 3 Questions I Want Answered:
1). Is Christian really the Man in Black?
2). What is Flocke planning with Jack?
3). How can there only be 3 Weeks left until The End?