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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Lost: "The Package"

This is the first episode since the premiere when all the characters are given screentime, and the plot involves all the characters. Likewise, in the Season 6 Premiere "LA X" we saw Jin getting pulled over at Customs. He had a huge stack of money ($25,000) with his watch. What was this money for? Can Sun really speak english? And is this the only "package" the episode title refers to? Let's find out!

In the flashsideways, Jin was released, though he couldn't claim the money. He and Sun left for the hotel they were supposed to meet the person Mr. Paik needed the money delievered to. When they got to the hotel, there was a huge revelation: Jin and Sun are not married! They are, however, in love, as we see Sun unbottoning her shirt in response to Jin making her button it. All I have to say is that it was a hot scene, and Sun is just as feisty in the flashsideways!

After a night of passion, the two lovers agree to run away together. Sun even has a secret bank account for such an occasion. The there's a knock at the door. Guess who's there? Keamy. He wants his payment, but is not content with just a watch. He wants his money, and seeing as though Sun or the newly found Jin cannot speak English, he brings in Mikhail to translate. After dileberation, they come to an agreement: Sun will go to the bank with Mikhail and give Keamy the money from her bank account, and Jin will go with Keamy to the restaurant. In return, Keamy will keep the relationship a secret.

At the bank, Sun is horrified to find out that no money is in the bank account. Why? Well, back at the restaurant, Keamy spilled everything to Jin. He told him that the money was sent as payment for Keamy to kill Jin after Mr. Paik found out that Jin was having an affair with his daughter. The monologue was brutal, not just because Jin had no idea what the hell was going on, but after Keamy tied him up, Jin thanked him.

Then the whole debacle with Sayid occured. After that went down, Sayid came in and gave Jin a razor to free himself. Jin escapes as Sun and Mikhail enter, and all hell breaks loose. Mikhail and Jin fight, and shots ring out. Mikhail is shot in the eye (hahaha), and when Jin turns to Sun, he sees that she was shot. As he takes her to get help, she confesses to him that she is pregnant.

So, what happens next? I have a feeling that all the flashsideways will be realised in the finale, entitled "The End". And hopefully, we'll find out why the hell they are so important. Until then, let's discuss what happened on the Island.

Flocke's camp was attacked by Widmore's posse. All the people were knocked out, and Jin was taken to Room 23. Zoe took Jin there, and explained to him (and more importantly, the audience) that Room 23 was used by the Dharma Initiative for experiments on subliminal messaging. She then went on to tell him that she was looking at Dharma maps to find pockets of electromagnetism, and found Jin's signature on them. He could help her find them. Why? TBD. But Jin refused to talk with anyone except Widmore. And what a coincidence: Widmore wanted to speak with Jin, too.

When Widmore arrives, he tells Zoe to bring "the package" from the sub. He then gives Jin a camera he found on Ajira 316 containing pictures of Jin's daughter, Ji-Yeon, who he has never met. He is overjoyed at seeing the beautiful baby, and cries. Widmore then does something surprising: he acts sincere and good. He explains to Jin that he knows what it is like to never be able to see his daughter. And if Jin and Sun are reunited, the monster would make it short-lived, because if it ever got off the Island, everything they both love would cease to exist. That is why Widmore came to the Island, though I'm not postitive that is the only reason. Anyway, Widmore brings in "the package", and it's not a "what" but a "who". And I'll save that reveal for the end?

Flocke is furious about what went down at his camp. He enlists Sayid for help to go to Hydra Island. Before they leave, Claire aproaches him to aks about the Cave wall. Seeing as how Locke says he needs all the Candidates to leave with him, she wonders if her name is on the wall. Alas, it is not, and niether is Kate's name. Flocke reassures her that there is enough room on the plane for everyone. and he needs Kate to get people to leave? Who? My guess, Jack. He has found his destiny, but Kate could come along and make him leave.

At the beach camp, Sun works in her garden. Jack comes to talk to her about destiny, but she dosen't care. She wants to be left alone. Unfortunately for her, Flocke comes and tries to convince her to come with him, because he can reunite her with Jin. Sun runs away, and as Flocke chases after her, she hits her head on a branch. When Ben finds her, she can understand english, but can't speak it.

When Richard finally returns, he tells them to pack, because they are going to the Hydra Island to destroy the Ajira plane because they can't let the Man in Black leave. Sun does not like this, for it is the only way her and her husband can get off the Island. But no one can understand her. Later, Jack comes to her with a pad so she can communicate through writing. He lets her know that he will do everything he can to get her and Jin off the Island. He offers his hand, and Sun takes it. Will he be able to? I'm so hoping for a Jin and Sun reunion, but as we get closer to the finale, the more I worry that this will not happen. But let's not lose faith yet!

Meanwhile, Flocke goes to Widmore on the Hydra Island, but cannot get across the pileons. Widmore obviously knows a lot about the MiB. MiB replies that war has just come to the Island.

At night, Sayid swims to the Sub. There, he finds out what "the package" is: Desmond Hume.

Top 3 Questions I Want Answered:
1). Why is Widmore back?
2). Will Jin and Sun be reunited?
3). What the hell happened to Desmond?


  1. I am so glad you have the episodes of Lost on this blog. I sometimes miss it but I know I can always come here to get the low down on what happened. Thanks so much. I do have one question about your post...Why do you keep referring to John Locke as Flocke?

  2. Thank you, Shirley, for the nice comments! Now, to address your question: Jacob's nemesis, the Man in Black, has no taken on the form of the on-Island John Locke. John Locke was my favorite character, and since the Man in Black is technically not Locke, I call him what some of the online community call him "Flocke" (fake-Locke). It also is less confusing for me when I write my column.