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Monday, October 18, 2010

GH Weekly Roundup: Week of October 11

Dante and Brenda have a secret! I was worried it was going to be some love thing, which would have been as bad as Sonny bedding Mom Alexis and Daughter Sam. But I don't think it has anything to do with love. We saw through flashbacks that Dante was a gaurd for Brenda sometime in the past. This secret must have something to do with why the Balkan is after her.

Last week, we were left with this chilling nugget: Lisa was released from Shadybrook. Yep, less than 2 weeks after she was admitted for terrorizing Robin and trying to kill herself. The economy must have hit Shadybrook bad if they are releasing insane woman. And it appears as though some people are on Lisa's side, and questioning Robin's sanity. You know, I screamed at Lisa when she tried to kill herself. Now, I kinda regret her not killing herself. Let's hope at least that Robin presses charges on Lisa...

Lucky, aka Ronan O'Riley (which is a really fun name to say) got with Siobhan this week. It's about time, too. After all he has been through this year, it's about time he has a romance. And I like Shiobhan, too. The accent can get annoying, though!
Lucky has also been given orders from the Balkan: hunt down Brenda. I know I have said it before. but this Balkan storyline is really great. I wonder if this is a setup for sweeps?

Remember the last really great sweeps? It was the Black and White Ball. Though I did enjoy the Claudia storyline last year, the best fall sweeps was the Black and White Ball. I really hope GH goes back to something like that. The Monkey Virus, train crash, and of course, the Hostage Crisis was GH at its best.

Luke is back being Luke. What more can I say about that? Gotta love him!

Elizabeth is also back. Not much to say about her yet, but I have missed her. I want to like her again, so let's hope I can.

Lastly, it seems the internet is a buzz with who the Balkan really is. It has surfaced that Jerry Jax is headed back to Port Charles (after a GREAT recurring role on Fringe as the villianous shapeshifter). But that's not till December, so we have a long way to go!