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Thursday, April 1, 2010

V: "Welcome to the War"

V made its return to TV on Tuesday following Lost after a long hiatus. How did it hold up? Pretty well, I'd say. So, let's recap.

Last we saw the characters, Father Jack was stabbed. Ryan, a good Visitor, is involved with a human, and she is pregnant with his child. A hybrid human and V. Tyler was secretly aboard the V mothership with Anna and her daughter. And a huge armada of V ships were coming from some distant galaxy to Earth.

Father Jack was taken to a V ship to be healed. He is healed, and then injected with R6, a poisonous compound the Vs tried to plant in the flu vaccines. Throughout the remainder of the episode, he feels the effects of the R6. He feels different inside. I guess will see more of this in the coming weeks.

Meanwhile, Valarie is feeling strange. Her preganacy is not normal. She is incredibly hungry all the time, and even has a craving for a dead mouse she finds in a mousetrap. Ewwww!! Ryan talks to a V scientist he trusts, and she believes that nature and fate caused this pregnancy. She also reveals startling information about the R6: Anna is using this to tag humans because it emits a wavelength after injection. Pretty scary, right?

Anna uses the healing centers as the place to tag people with R6. To get people to come, she uses reporter Chad Decker as propaganda. Chad announces his "brain anarism" on TV, and the Vs can heal him. People then swarm to the healing centers.

Like Father Jack, Eric is attacked. Ryan comes to her rescue, and the V is killed. He dumps the body as Erica goes to work. Once there, one of the Vs is there to help provide a lead. Anna sent him to deflect supiscion away from the Visitors and give them an enemy. They plant "evidence" that terrorist Kyle Hobbes is the culprit. Erica knows the truth, and sees Hobbes as a powerful ally to have to fight the Vs. He can train an army, which is a plus. Not to mention the fact that this became personal once they took Tyler.

Meanwhile, Tyler is in a big room undergoing tests by the Vs. Similar to the smoke monster, this room extracts memories from Tyler. We see some of Tyler's memories, and something pretty bad happened between Erica and Tyler's dad. We'll prbably see more later. But Anna and Lisa see that Tyler has a strong bond with his mother. Lisa must calm Erica's fears to free Tyler from her, thereby fufilling Lisa's destiny. What is her destiny? TBD.

Back on Earth, Erica convinces Hobbes to come with her. There, the Resistance shows him what the Vs are really like. Eirca then goes on to tell him that they can get revenge on the people who framed him. Hobbes accepts the offer, and Erica says, "Welcome to the war".

When Tyler finally returns home, he rehashes a speech Anna told him. He insists that Erica will not lose him. He then tells her he joined the Peace Abassadors program, and shows her the jacket. However, Erica knows that it contains a recording device, and responds carefully to what he says. Smart girl, that Erica Evans.

Then something... odd happens. Anna decides that it is time to develop an army. She selects the best soldier and, um, pro-creates with him. I cannot call it sex, because that's some odd sex. But anyway, when she's done, she tells the guy. "It's done. My army is to be born. Now, my eggs need nourishment". At that moment, she shows her lizzard teeth and "swallows" the camera. SO my question- did she actually eat that guy? I felt it was implied.


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