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Friday, March 20, 2009


*Editor's Note: I've been exhausted since the Wicked Trip, so I'm using that as my excuse for the late Lost article. Hopefully I'll have everything on time next week!

Namaste- "I bow to you". That's what it literally means. It has it's roots in the Hindu relgion. Hinduism also features 2 concepts called karma and DHARMA. Hmmm... I've been saying for a long time (well actually about a year) that the Dharma Initiative was named for a specific reason. I think it's great that we're in this time period so we can find out more about this mysterious group.

You know what's also mysterious? Why did Lapidus land the plane without it crshing? The island must really like him, or maybe is mad he didn't fly the plane on 9/22/04. Or maybe the island didn't want him to fly the plane becuase he would be dead and wouldn't be able to complete his mission, if he has one. And the most obvious question: Why is Sun the only person of the Oceanic 6 in the present? (not including Aaron, if he is indeed in the present).

So, Sawyer is in charge more or less, and it's killing Jack. You can really tell. Now how is he going to react to actually seeing Sawyer with Juliet? Is he going to run to Kate, just like Kate ran to him oh so many times?

And what about my boy Christian Shepheard. What a religous name. What's his deal? I think he may actually be Jacob. I think Jacob is considered the god of the island, so the allusion would make sense. You can see religion is big on Lost. I'm sure we'll find out more about it soon. But anyway, he just likes to appear out of nowhere. But he's dead. Yet his body was not in that coffin in Season 1. So is he alive like Locke? Are these 2 characters one in the same?

Sayid is captured. Yes he is. You know it's fake though because anyone who knows Sayid know thathe would have that guy in the DHARMA station in a full nelson in 2 seconds flat. And then he meets little creepy Ben. I say creepy because the kid looks just like older Ben. Wierd, isn't it?

Before I sign off, I'd just like to probe a theory. What if these people are back in the 70's to kill Ben and stop The Purge? What if the island wasn't happy with it's choosing of Ben to be the leader, and wants The Survivors to stop from happening. Just a thought.

Top 3 Questions I want answered:
1). Why is Sun in the present and not in the 70s?
2). What happened to everyone the night before they came back?
3). How are they going to fix this like Christian said?

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wicked: A Review

Hello, all! I am here to give you my review of Wicked, which I was able to see with my English Honors Class last night on Broadway. Alright, let’s get started!

We left school a little while after it ended, around 2:45. We stop at the Palisades Mall for dinner. We finnaly get to the city at 6:30. We get off the bus, walk a few blocks, and get to the Gershwin Theater. We get seated, get snacks ($7 water bottle!?!?), but the play is delayed for about 20 minutes due to a technical error. Finally, it starts.

The play tells what really happened in Oz. The Good Witch, Glinda, was a snobby, preppy, spoiled girl. The Wicked Witch, Elphaba, was discrimated becuase of her green skin, and hated by her father. One thing leads to another, and when the Wizard wants Elphaba's powers to hurt animals, she refuses, causing her to be considered a "wicked Witch".

So as for my review… I thought it was really good show. Being a person who hates the Wizard of Oz, I didn’t know what to expect. The singing was great, and it was actually pretty funny, something I wasn’t expecting. I especially like the references to Dorothy. Although you never see her, you see Glinda sending her down the Yellow Brick road, as she confesses to herself she was bad at giving directions. When The Wicked Witch of the East sees her sister and asks what she’s doing at her house, the Wicked Witch of the West replies “Well, there’s no place like home”. It’s also cool how everything from the movie and the play comes together in the end, it puts a great perspective on the play. Very well done, it’s become my second favorite play, right after Phantom of the Opera.

So that’s it! After the play, we went home, go back to the school around 12:00AM. I finally went to bed around 1AM, and woke up at 6AM to go back to school. The weird thing is that I’m not tired though.