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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Disneyland Update and News- CARSLAND!!!

Hello everybody! I know this is an unscheduled post, but I can't keep this in any longer. As you may know, my Disneyland Update and News columns don't come until the first Tuesday of each month, but I have been sitting on this for way too long. Plus, next week I'd like to start talking about Paradise Pier construction and retheming, and show you pictures of the process. So, let's get started on the biggest thing to hit The Disneyland Resort since 2001: Carsland.
(Please note that all concept art in this update is owned by Disney and is subject to change).

Carsland: An Overview

Here's what Disney has to say about it in the Blue Sky Cellar:
"Blending the legendary adventure and excitement of Route 66, California's love of Cars, and Walt Disney's legacy if innovative storytelling, Carland recreates the memorable town of Radiator Springs Disney*Pixar's animated film Cars. Route 66 was once the only auto route connecting Chicago to sunny LA. It represented the freedom of the open road, the migration west, and the dream of a brighter tomorrow in the Golden State for thousands of new arrivals in CA. That dream revs back to life in Carsland."

This is what Carsland is supposed to look like. The buildings will house stores and restaurants. Filmore's will be a natural shake stand. I'm guessing like a Jamba Juice and a place to probably sell fruit.The Cozy Cones will be fast food locations. Corn dogs and such. Flo's V-8 Cafe sounded like a buffeteria style place but I'm not sure. Kevin did say they were going to tell more of Flo's back story in there. She was once a singer in an all girls group, etc. Lizzy's would be the souvenir shop. 3 rides are currently planned for the area. They are Mater's Junkyard Jamboree, Luigi's Roamin' Tires, and the big E-Ticket, Radiator Spring Racers.

Mater's Junkyard Jamboree

I don't have too much info about this ride. All I know is that it's being considered "an outdoor darkride" due to it's lush themeing. As mater sings, you swing around the junkyard and avoid hitting stuff. I'm trying to get more info on this.

Luigi's Roamin' Tires

I'm really looking forward to this ride. Anyone remeber the Flying Saucers at Disneyland in the 60s? We'll they're being redone and rethemed to flying tires. It sounds really cool, and looks it too! More pics below:

Radiaotr Springs Racers: The Crown Jewel of Carsland

Here's the plot:
While Cars Land will be 12 acres, RSR will be 6 acres of it.

The back story for the ride is Stanley, who is a Stanley Streamer, was crossing the desert and almost ran out of water when he stumbled upon an oasis (springs). After filling up he was so thankful he decided to stay and help other travelers and eventually Radiator Springs grew (get the name now).

SO, the queue will begin at Stanley's Oasis. The concept art shown had lots of water, splashy play area, etc BUT Kevin Rafferty said they went another direction...but the queue is still in Stanley's Oasis. He also said the ride happens in three acts.

Once aboard the car (which he said would have eyes), the Sheriff comes on the radio and gives you the safety spiel and indicates you will be heading for the race and off you go for a nice leisurely drive through Ornament Valley on the way to the race. You enter a tunnel (dark ride portion) and suddenly you are running straight into Mac with his horn blaring and you swerve out of the way careening toward those two tourist cars who move out of the way...quickly you approach a railroad crossing and you see the light of the oncoming train and hear it yet you pass over the tracks quickly flying past the billboard where the sheriff is waiting. He tells you to slow down or you'll blow a tire and that won't help you win the race. He then tells Mater to escort you to the race.

Mater enters driving backwards talking to you. Of course, being Mater, he's more interested in taking you tractor tipping. So next you are honking loudly at the tractors, they tip, and of course Frank, the harvester, is after you. You speed away to get away from Frank.
Slowing down the pace, you enter Radiator Springs (Still inside the show building) and immediately encounter Lizzy and Red (Lizzy may say something or be sleeping and Red will be watering flowers), drive by Flo's V-8 Cafe with Filmore and Sarge who say something that plays off the Hippie and Military dichotomy, eventually encountering Sally and McQueen who appear in a forced perspective set and tell you one of two things. Either you need new tires or you need a new paint job. If tires is your narrative, you continue into Luigi's where Luigi tells you Guido will give you new tires. The car lifts up and is dropped down as the tires are changed. Meanwhile, the car behind you gets the new paint narrative. So into Ramone's you go to be sprayed with new paint. It sounded like a water spray to me but I'm not sure. Then both cars leave their shops and Sheriff appears to tell you the starting line is just ahead.

At the starting line is the first time you see the other car. Luigi does his "One for the money" countdown, Guido waves the flag and you are off. You exit the show building for the high speed race which you can see on the concept art. Kevin did mention there would be geysers and other effects on this portion of the ride. Doc does talk to you on the radio on this portion because he is your crew chief.

NOW the new part, on the last straight away both cars will dip down underground and enter "Tail light caverns." The art makes these cave formations look Carlsbad Caverns with huge 1950's Cadillac tail fin lights hanging from the ceiling and sticking up from the floor. (They originally planned for spark plugs but John Lasseter suggested tail lights). At the end of the caverns you encounter Mater, McQueen, and Sally where they reveal that they are all winners because they made some new friends. The winner of the race is randomized and so are elements of the race. And back to the unload area you go.

Ok, I know it's a long update and there's a lot to take in. Still, I should be back either next Tuesday or the Tuesday after that to bring you more info. Untill then, this is PirateGuy 815 with the Disneyland News!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

He's Our You

You wamt to know something... I don't have any cute little intro this week, so let's jump right into the the chaos we call Lost.

So, it looks like we may return to the flashback (or is it flash-forward?) format we have come to know and love. This week it was Sayid. Next week it will be Kate. I'm not sure about anything else, with the exception of the Finale. It will be called "The Incident". That should be interesting.

But moving on, we learned Sayid was arrested by some woman who looks kinda like Ana Lucia (well, she does to me). And he was being brought back to Guam so the family of the man he killed can get justice. Ok, that's cleared up. But something happened to everyone's favorite torturer. He seemed to have change, like everyone else. But I'm troubled by this change. I'm not sure what it is, but there is a change. Maybe will get more insight over the course of the season.

So, the torturer becomes the tortured. And speaking of change, what the hell happened to Sawyer? Now he's LaFluer, but still that should not change who a person is. Sawyer never would have let this happen to Sayid. I'm not sure if I like LaFluer, and I know many people agree (mostly for the fling he has with Juliette).

And then the last 5 minutes was birlliant. Did Ben set that van of fire and cause the crash? I'm not sure if we know for sure. But it's a great distraction to cover an escape. Little creepy Ben went with Sayid, but ended up diying (?). WTF? What happens now? Or did he survive?

The Lost time traveling is confusing. Daniel Faraday said you can't change the future, but I think you can. Juliette caused the dirt to uncover part of the hatch the way Locke found it. There are a few others, but I can't think of them of the top of my head. I need clarification!

Top 3 Questions I want Answered:
1). Is Ben really dead?
2). Who set the truck on fire, and for what purpose?
3). Why are some people in the present, but some are in the past?

Monday, March 23, 2009

General Hospital Weekly Roundup: Week of March 16

GH is, unfortunately getting progessingly worse. The sweeps we had in Feb. were awesome, not the best, but awesome notheless. I thought GH was going to get out of it's little funk and be back in all the glory it had once been. I was mistaken.

Spinelli has brough so much to the show. Humor, quirkiness, and a super cool language. To much of a good thing can be bad though. Don't get me wrong, Spinelli is awesome, but it's all about him now. And Winnifred- please leave. Please? You are an immature little girl who needs to go through puberty already. Leave Spinelli and Maxie alone.

I won't go in much about Robin, the monster, due to my column last week being almost all about her. But let's just say she'll get her cumapance this week, and will hopefully finally accept she has PPD and get help. That's all I'll say. :)

Jax and Carly- YAY! These people are great together, truly. But this week, Jax will learn about Claudia's involvement with Micheal, and will keep it from Carly. I don;t see them lasting together much longer at this point.

Now, for a big story- I'm hearing rumors that Ms. Helena Cassidine is coming back to Port Charles! This is what I think should happen: Helena paid Diego (Text Message Killer) to straggle Emily till she was inconsious. Then, Helena came in through a Wyndemere passageway to kidnapp her and brianwash her. That's what I think is a cool storyline, but we'll probably get something crappy.

Let's hope next week is better.