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Thursday, May 21, 2009

"The Incident": What lies in Store for our Friends?

No, I didn't forget about the GH Weekly Roundup. I'm sorry for those of you who like to read that column, but never fear, it'll be up again next Monday. I purposely did not post the column because I wanted to keep Lost readers in suspense, much like the season finale.

In 2 hours, a lot can and will happen on Lost. And even more happens when it is the season finale. Plus, let's not forget it was the penultimate finale in the series. So it's no wonder why I only had time to recap the show, and not add much of my commentary.

Let's start with the whole Jacob thing. Jacob, whoever the hell he is, has been a huge factor in the lives of the Losties. He's had some sort of control oover them, as if he was a god of some sort. Plus. he never ages, or dies.

Wait a minute, he may have died. I don't know. See, Locke (possibly engulfed by the guy in black we saw in the opening scene) had Ben kill him after Jacob more or less humiliated him. "What about you?". Wow. What a way to hurt a person. So Ben stabbed him, and Locke pushed Jacob into the fire. But how could Jacob be dead, especially when we just met him?

And more importantly, how can our beloved Man of Faith, John Locke, be dead? Was he wrong about destiny? Was he wrong about the Island? Judging from what next season is being tagged "Destiny Found", I doubt it. But I really want Locke to live. Please writers, please.

And what about the flash? Did it cause the Incident, stop it, what? Is Juliette dead?

I always end my Lost columns with the Top 3 Questions I want Answered. This week will be different. Throughout my column, I have been more or less asking questions. So, I will end with something different: a scheduel.

Lost is over until next January. So what will I do over the summer and the fall? Well, the fall is ususally when Lost trailers, spoilers, and scenes start making thier way on the internet. So I will contimue to keep you posted every Thursday on these matters.

Until then, I'll share with you some of the other things I will be writing about over the summer.

Next week, come back as we do a full recap of this season. Then the week after, we'll see how many of my "Top 3 Questions" were answered. We'll also take a look at how many more questions have been asked. Then, come back each week as I share some of my Lost theories. Starting July 1st, I will start watching the entire series over again in preperation for the Final Season. I'll be compiling a list of how many questions still need to ba answered. Who knows, we may even find some answers in the past... or future... or present, or whatever.

I invie you to join me as we unravel the many mysteries of Lost. Destiny calls. Will you find it?