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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Lost: "Recon"

With a week until the big Season 6 episode, I really wasn't expecting much from "Recon". Since Season 5, Sawyer has made it on to my list of characters I don't like. He's not the hero he was throughout Season 4. So I wasn't looking forward to Recon all that much. And what Sawyer did in Recon has made it so that I hate him even more.

As always, let's look into our flashsideways timeline first. Upon first look, it appeared that Sawyer was a conman who, after siducing a woman, was going to do his infamous briefcase con. The woman he is with knows he's a con. But, it is revealed that the woman was conned because Sawyer is, in fact, a cop. And his partner is Miles. It should also be noted that Sawyer does not go by the name Sawyer, but James Ford.

They work together, and Miles sets Sawyer up on a blind date with someone who works with HIS DAD (!!!) at the museum. So, Pierre Chang left the Island, and is still alive. Slowly, the pieces are coming together.

Anyway, the date turns out to be Charlotte, and after some flirting, the two have sex. Afterwards, Charlotte wants to borrow a T-shirt, and tries to find one in Saywer's draw. Instead, she finds a folder with the name "Sawyer" on it, with newspaper clippings, info, and a picture of Sawyer's family. Sawyer is outraged, and sends her home.

The next day, Miles approaches Sawyer, who was talking with Liam Pace (Charlie's Brother) about his brother's release. Miles wants info, but Sawyer doesn't give him any. They're no longer partners then, Miles decides. Later that evening, after watching Little House on the Prarie, he goes to apologize to Charlotte, who won't have him.

The next day, Sawyer explains everything to Miles, and the audience. In the flashsideways, his parents were still killed due to Mr. Sawyer, aka Anthony Coooper. He did not mention the note he wrote, so it is unclear if he still wrote it or not. Sawyer still went to Australia to kill Cooper, and when he finds him he will still kill him. Earlier, Sawyer told Charlotte that he had to decide between being a cop and being a criminal. And though he went down the path of law, he is still the same broken man he always was. Oh, and the flashsideways end with Kate running from the cops, AGAIN!

On the Island, Flocke's posse return to Jin and Sawyer by Claire's hut. As they make their hike, Cindy wants to know what happened to the Temple Dwellers who were left behind. Flocke informs everyone "the black smoke killed them". As the kids begin to cry, Flocke comforts them. So, he's conning kids now. Wonderful man, he is.

When they get to a place to make camp, Sawyer angrily wants to know when they are going to leave. Flocke pulls him aside, and is angry at him for interrupting. They talk, and Flocke reveals to Sawyer that he is the "black smoke thing". He explains that on the Island, it is either "kill or be killed", and that he does not want to be killed. He then gives Sawyer a task of conning those Ajira people left on the Hydra Island. After conning them, they can take the Ajira plane, and never come back.

Once on the Hydra Island, Sawyer passes the infamous polar bear cages, and becomes emotional. Later, he finds the plane, and a pile of dead bodies. These were the Ajira passengers. He then hears someone running, and chases her until he finds her. Her name is Zoe, and claims to be the only Ajira survivor left. All the rest were killed, and she was going to bury them. Zoe asks Sawyer a dozen different questions, and becoming suspicious, pulls his gun on her. Just then, several armed gaurds appear, and Sawyer is taken to their leader- Mr. Charles Widmore.

Back on the Island, Claire tackles Kate while Sayid watches and does nothing. She pulls a knife on Kate, and threatens to kill her over the Aaron issuse. Flocke then comes over, and to my shock and disgust, slaps Claire across the face, and tells her she is being "inappropriate". He then appologizes to Kate, and explains Claire's situation to her. Claire was a wreck without Aaron, and so he gave her something to hate while she was gone. He relates Claire's situation to his own life. The Man in Black's mother was, according to him, crazy, and caused "growning pains" he is still working out. Could this have to do with Jacob and Man in Black? Could they be brothers? Stuff to ponder...

Sawyer is taken to Widmore's sub. To get to him, Sawyer is taken passed a mysteriously locked door. Once they get to Widmore, the goons leave Sawyer and Widmore alone and the two chat. Sawyer promises to take Flocke to Widmore, in exchange for passage off the Island for him and his friends. And Widmore agrees. Sawyer then goes back to the Main Island, where he tells Flocke everything. Flocke cocks a smile, and thanks him for being loyal.

That night, everyone returns to camp. A terful Claire runs to Kate, embraces her, and tells her how sorry she is, and thanks her for taking Aaron. Later, Kate and Sawyer talk, and Sawyer reveals his true plan. While he leaves Flocke and Widmore to fight, he is going to commandeer the sub, and everyone on the Island will escape.

Top 3 Questions I Want Answered:
1). What's on the sub?
2). Will they all leave?

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