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Friday, April 2, 2010

FF: "Better Angels"

Last night's episode was the best episode of FlashForward. The show has had its ups and downs, but last night featured heavy action, some interesting characters, and a mysterious plot.

Janis, Simon, Demetri, and Vogel finally got to Somalia to investiagte those odd towers that were believed to cause a blackout in the tonw in 1991. There, they come across a mysterious man named Abdi. he attacks their group posing as the relief organization "Red Panda", killing many in the group. Throughout the episode, his backstory comes into play, and proves to be intrigual to the plot.

Abdi was just a boy when foriegn men came to his village to build those towers. One day, he was out of the village, and came back to find everyone "dead". He even saw a black camel, the omen of death. He ran awaym and never came back. This turned him into the man he is today.

In Abdi's flashforward, he saw himself starting a war in the country, taking Lincoln's inagural adress about better angels. Janis thinks he is mistaken, and shows him the Mosaic website. Other Somalians saw him wearing his mother's necklace, giving the speech. But it was not about starting a war. It was about keeping unity and peace. Abdi truly believes in destiny, and Janis shows him it's his destiny to stop the war, not start it.

Abdi then agrees to help the group, and takes them to the tower. Inside, Simon explains that he made up plans for the tower, but in 1992. Somehow, someone must have stolen them. How? TBD. Later, they find a video D. Gibbons made. He was interviewing the people in the village about what they saw. Their conciousness was shifted two weeks into the future. They also discover a linear accelerator. Simon believes that this was a test for the global blackout.

But that's not the scary part. In that room, there are many skeletons. And one is wearing a necklace. It's Abdi's mother, and he becomes enraged. He balmes Simon, and is about to kill him, but Vogel shoots Abdi first. Apparently, those visions will not come true.

That night, Janis and Demetri talk. It looks like Janis' time to get pregnant is up. Demetri says that he would get her pregnant because he will most likely not be around in a few months, so it would not matter to Zoe. But it would be nice if her baby was. Did they have sex, even though Janis is gay? I guess we will find out.

Afterwards, Demetri visits Simon in the tower. Simon is rewatching the tape, but something appears at the end of the tape. It's D. Gibbons. He says, “Hello, Demetri. My name is Dyson Frost and I am recording this message in 1991. Got your attention, didn’t I?”. My reaction: WTF???

Meanwhile, back in LA, Olivia finally learns what was in Charlie's vision. Charlie was hanging with Dylan, and outside was looking outside the window. There, she saw Vogel talking on a phone to someone, saying "Mark Benford is dead". Olivia really wants to move so none of this will happen. But Mark does not. He wants his Mosaic Investigation to continue. This makes Olvia believe that this is how they will drift apart.

Unfortunately, the ratings for FlashForward are not doing so well. It is my hope that FlahsForward will be given a second chance next season. Will it? We'll have to wait and see.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

V: "Welcome to the War"

V made its return to TV on Tuesday following Lost after a long hiatus. How did it hold up? Pretty well, I'd say. So, let's recap.

Last we saw the characters, Father Jack was stabbed. Ryan, a good Visitor, is involved with a human, and she is pregnant with his child. A hybrid human and V. Tyler was secretly aboard the V mothership with Anna and her daughter. And a huge armada of V ships were coming from some distant galaxy to Earth.

Father Jack was taken to a V ship to be healed. He is healed, and then injected with R6, a poisonous compound the Vs tried to plant in the flu vaccines. Throughout the remainder of the episode, he feels the effects of the R6. He feels different inside. I guess will see more of this in the coming weeks.

Meanwhile, Valarie is feeling strange. Her preganacy is not normal. She is incredibly hungry all the time, and even has a craving for a dead mouse she finds in a mousetrap. Ewwww!! Ryan talks to a V scientist he trusts, and she believes that nature and fate caused this pregnancy. She also reveals startling information about the R6: Anna is using this to tag humans because it emits a wavelength after injection. Pretty scary, right?

Anna uses the healing centers as the place to tag people with R6. To get people to come, she uses reporter Chad Decker as propaganda. Chad announces his "brain anarism" on TV, and the Vs can heal him. People then swarm to the healing centers.

Like Father Jack, Eric is attacked. Ryan comes to her rescue, and the V is killed. He dumps the body as Erica goes to work. Once there, one of the Vs is there to help provide a lead. Anna sent him to deflect supiscion away from the Visitors and give them an enemy. They plant "evidence" that terrorist Kyle Hobbes is the culprit. Erica knows the truth, and sees Hobbes as a powerful ally to have to fight the Vs. He can train an army, which is a plus. Not to mention the fact that this became personal once they took Tyler.

Meanwhile, Tyler is in a big room undergoing tests by the Vs. Similar to the smoke monster, this room extracts memories from Tyler. We see some of Tyler's memories, and something pretty bad happened between Erica and Tyler's dad. We'll prbably see more later. But Anna and Lisa see that Tyler has a strong bond with his mother. Lisa must calm Erica's fears to free Tyler from her, thereby fufilling Lisa's destiny. What is her destiny? TBD.

Back on Earth, Erica convinces Hobbes to come with her. There, the Resistance shows him what the Vs are really like. Eirca then goes on to tell him that they can get revenge on the people who framed him. Hobbes accepts the offer, and Erica says, "Welcome to the war".

When Tyler finally returns home, he rehashes a speech Anna told him. He insists that Erica will not lose him. He then tells her he joined the Peace Abassadors program, and shows her the jacket. However, Erica knows that it contains a recording device, and responds carefully to what he says. Smart girl, that Erica Evans.

Then something... odd happens. Anna decides that it is time to develop an army. She selects the best soldier and, um, pro-creates with him. I cannot call it sex, because that's some odd sex. But anyway, when she's done, she tells the guy. "It's done. My army is to be born. Now, my eggs need nourishment". At that moment, she shows her lizzard teeth and "swallows" the camera. SO my question- did she actually eat that guy? I felt it was implied.


Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Lost: "The Package"

This is the first episode since the premiere when all the characters are given screentime, and the plot involves all the characters. Likewise, in the Season 6 Premiere "LA X" we saw Jin getting pulled over at Customs. He had a huge stack of money ($25,000) with his watch. What was this money for? Can Sun really speak english? And is this the only "package" the episode title refers to? Let's find out!

In the flashsideways, Jin was released, though he couldn't claim the money. He and Sun left for the hotel they were supposed to meet the person Mr. Paik needed the money delievered to. When they got to the hotel, there was a huge revelation: Jin and Sun are not married! They are, however, in love, as we see Sun unbottoning her shirt in response to Jin making her button it. All I have to say is that it was a hot scene, and Sun is just as feisty in the flashsideways!

After a night of passion, the two lovers agree to run away together. Sun even has a secret bank account for such an occasion. The there's a knock at the door. Guess who's there? Keamy. He wants his payment, but is not content with just a watch. He wants his money, and seeing as though Sun or the newly found Jin cannot speak English, he brings in Mikhail to translate. After dileberation, they come to an agreement: Sun will go to the bank with Mikhail and give Keamy the money from her bank account, and Jin will go with Keamy to the restaurant. In return, Keamy will keep the relationship a secret.

At the bank, Sun is horrified to find out that no money is in the bank account. Why? Well, back at the restaurant, Keamy spilled everything to Jin. He told him that the money was sent as payment for Keamy to kill Jin after Mr. Paik found out that Jin was having an affair with his daughter. The monologue was brutal, not just because Jin had no idea what the hell was going on, but after Keamy tied him up, Jin thanked him.

Then the whole debacle with Sayid occured. After that went down, Sayid came in and gave Jin a razor to free himself. Jin escapes as Sun and Mikhail enter, and all hell breaks loose. Mikhail and Jin fight, and shots ring out. Mikhail is shot in the eye (hahaha), and when Jin turns to Sun, he sees that she was shot. As he takes her to get help, she confesses to him that she is pregnant.

So, what happens next? I have a feeling that all the flashsideways will be realised in the finale, entitled "The End". And hopefully, we'll find out why the hell they are so important. Until then, let's discuss what happened on the Island.

Flocke's camp was attacked by Widmore's posse. All the people were knocked out, and Jin was taken to Room 23. Zoe took Jin there, and explained to him (and more importantly, the audience) that Room 23 was used by the Dharma Initiative for experiments on subliminal messaging. She then went on to tell him that she was looking at Dharma maps to find pockets of electromagnetism, and found Jin's signature on them. He could help her find them. Why? TBD. But Jin refused to talk with anyone except Widmore. And what a coincidence: Widmore wanted to speak with Jin, too.

When Widmore arrives, he tells Zoe to bring "the package" from the sub. He then gives Jin a camera he found on Ajira 316 containing pictures of Jin's daughter, Ji-Yeon, who he has never met. He is overjoyed at seeing the beautiful baby, and cries. Widmore then does something surprising: he acts sincere and good. He explains to Jin that he knows what it is like to never be able to see his daughter. And if Jin and Sun are reunited, the monster would make it short-lived, because if it ever got off the Island, everything they both love would cease to exist. That is why Widmore came to the Island, though I'm not postitive that is the only reason. Anyway, Widmore brings in "the package", and it's not a "what" but a "who". And I'll save that reveal for the end?

Flocke is furious about what went down at his camp. He enlists Sayid for help to go to Hydra Island. Before they leave, Claire aproaches him to aks about the Cave wall. Seeing as how Locke says he needs all the Candidates to leave with him, she wonders if her name is on the wall. Alas, it is not, and niether is Kate's name. Flocke reassures her that there is enough room on the plane for everyone. and he needs Kate to get people to leave? Who? My guess, Jack. He has found his destiny, but Kate could come along and make him leave.

At the beach camp, Sun works in her garden. Jack comes to talk to her about destiny, but she dosen't care. She wants to be left alone. Unfortunately for her, Flocke comes and tries to convince her to come with him, because he can reunite her with Jin. Sun runs away, and as Flocke chases after her, she hits her head on a branch. When Ben finds her, she can understand english, but can't speak it.

When Richard finally returns, he tells them to pack, because they are going to the Hydra Island to destroy the Ajira plane because they can't let the Man in Black leave. Sun does not like this, for it is the only way her and her husband can get off the Island. But no one can understand her. Later, Jack comes to her with a pad so she can communicate through writing. He lets her know that he will do everything he can to get her and Jin off the Island. He offers his hand, and Sun takes it. Will he be able to? I'm so hoping for a Jin and Sun reunion, but as we get closer to the finale, the more I worry that this will not happen. But let's not lose faith yet!

Meanwhile, Flocke goes to Widmore on the Hydra Island, but cannot get across the pileons. Widmore obviously knows a lot about the MiB. MiB replies that war has just come to the Island.

At night, Sayid swims to the Sub. There, he finds out what "the package" is: Desmond Hume.

Top 3 Questions I Want Answered:
1). Why is Widmore back?
2). Will Jin and Sun be reunited?
3). What the hell happened to Desmond?

Monday, March 29, 2010

GH Weekly Roundup: Week of March 22

I come back to the GH column happy. Not only is the show great, but Skye Quatermaine, Brooke Lyn Ashton, and possibly Dillon Quatermaine are headed back to Port Charles. Add that to the more screen time Kate has been recieving and the return of Georgie (albeit in ghost form) and I have no complaints.

Ok, maybe just with the character Kristina. I really wish she would tell the truth. Her bf is a total bastard and really needs to get his anger under control. Carly, Jason, and Michael suspect it was really Kiefer who beat Kristina. Add that to the growing population who also suspect Kristina is lying, and the truth has to come out soon. Of course, you'd have to subtract the number of people who believe Kristina.

Sonny is the big person. After finding out Kristina dropped the charges on Ethan, he flipped out. His breakdown on Firday was not only scary, but played brilliantly. If I were Claire, I would really be spooked. And her witnessing this can't bare well for Sonny. His trial is already headed down the right track: to justice. And if Ethan does die now, Claire would have all the evidence she needs to lock Sonny up for good.

Sonny and Luke had several confrontations last week, and they're both protecting their respective children. Will their long friendship come to an end? Stay tuned...

I must comment on the jury. I didn't think Johnny's murder trial could be beat, with Epiphany and Mr. Q on stand. But watching Alice, who is loving being on this trial, and Coleman, who just doesn't care. Comedy gold right here! Oh, and while on that topic, the new waiter at Sonny's restaurant is hilarious!

Before I finish up, I'd like to touch base on the Maxie/Spinelli debacle. While annoying last week, seeing Maxie dying has been touching and sad. And when Georgie appeared, offering Maxie the chance to live or die, I was predicting some great scenes ahead.

We'll see if I'm right.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Lost: "Ab Aeterno"

"Ab Aeterno" is Latin for "From the beginning of time". Naturally, many people suspected this to be a Richard episode. My theory was that Richard was one of the first inhabitants on the Island, the original Other, and he was originally from Egypt. Would this theory hold its own? Well, no. But what was probably the most anticipated episode to date failed to disappoint. My high expectations were met, and "Ab Aeterno" takes its rightful place amongst my 10 favorite Lost episodes.

We were treated to flashbacks that spanned almost the entire show. An unrelated flashback opened the show, featurind the flashabck where Ilana and Jacob meet in the hospital. Jacob explains to Ilana that what she has been preparing for her whole life is finally needed. She has to protect the six remaining candidates. She must bring them to The Temple, then seek out Ricardus, for he will know what to do.

Ilana explains this to everyone sitting around a campfire. Upon hearing this, Richard laughs at the thought, for he doesn't know what the hell he was to do. Richard explains that they are all dead, and the Island is hell. He then notifys everyone to stop listening to Jacob, and start listening to someone else. Who? The Man in Black, of course! Jack was curious who it was, and Sun told him "Locke". Jack looked shocked, but Ben explained that "it's not exactly Locke".

Ben lets Ilana know that going after Richard is useless, for he knows nothing. He then tells everyone that Richard doesn't age. And as Hurley appears to talk to some unknown dead person, Richard's story is finally revealed.

We flashback to the Tenerife, Canary Islands in 1867. Ricardo's wife is very sick. Before leaving for help, Isabella gives him her cross necklace. Riding through a storm, Ricardo went to the doctor, who refused to give him medicine without payment. Ricardo paid everything he had, and even gave the man Isabella's cross. He said it was worthless, and refused to give it to Ricardo. A fight ensues, and Richard accidentaly kills the man. He takes the medicine and runs, but is too late. Isabella is dead, and Ricardo is arrested for murder.

A few days later, a priest comes for Ricardo's confession. Though Ricardo speaks Spanish, his Bible is in English. This is because Ricardo and Islabella were planning to go to the New World to start a new life. The preist does not accept Ricardo's confession and states the murder is unforgivable. And he is to be killed the next day. He is going to hell.

Ricardo is saved, however. He is bought by Mangus Hanso as a slave, and boards the Black Rock. He and others are chained to the wall, and during a huge storm, someone looks through a whole in the side of the ship. They see land, and also the Taweret statue, who they think is the devil. Just then, a huge wave carries the ship up over the statue, and the ship lands in the middle of the jungle.

One of the ships officers begins to kill the surving slaves, but the Smoke Monster appears and kills everyone, except Ricardo. My guess is that it scans Ricardo's memory, and sees that it can manipulate him into killing Jacob. Sometime later, Isabella appears to Richard, and tells him they are in Hell. The Monster appears again, and appears to attack Ricardo's wife. My theory is that Man in Black pretended to be Isabella and attacked itself (so to speak) to scare Richard.

Later, the Man in Black appears to Ricardo and lets him out of his chains. After relaesing him, MiB replies "It's good to see you out of those chains". He then confirms that Ricardo is in "Hell" and the only way to get out is to kill "The Devil"- Jacob.

Richard walks to the statue, now destroyed, save for the foot. Jacob overpowers Richard, and takes the dagger from him. Ricardo explains to Jacob what MiB told him. Jacob tells him that he is not the devil, and they are not in hell. After using force to convince Ricardo, Jacob tells the former slave about his feud with MiB. He also tells Ricardo why MiB is trapped on the Island using a wine bottle as a visual. He then makes a deal with Ricardo. If Ricardo works on behalf of Jacob, he will be granted whatever he wants. After Jacob refuses to ressurect his wife or absolve him of his sins, Ricardo wishes for eternal life, and with that, Jacob touches him and grants it.

Ricardo then approaches MiB and gives him something from Jacob: a white stone. The same stone on the scale that was thrown by MiB into the sea. MiB then gives Ricardo the necklace, which he buries, and disappears. Before he does, MiB explains that if he ever wants to change sides, he can.

Back in Island time, Richard goes to the place he burried the necklace. He shouts to the heavens that he will take MiB's offer to join him. Just then, Hurley appears. He has been talking to Isabella, and Richard communicates through Hurley to Isabella. Richard tells her how much he misses her, and Isabella replies "We're already together". She kisses him, then disappears. Richard then puts the cross on, and Hurley says one more thing. If Richard can't stop MiB from leaving the Island, then they all go to hell. From some distance away, Flocke menacingly hears the conversation.

The final scene is a flashback. Jacob goes to visit the Man in Black. MiB asks to leave the Island, but Jacob refuses him. MiB replies that he will kill Jacob, and that he will kill his replacment to. Jacob then gives MiB the wine bottle used to describe MiB's perdicament. Jacob says he'll see him around as he leaves, and MiB replies "Sooner than you think". The episode ends as MiB raises the wine bottle, then breaks it.

Top 3 Questions I Want Answered:
1). Who were the first people to the Island?
2). What do the Others do?
3). Will Jin and Sun ever be reunited?