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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Lost: LA X, Part 1.

Well, folks, it's great to be back! And in classic Lost fashion, last night's season premiere answered some questions (one of them major!), asked a dozen more, and included excellent acting, gripping drama, and lots of surprises! What a ride!

The episode opened up to reveal the aftermath of Jughead's detonation. We were thrown back to the scene before the crash in the Pilot, and what happened? They didn't crash. The flight went on normally, although with a few differences. Boone couldn't bring his sister back. Jack's neck is bleeding. Hurley claims to be "lucky". Desomnd is on the flight. And probably most important: the Island is underwater. Why? How? WHAT???

It appears this new format of storytelling, called "flashsideways" are going to reveal what would have happened if the plane didn't crash. But is this an alternate timeline? Did Jughead cause this?

In this episode full of flashsideways, the characters meet each other, whether they converse on the plane or when it lands. Charlie tries to commit suicide on the plane, and Jack saves him. Kate and Sawyer bump into each other at the airport when Kate escapes the Marshall. Kate also rides with CLAIRE in a cab as she escapes. After finding out that his father's body is missing, Jack bumps into Locke. The two strike a conversation, leading the aknowledgement of Locke's condidtion. Jack promises to give Locke a free consultation, saying that "Nothing is irreversible".

However, those things are revealed throughout the show. But it is also revealed that Jack and the other '77 Losties are back in 2007 following The Incident and believe the plan didn't work. Sawyer is angry at Jack, but they here her calling out. Sawyer rescues her, but it is too late. By the time she is brought out of the hole, she is dead. But Miles is able to hear her say something- "It worked". What?

Jacob appears to Hurley, and tells him to take Sayid to The Temple. A bunch of Other Others reside there, and Hurley uses the guitar case that was given to him as proof. Inside, there is an ankh that contains a message. Among these Others, we have what appears to be the leader at The Temple, Dogan, and his translator, Lennon, as well as Cindy and the kids from the tail section.

Sayid is attempted to be healed in a spring, they way Ben was healed years before, but dies. Hurley also reveals that Jacobis dead, and to the fear of the Temple Dwellers, they start pouring ash around The Temple.

You see, it was revealed that Flocke/Man in Black is the Smoke Monster. As some of the Ajira people came to kill MiB, Bram included, Flocke disappeared and the smoke monster came and attacked and killed everyone. Flocke reappeared to a terrified Ben, and told him "He was sorry he saw him like that".

And that's something interesting. For so long, we have never seen Ben afraid of anything. Or for that matter, Richard. Yet they were obviously terrified of MiB. Then again, wouldn't you? I must admit, when I heard the footsteps, I was a little scared!

We get a little background on the Man in Black. He claims is is not a "what" but a "who" when Ben asks what he is. He also reveals to Ben and the audience what Locke's final thoughts were: "I don't understand". He goes on talking about how pathetic Locke was, but was the only person to realize how pathetic his life before coming to the Island. Which was ironic, because though Locke wanted to stay on the Island, the MiB wants to go "home". But to where? Heaven? Are he and Jacob really fallen angels? I guess we'll have to wait to find out.

What was even more shocking was the way MiB dealt with Richard. When he saw him, he told Richard "nice to see you without your chains". While some are speculating this means he Richard was a slave on the Black Rock, I think it is more methaphoric, and refers to the "chains" Richard wears because he can't age. Richard seems to be familiar with the MiB, but before any confrentation occurs, Richard beats the crap out of Richard and drags him off, past Locke's dead body.

And what could possibly be one of the most shocking endings in Lost... Sayid comes back to life. He asks everyone: "What Happened?". Could this be how Ben was healed? Pretty ironic that Sayid and Ben were healed in the same place for the reason.

All I know is, this is going to be one epic, kick-ass season!

So, here are my top 3 questions! There are around a million of them, but here are some pretty basic ones.
Top 3 Questions I Want Answered:
1). Where does the "flashsideways" fit into the Lost puzzle?
2). Is Sayid really back from the dead?
3). What did Juliet mean when she said "It worked"?

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Lost: The Final Season Premieres TONIGHT!!

You thought this day would never come, did you?

What felt like an eternity, this hiatus, in restrospect, almost flew by. And we are just 2 hours away from the start of Season 6. And 1 hour from the Series Premiere Event!!

Now, I know they are sneak peaks and spoilers a plenty out there. But I promised myself after Comic Con I would remain spoiler free. And, aside from titles an casting info, I've maintained that goal. And I can wait 120 more minutes!

To celebrate, I thought I'd post some cool articles and videos for you! Enjoy! (Also, it's pretty funny that there's alot of stuff about Locke and Ben!)

Totaly Lost at

TV Guide Lost Recap

EW's Doc Jensen on Lost


Monday, February 1, 2010

Lost: Top 10 Best Moments

I thought I'd put together my Top Ten Lost scenes from the enitre season. Here we go!

10). Walkabout Revelation

9). Ben Kills Jacob

8). Season 5 Finale Final Scene

7). Season 1 Finale "Exodus": Montage and Final Scene

6). Locke is Really Dead

5). Jacob and Mr. X

4). Lost Season 3 Opening Scene

3). Lost Season 2 Opening Scene

2). "Through the Looking Glass": Lost Season 3 Final Scene~ The First Flashforward!

1). Lost's First Scene

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Lost Season 5

The epsiode starts off with a flashback to Dharam times. There appears to be a problem at the Orchid Construction site, and Dr. Pierre Chang (aka Dr. Hillowax, Marvin Candle, etc) must investigate. Also revealed to be working for Dharma... Daniel Faraday.

After the Island was moved, the surviving people start flashing through time. Locke is told bya future Richard that the only way to stop what's happening is to bring back the people that left. To do that he must go to the Orchidand move the Island again. And, he must die.

While flashing through time, we see the Island's past. The Others attack the Losties, killing almost all of them. We travel to the 1950s and find out the US Army was there with a hydrogen bomb, Jughead. Daniel Faraday actually saved the Island and told the Others to bury the H-Bomb. We also see the Virgin Mary Plane crash. And we get some backstory on Danille's arrival on the Island. She recued a very much alive Jin and Jin helped her find the radio tower before being attacked by the smoke monster. Apparently, the "sickness" she talks about resulted after her group of people went down to the smoke monster's lair underneath The Temple and were changed.

The time flashes finally stop after Locke goes down a well to turn the wheel. Unfortunately, time flashes claimed the life of Charlotte, who reveals he lived in Dharma when she was little and met Daniel while she was there. After Locke turns the wheel, the Losties end up in 1974, where they end up joining the Dharma Initiative. Sawyer, using the name LaFleur, has a prominant role in Dharma as head of security.

Locke gets off the Island and with Widmore's help, tires to convince everyone to go back, but fails. He attempts to comit suicide, but Ben tells him not to, before stangling him to death. He makes it look like suicide.

In 2007, Jack goes through trials to get everyone to go back. Jack, Sun, and Ben go see Daniel's mother, Eloise Hawking, to find out how to get back. They must get on Ajira 316 which will take them over the Island. They need to recreate Flight 815 the best the can for it to work. Sun wants to find her husband. Kate decides to go back to find Claire and reunite her with Aaron. Sayid is captured and is being transported to Gaum. And Hurley is convinced by Jacob to go back. Jack also brings Locke's body with him, with Christian's shoes on him to act as a replacement,

After reading Locke's suicide note on the plane, they hit turbulance and a bright light appears. The plane crashes on a runway on the Hydra Island, while Jack, Kate, Hurley, and Sayid disappear. They are transported back to 1977, and Sawyer gives them jobs in Dharma.

But things don't go very well. Sayid is percieved to be a hostile. He is captured, but little Ben Linus lets him out. Sayid shoots him, and Ben is brought to the Temple where he is healed, and, at the same time, becomes the person he is today.

After Dharma folk find out about this, Sawyer and Juliet are in trouble. Jack and Kate have already left with Daniel to go to the Others with a plan to stop Oceanic 815 from crashing. They need the H-bomb to negate the energy released in the Incident to contain said energy. Then the hatch will never get built and their plane will never crash. After appearing to the Others, Eloise shoots and kills Daniel, not realizing it is her future son with Widmore. The Others agree to help.

The bomb is under the Temple, and Jack takes it to the Swan site. Though hesitant at first, the Losties aid him. He drops the bomb, but nothing happens. Just then, the Incident starts. All metalic objects go flying, and Juliet is caught in chains and dragged down into the hole. She is last seen detonating the bomb before Season 5 ends.

Back in 2007, Sun, Lapedius, Ben, and a resurrected Locke join forces with the Others. After Ben is judged by the smoke monster, Locke reveals his plan to Ben to kill Jacob. Richard leads Locke to Jacob, who lives in the four toed statue that used to be of the Egyptian Goddess Taweret. Jacob lives inside, and Locke manipulates Ben into killing Jacob. Before he dies, Jacob announces to Locke that "They're coming".

Jacob has previously visited all the Losties in their lives, and touched them as well. What could this mean? I'm not sure. But he is also revealed to have a nemesis who wants to find a loophole to kill him.

And when Illana and the other survivors of Ajira 316 reveal to Richard that Locke is actually dead and was inside a crate, it is revealed that Jacob's nemisis took on Locke's form to kill Jacob.

What does this mean for the rest of the series? We had two huge revelations and cliffhangers. Season 6 starts on Tuesday. Are you ready?