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Monday, February 15, 2010

GH Weekly Roundup: Week of February 8

Are you excited? No, not for the show, no matter how gripping it has been. For the new opening credits!

After 6 long years featuring dead characters (Justice and Alan, to name a few) characters who have left (Ric and Skye, to name a few) and not featuring the new characters (Dante, Ethan, Olivia, Kate, the kids, amongst others). Butthat's about to chage, come February 23, to coincide with the show's 12,000th episode. I can't wait!

But, you should also be excited for the show. It's been exceptional lately. Little of it is boring, and everything that goes on proves to be useful. So let's recap, shall we?

Dante is lying about his shooting so Sonny does not go to jail for that, but rather the case he has worked so hard to build up around Claudia's murder. This causes him to loose his NYPD job, but Mac offers him a job at the PCPD. Dante still resents Sonny and wants no part of him. Although, he did have to listen to Sonny's story about his sad childhood. And that's enough to make anyone feel bad for the mobster.

Yet, there are many people out there who have been through terrible childhoods, being abused and beaten, but they made a positive life. And that's respectable. Sonny, on the other hand, choose to go down the wrong path, and must pay for that sooner or later. He should just be happy he'll be alive in prison.

Sonny found out about Johnny, and Jason was ordered to fire him for not being loyal. Johnny, as you can imagine, is really pissed off at Sonny for treating his sister terribly, and though he knows who really killed her, still blames Sonny for her death. So, Johhny wants more revenge on Sonny, and is even going to take back the Zaccarah Organization from an overjoyed Anthony to get it. And with the revenge will come a war, mark my words. But who will be set up as the villian? Prbably the cops, but I digress...

So, how long until Elizabeth goes through a breakdown? Maybe a few weeks, I think. She keeps hearing voices in her head mocking her, and keeps snapping at people. And Lucky found her in a church, unconcious. This can't end well.

Nikolas, who seems to be going through little backlash from the affair (except for Luke, who is finished with him), was paid a visit by Helena. Once again, she's back to wreck havoc, and I love it. Unlike Sonny, she is made to be a true villian, not a hero. That's what I like about her. She is clearly evil, but someone will always be there to beat her.

Anyway, Helana seems to be enjoying the trails Nikolas is going through, and sees him as aknowledging his "inner Cassadine". She also wants him to find a woman who produces a suitable Cassadine heir. It can't be Spencer, because his mother Courtney was "unworthy". So, since Elizabeth will find out she is pregnant soon, does this forshadow Nikolas being the father? But the thing is, Nikolas seems to be intrigued by this. So, maybe his inner Cassadine is coming out.

Lucky is also acting like Luke more and more everyday. He's going on an art scam with his dad, for crying out loud. Will he leave his children? What about of Elizabeth goes through a breakdown? I guess we'll see.

Finally, let's end with Michael. I think he may actually understand where Jax was coming from when he told his view of the story. Unfortunately, Carly did not. She still loves Jax, but is furious with him for lying to her. And based on what we saw on Friday, Jax thinks they're back together again. Please, not another Sonny and Carly reunion...

Back to Michael, the kid doesn't want Sonny to suffer for what he did, and he actually confessed to Claudia's murder, but no one believes him. Mac was trying to be nice, and didn't arrest him for purgery. But no one believes Michael.

Also, I must comment on Sam with Josslyn. I still feel sorry for her baby that died, and, despite everything, I think she would be a good mother. She's good with her sisters, and has done a lot of growing up since we first met her. If it weren't for all these baby stories, I'd love for her uterus problem to be fixed, and for her to have a kid.

Well, that wraps up this week. Can't wait for another week!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Birthday, DCA!

DCA celebrated (not) it's 9th Birthday on February 8. And boy, has it come along way.

I used to be quite the DCA basher back in the day, and used to complain about the stupid puns, Sunshine Plaza, the lack of Disney quality rides (or anything else, for that matter), and the unthemed, unimiginative lands. But, I've actually grown tired of doing this. There are hundreds of others who do it for me. Why should I?

I'm one of those people who are now hopeful for DCA. The little additions throughout the years, specifically the closure of Superstar Limo, and the addition of Tower of Terror, have headed DCA in the right direction. And from what I have seen from the construction taking place around the park right now, it will be a beautiful, differen place then it was 9 years ago.

There's themeing. There's great rides. There's lush vegitation. And best of all, theyre using the California theme to use it's true potential. I've always loved the CA aspect, but felt it was executed poorly. But now, they're really exploring such a wide theme.

So, I am Happy to wish DCA a very Happy Birthday, with all the hope for the future, and all the excitement for what's to come!