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Friday, May 21, 2010

FF: "Countdown"

*Editor's Note: As we prepare for the Lost finale, I have decided to postpone the Fringe finale recap until sometime next week. Thank you!

Well, today is the day. April 29, 2010. The day the world flashforwarded to. So what's going to happen? Will all the flashforwards come true? None of them? Only a few? Flashforward, which has officially been cancelled, has danced around this all season, err, series. Now we will finally see.

Mark began talking to suspect Lucas Hellinger about the flashforwards, but recieved some starling news: in every future he saw, Mark died. And if the man isn't released, he will die.

Previous 123 The tachyon constant is a theoretical number/particle that appears in something Hellinger drew as well as the blueprints left by Dyson Frost. There’s a company called Tachyon Offsite Information Systems that warehouses data. Mark wants to storm the building, but Wedeck and Vogel worry it’s a trap. They’re right. Mark demands answers from Hellinger, who knows exactly how to push his buttons. Hellinger says over and over that Mark is going to die today and that Charlie will be better off without him. This sends Mark into a rage, and he beats up the dude. Wedeck sends him out of the FBI uilding after that.

Meanwhile, Zoe is excited that Demitri has decided to come with her to Hawaii. But Demitri, feeling guilty and overburdened, tells Zoe that he got Janis pregnant in Somalia. Zoe is mad and needs time to process things. She's going to Hawaii, but without her fiance. Ouch.

Bryce and Nicole have finally begun their relationship and are planning to spend Flashforward Day together. That is, until Nicole decides to tell the truth as well. She discovered that the woman in his flashforward, Kieko, is in a detention center. She didn't want to tell him because she was afraid he would choose the Asian over her. But Bryce still wants to see her anyway. Will he be able to see her? She and her mom have an 11:00 flight back home.

In Afghanistan, the Arab doctor tried to save Tracy's life as Aaron looked on. But he wasn't able to. In the room where Aaron's flashforward revealed that his daughter was alive, it appears that it won't come true.

Simon wants Janis to get him access to the mainframe of the linear accelerator. When Demetri shows up at her front door, Janis wants him to pretend that he never came by. That’s not gonna happen. At first he wants to take the fugitive scientist in, but then Dem realizes it may be best to help Janis and Simon complete their mission.

Lloyd thinks he may be on the verge of a breakthrough in his research. He desperately wants to be with Olivia. He believes certain conditions must be met today. Olivia needs to be at her house with him at 10 p.m., but she is driving somewhere else with Charlie. As Lloyd and Dylan stand outside the Benford home, Olivia tells him via cell phone that she will not be with him in that house tonight.

Mark spends the rest of the day walking around as Flashforward day celebrations occur. A man who gave up drinking approaches mark and gives him a flask. And with that, Mark gives up his sobriety and everything he worked so hard to achieve. The temptation was too much. Mark continues drinking at a bar, and gets into a fight. He ends up in jail. So will he end up at the FBI building?

Where is this all going? And with the news that Flashforward has been cancelled, will the show end properly?

V: "Red Sky"

As one of the first TV finales of the year, V went of in... an unusal way. I enjoyed the finale, but I was expecting something a bit more... cliffhanger-y. The finale was great, but the end was wierd. Let's recap.

A lot was going down during the finale. Anna's army of soldier were preparing to hatch from their eggs. Val was in labor aboard the ship. And Fifth Column on land and in air were planning a massive retaliation. Oh, and Anna and Lisa invitesd Erica and Tyler over for dinner. All these paths would cross.

Ryan was enraged when he found out Anna had Val. But she promised to deliever the baby safely and return her to him. The labor was intense, but both the mother and baby survived. However, Anna had other plans. She kept the baby, and has Val killed. She claims that the doctors did everything they could, but couldn't save the mother. Ryan is hurt, but Anna manages to pull him into her bliss and convinces him otherwise. She then shows him his child. As he holds it, the baby (what the hell is it?) wraps its tail around Ryan's thumb. Odd...

On the ground, Marcus (Anna's right-hand goon) approaches Hobbes to work for him and infiltrate the Fifth Column. He threatens him with some photo... to be revealed next season. Damn you hiatus!

Erica's invitation to dinner is a great opportunity to kill destroy all those egss she learned about. Joshua will create a diverision to allow her to get into the chamber and destroy them. Joshua then aks Lisa for help, which she refuses. Father Jack uses Chad Decker to deliver a message to the medical bay aboard the mothership. Joshua refuses the message knowing that Chad can’t be trusted. But when his partner Samuel sends a message to other Fifth Column members, they are both exposed as traitors in a trap set by Anna. Joshua is held captive in a blue energy chamber and tries to convince Chad to help him. Chad doesn't believe him. That is, until he witnesses V testing on humans. I think that's enough to make any one convinced that the Vs are bad.

After finding out Joshua has been captured, Lisa gives Erica a blue energy egg to destroy the eggs. She says that she will help create a diversion, allowing Erica to destroy them. She frees Joshua, who refers to Lisa as his "Queen".

Erica sneaks into the room and destroys the eggs. An enormous explosion occurs, but she is able to escape. Erica then runs and catches up with Joshua. He convinces her that the only way she will not be tracked back to the eggs is if she kills him. She is reluctant to do so, but doesn't have a choice. She shoots and kills him.

Anna approaches Erica and lies to her, saying that a human stole a V uniform and was the culprit. Erica once again promises to destroy Fifth Coulmn. But that doesn't comfort Anna after discovering what happened with her eggs. When she finds out only 12 are left, she screams in agony. She has no idea what's come over her. But Marcus does. He says that it is her first human emotion.

Sometime later, members of the Fifth Column gather at Father Jack's church. Against wishes from the pastor, the constantly-conflicted Father Jack Landry finally speaks from his heart to his congregation by denouncing the Visitors as false prophets. Many parishioners walk out during his heartfelt homily, but some stay. Jack asks others to stand with him in this war for their souls. Erica is the first to rise. Hobbes stands, too. Also on his feet in the back of the church is Chad Decker. Jack says, “Let V no longer stand for Visitor. Let V stand for victory.”

Meanwhile, Anna wants revenge. And in an act of vengence, we see the V armada near the Earth. They are able to be undetected by Earth technology. The sky quickly turns to red for some unkown reason. Aboard the ship, Marcus revives Joshua? Why? Maybe for more info on Fifth Column. Anyway, as people of Earth wander outside, similarly to how they acted in the Pilot, they are shocked at what they see.

So, is this the start of the war?

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Lost: "What They Died For"

Well folks, what seemed like an eternity flew right by. And I'm not talking about Jack's faith. The finale is almost upon us. Come Sunday, millions of people will be glued to their TVs at parties, bedrooms, or living rooms watching the final episode of Lost. It's too close. But as for the penultimate episode of Lost, all I can say is: Oh. My. God. It was an incredible episode.

No matter what you thought of the flashsideways, you must admit it is pretty interesting right now. I still have no idea what the hell is going on, but I'm sure that we will find out on Sunday. But, it seems like all of the characters will meet up together at a concert. From there, I'm not sure what will happen.

Jack wakes up in the flashsideways and finds that peculiar cut he had on his neck in "LA X" still there. I currently have no theories on the cut, but it must have meaning. Anyway, he sits down to breakfast with David and Claire when he gets a call from someone stating they have found Christian. However, this is not true. Desmond is the one speaking to Jack. Why? TBD.

Locke returns to school, and is warmly greeted by students. However, Desmond is watching him again. This time Dr. Linus spots him, and threatens to call the police. Desmond then gets out of the car and punches Ben in the face. Ben has flashes of getting punched in the face in the original timeline, and is left confused after Desmond tells him he was trying to help Locke "let go". Later, as Ben is being treated by the nurse, Locke wheels in and questions Ben. Ben says he "saw something" as Locke's would-be-"Killer" beat him. Ben believes Des was telling the truth when he said he wanted to help Locke.

Meanwhile, at the LAPD, Desmond arrives and asks to speak to a detective because he is going to confess for Locke's hit and run. He is put in a holding cell alongside Sayid and Kate. Meanwhile, Miles tells Sawyer about Dr. Chang's benefit concert at the museum, but Sawyer passes when he finds out his blind date Charlotte will be there.

Back at the school, Dr. Linus is in a sling and can't drive. Alex Rousseau sees him, and comes running over. She invites him to come with her and her mother and stay for dinner. Danielle Rousseau then exits the car and says that she insits Ben stay home, "even if we have to kidnap you". (BTW, best line of the episode!"). At their house, Ben inquires about Alex's dad, only to find out he died when she was young. Danielle reveals that he is the closest thing to a father for Alex, and Ben is touched. He cries a little, too.

Locke then goes to see Jack. He tells him about all the "coincidences" that were happening-meeting people on the plane, being hit by someone who beat Ben, etc.- and believes this is happening for a reason and Jack is supposed tp fix him. Then Jack suggests he is mistaking coincidence for fate. Locke decides he is finally ready to get out of his wheelchair.

Finally, we end the flashsideways with the transport of Desmond, Kate, and Sayid to prison. Desmond reveals that he paid the officer off with help from Hugo, and if Kate and Sayid do one thing for him, he'll let them go. Kate and Sayid agree, and the officer, revealed to be Ana Lucia (!) lets them go in exchange for $125,000. Sayid goes with Hurley, and Kate goes with Des. He reveals that they're going to a concert.

Back on the Island, Jack fixes Kate's shoulder. They are still sad after the previous night's events. Kate decides they have to kill Flocke. Jack replies, "I know". Jack convinces everyone to go find Desmond in the well. If Flocke wants Desmond dead, then they are going to need him. Sawyer wonders why he didn't kill Desmond as they hike, to which Jack replies that maybe it's against the "rules". Sawyer then wonders if he killed Jin, Sun, Sayid, (and Frank). Unlike Sawyer blaming Jack for Juliet's death earlier this season, Jack doesn't blame Sawyer at all, stating that Flocke killed them.

As they hike, Hurley sees that mysterious boy. The boy asks for Jacob's ashes, stating "their mine". So, the boy is a manifestation of Jacob. So is the brunet the Man in Black? TBD. The boy grabs them an runs. Hurley then comes across Jacob, who is buring the ashes. He reveals that when the fire goes out, he will never be seen again. He also states "We are very close to the end".

Meanwhile, Ben, Richard, and Miles finally arrive at the Barracks. So apparently, it was Widmore who hooked up the C4 on the plane because they were still looking for it. As miles goes near the swing set, he senses something. Richard reveals that this is where he burried Alex after Ben left. Ben thanks him. Inside his old house, Ben goes into the secret room, where Miles sees the portal to the place where he can summon the moster, though Ben realizes that the monster was always summoning him. They then hear a strange noise in the kitchen. It's Zoe. Widmore waltzes in and tells Zoe to sink the boats so Flocke won't know about them. Widmore notes the explosives, and reveals that he had rigged the plane since his arrival and is 'three steps ahead" of him as usual. He explains that after the frieghter icident, Jacob came to Widmore and helped him see the error of his ways and needed him to return for "this exact purpose". But we don't find out what that is, because Zoe interrupts, stating that Flocke has arrived.

She is ordered to return, and Miles runs. Widmore and Zoe hide in Ben's "closet" while Ben and Richard wait for him. The smoke monster then appears and knocks Richard into some trees. Is Richard dead? I hope not, and doubt it. Locke needs Ben to kill some people, to which Ben agrees to do so. Ben then tells Flocke about Widmore. They enter the house and find Widmore and Zoe. Flocke wants to know who Zoe is, but Widmore tells her to not say anything. Seeing her as useless, Flocke slits her throat. Flocke then tells Widmore he will get off the Island, and the first thing he will do is kill Penny Widmore if he doesn't tell him why he is here. Widmore, afraid for Penny's life, says he brought Desmond back because of his unique resistance to electromagnetism and that he was a measure of last resort. He refuses to say more in front of Ben, and whispers to Flocke the rest. Ben is enraged, and shots him stating, "He doesn't get to save his daughter". But it's ok, because Flocke already got is answers.

At night, Hurley leads Jack, Kate, and Sawyer to Jacob. Amazingly, they can all see him for some reason. Jacob explains that a very long time ago he made a mistake, and as a result there is a good chance that everyone is going to die. He acknowledges that he is responsible for the current state of the Man in Black. He expalins that The Monster has been trying to kill him and that when it succeeded, someone would have to replace him: that is why he brought them all to the Island. Challenged by Sawyer, Jacob explains that he didn't drag anyone out of a happy existence but that they were all flawed. He says that he chose them because they were all like him - all alone, all looking for something that they couldn't find. He says he chose them because they needed the Island as much as the Island needed them. Jacob tells Kate her name was crossed off because she became a mother, but that she is not disqualified. He explains that the task for the candidate is to protect the light at the center of the Island. And it needs a protector. He gaves them all a choice of who will be that protector. Jack accepts the job, knowing that it his his purpose. He must do what Jacob couldn't do: kill The Monster. Jacob isn't even sure how to do this.

Jacob takes Jack to a small river. He tells Jack that the Heart of The Island is located near the bamboo forest where he woke up in The Pilot episode and will now be able to find it. Jacob recites and incantation over a cup of water from the river and Jack drinks it. Jacob tells him, "No you are like me". So Jack is ageless now, too? Could you imagine him living until the year 4000?

Flocke then leads Ben to the well, but Desmond is gone. Someone let him out. Who? Well, I won't spoil you, but I know who didn't let him out based on the sneek peaks on But Flocke is cool with this. Desmond was Jacob's "failsafe" if the Candidates failed. And when he finds Desmond, he will do something he was never able to do himself: Destroy the Island.

Top 3 Questions I Want Answered:
1). Can you kill the Man in Black?
2). What is Desmond used for?
3). How will it all end?