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Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Fringe Files- 2.2: Night of Desirable Objects

*Editor's Note: With the start of the new season of Fringe and the start of my new Fringe Column, I thought I'd do something unique. Here, we have the Fringe Files. In the column, you'll find out what the case was about, how it was solved, and other important events that happened in the show.

Case: Night of Desirable Objects- People in Pennsylvania keep disapearing and cannot be found.

History of Events: A scientist's wife had lupis and could not carry a child to term. Instead if giving up hope, the scientist injects scorpian and mole DNA to help the child survive. They both presumably died. 17, Years later when people start disappearing around the home of the scientist, Olivia, Peter, and Walter investigate and are lead to open the caskets of the scientist's dead wife and baby. That's when they discover the wife had lupis, and therefore could not carry the baby to term. The baby however, appears to have borrowed out of the coffin. It is then suspected that do to the DNA, the child is alive and living underground around the scientist's home. The "superbaby" feasts on the people who disappeared, and then drags Olivia down there, with Peter following them. A tunnel collapes, killing the superbaby. The scientist commited suicide before this happened.

Non-case related Events: Walter tried to simulate Olivia's accident with frogs, and is convinced she visited another universe. Olivia seems to gain super hearing and can hear almost mute noises loudly, like flies walking and flying. Nina Sharp then gives Olivia info on how to reach a man, Sam Wiess, who can helo her. He works at a bowling alley. Meanwhile, the man who shapeshifted into Charlie can communicate with some unknown person in an alternate universe via a typewriter.

Next Week's Case: Fracture- An explosion without a bomb.

Friday, September 25, 2009

FlashForward 1.1- "No More Good Days"

Well, a lot happened in the first episode of FlashForward. And that was my only problem.

It was too fastpaced. I think that they should have spent more time on the disater and the aftermath of it. Things were moving very quickly, going from one thing to another. I think I would have enjoyed it more if it was a little slower.

But it was still great. I really loved the show, and the previews for the rest of the season looked fantastic!

So, let's do a little recapping. The show started out with the disaster happening, then quickly went back to the beginning of everyone's day. Then we saw the disaster happen again, and the aftermath.

Everyone saw something different that would happen at 10:00PM (CA time)on April 12, 2010. But is this going to happen? Can they change it? An more importantly, why did this happen? And who the heck is that guy who didn't blackout.

I think over the next few weeks the show will get better. It'll be intersting to see the characters interact and find out all the stuff about what happened.

And by next week, I'll also figure out a way to sound off (This is PirateGuy 815 with the Disneyland News, or Top 3 Questions I want Answered {for Lost}).

Until next week, readers.

PS- Did anyone see that Oceanic Billboard in the background? So cool, I'll post it here:

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Why Thursday Nights Will Rock

For a long time, Thursdya nights have been filled with shows like Grey's Anatomy, Ugly Betty, and other shows I don't watch. So, Thursdays have kinda sucked.

That is, until this year.

Last week marked the first of my shows to return: Fringe. (Well, technically second since I watch Jay Leno each night).

Fringe has really come a long way since last year. While I have loved every minute of it, they did drop that whole Scott Calvin (was that his name? I can't remember) storyline as well as the tank thing they had going. I do love the new direction they are taking, especially the alternate universe thing. I great show, truly something different on TV.

And that's what I like. I don't see the necessity with having 4 different NCIS, 15 different Law and Orders, and 1,256 CSIs. Not to mention all the other murder shows out there. But when there's a murder show out there that really is different from the rest (Pushing Daisies or Monk, for example) I will watch them and be interested in them.

But back to Thursday Nights: we also have SNL Weeked Update: Thursday. Weekend Update has always been my favorite part of SNL (rivalries include Celebrity Jeopardy, Vincent Price Specials, and political sketches). And devoting a half hour show to this is awesome in my book. It just competes with what seems to be the most promising show of the fall.

For those of you who guessed FlashForward, you win the prize! This looks to be like a truly promising show. It's been hyped and plugged for such a long time, it's oen of those things I think everyone will be watching to see what it's like (kinda like The premieres of Jay Leno and Lost). And if they get addicted in the process, so be it.

So I invite you to go watch these shows. You won't be sorry! Then come back here and will discuss them right here on Bring Me That Horizon. For FlashForward, come back on Fridays. For Fringe, come on Saturdays. And for Monk (I know, it's not on Thursday nights) come back on Sundays. You won't be sorry.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Disneyland: One Man's Dream- The Future of the Disneyland Resort

For the past month (actually, it's been longer then a month) we have been on one amazing adventure. Disneyland: One Man;s Dream took a lot longer then I expected it to, but we're finally at the last post: The Future of the Disneyland Resort.

Well, all the DCA Expansion can be considered part of the future of DLR. We also have stuff like Star Tours 2.0. Of course, Lincoln will be returning to the Opera House and The Disney Gallery will be opening up right next door. That much is certain.

You can also expect a large Tomorrowland retheme to be done within the next decade. In a year or two, expect for Honey I Shrunk the Audience to leave Tomorrowland for good, to be replaced by a new show or possibly even a ride.

The Disneyland Hotel project will be completed in 2012. After that, the Paradise Pier Hotel should be set to go under a giant overhall, and there are rumors of DVCs to be added to the hotel.

Disney plans to open up 2 hotels in GardenWalk, one for families, and the other to be more high end. I also would not be surprised if GardenWalk is owned by Disney in a few years- espeically with something else at DLR afoot.

The former Strawberry Fields that are rumored to be (well, it's more then rumors) the site of the Third Gate at Disneyland will become a parking lot. This may have some of you worried, but fear not- this contract only lasts 6-10 years. And consider the following timeline. All phases of DCA Construction are finally done in 2016. So, that could be the magic year Disney starts to build the Third Gate. They could wait until 2020 to build it, too. It's a nice chunk of time to be careful with right there.

That's all I have for you. I'd like to thank you everyone who read all these posts about the history of Disneyland. I love all history, and Disneyland's rich history is no exception. I hope you learned something, found these posts helpful and interesting, and had some fun (even half the fun I did). Regular posts will return tomorrow.

Remember, Disneyland is always changing. What you like/dislike may be gone or be brought back on your next trip there. And let's use Walt's infamous quote right here: "Disneyland will never be complete, so long as there's imagination left in the world".

It's nice to debate things, but like Walt Disney said, "I hope we never lose sight of one thing- that it was all started by a mouse". This statement is actually false.

It all started with One Man's Dream.

Disneyland: One Man's Dream- The Official Expansion of DCA

Before we went through all the new attractions that were removed and/or added to Disneyland's struggling sister park. Now that new management was introduced to Disneyland, it was time for Disneyland to get the sister park it always deserved. One that was richly themed and has the layers Disneyland had. One that was a full day park. One that was not tacky or ugly, but was beautiful.

On October 17, 2007, something momentous occured. The Walt Disney Company announced a $1.1 Billion Expansion to DCA. It would be done in sections over the course of a few years, with final construction ending in 2012 before a second phase would begin. Though these new additions were coming, let's take a look at 2 new attractions that were not included in the budget, but helped set the tone for the retheme.

Toy Story Midway Mania is one of the most technoloically sophisticated rides WDI has ever come up with. In it, you ride through the 3D world of Toy Story playing classic Midway games with a few twists in them. Rig tosses, pie throws, dart throws, and more are found in this ride. It is a lot of fun and quite addicting. The ride holds a lot of people per hour, so the line moves quickly. Even so, it's not uncommon to wait over 45 minutes for the ride.

Outside the attraction, Mr. Potatohead serves as the Boardwalk Barker who entices people to visit the ride. He is one of the most technolically advanced Audio-Animatronics created.

While this is all nice, it's really the outside of the attraction that sets the mood for the new Paradise Pier. Paradise Pier will now be have a Victorian theme and feature rides themed to classic Disney shorts. The Sun Wheel is now Mickey's Fun Wheel and the Games of the Boardwalks are now themed to classic shorts. In the not-so-distant future, the Pier Shops will also get Victorian theming, as well as the new Garden Grill that will replace Pizza Omm Mow Mow and Burger Invasion. The Orange Stinger will be replaced Silly Symphony Swings and Mullholland Madness will be replaced by Goofy's Sky School. (More info will be found in Future Updates).

World of Color also was approved before the massive expansion. The show will celebrate the music and magic of Disney's Animated movies, ranging from classics all the way up until today. Currently, the fountains are under construction and so is the viewing area that will accomadate about 9000 people. While this continues, the Paradise Bay is recieving extensive beautification, with more rock work, lighthouses, and ornaments. (More info will be found in future updates).

A brand new attraction will also replace Golden Dreams. The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Adventure will take guests into Ariel's Undersea Adventures (lol) and showcase all the songs from the movie. It is being compared to Haunted Mansion and will feature the Omnimover system. It's set to open in 2011. The ride will be set in a lavish Victorian-esque Aqaurium. (More info will be found in future updates).

As we move away from the peir, we head into the next big thing to open: Buena Street. Buena Vista Street will replace Sunshine Plaza and will be themed to 1920s LA, just as Walt Disney Would have seen it when he stepped of the train. The shops will be rethemed and the Redcars will be added, as well as streets, curbs, and sidewalks. Also to be added is Carthay Circle Theater which will be one of the park icons. (More info will be found in future updates).

We also have Carsland. I did an extensive report on Carsland months agom but I'll do a short rehash here. Carsland will celebrate California's love affair with ars and celebrate not only Route 66, but CA's desert landscapes. The land is themed around Radiator Springs, the town from Cars and will feature 3 new rides. Mater's Junkyard Jamboree will be an "outdoor" swinging darkride, meaning it will be lavishly themed like a darkride but be outdoors. Luigi's Roamin Tires will be the 1960s Flying Saucers of Tomorrowland with better technology making for a better ride and less matinence problems. The highlight of this land will be Radiator Springs Racers, which will not only take people on a tour of the town, but will feature 2 Cars racing against each other. It's going to be one hell of a ride. (More info will be found in future updates).

The Grizzly Peak Area will also get some additions, like animals to Grizzly River Run and possibly a Mine-Train type train ride that goes around the area. Soarin' wll also be rethemed from a desert area to a mountain area. (More info will be found in future updates).

Hollywood Pictures Backlot will also recieve real facades and not the fake ones it has now. It will also be themed to 1930 Hollywood, and recieve the name "Hollywoodland" as homage to what Hollywood was first named. (More info to come in future updates).

In just a few years, Disney's California Adventure will become the second gate Disneyland always deserved. Better late then never, right? And what better way to see this then at the Bluesky Cellar? Every few months, new artwork and models will be added into the cellar where CMs will be happy to answer questions about the projects. Expect the next change out to occur after World of Color opens and to be focised more on The Little Mermaid and the attractions around there.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Disneyland: One Man's Dream- Various Controversies over in Disneyland

Recently, whether it was do towards the emergence of Disney fan boards or radical Disney "Purists" there have been outcries for some things happening at Disneyland. This most notably can be found in the enhances at various rides throughout the park that have been labled to be "controversial". Are they? Have they done any damage? Well, let's take a look and see!

First, let's start with it's a small world. At various times during the attraction's history, the facade was painted different colors. It went from white and gold to shades of blue to a bright multi-color pattern and finally back to white and gold.

In 1997, it's a small world holiday debuted. The ride was decorated with Christmas decorations inside and outside, with a fantastic array of lights on the exterior. The "children" also add "Jingle Bells" and "Deck the Halls" to their repitore. This has been more popular then the original ride that it has been coming back year after year. For many, it's the only time they ride the ride.

The real controversial additions came in 2009, when Disney characters were added. For all of 2008, it's a small world was shut while the flumes were replaced. Contrary to what Al Lutz may have said, they were not replaced due to overweight guests (like he should talk... sorry for that;). The flumes needed replacement after years of wear and tear. In conjunction with this, Disneyland took a page out of Hong Kong Disneyland's book and added in a few Disney characters in their respective countries (Snow White in Germany, Pinnochio in Italy, etc.). The rainforest scene was also to be relocated to allow for a scene detecated to America. This caused some people to go up in arms, and some people still hate this today. Why? Well, it's supposedly ruins the "theme" of the ride. Um... it still shows how people from all over the world are connected, and what better way for kids to understand this then to see thier favorite Disney charatcers (who are hardly noticable) to help them understand. It actually looks as if the dolls are dressed in Alice or Cinderella's clothing.

Haunted Mansion did a few changes in recent years as well. In 2001, Haunted Mansion Holiday opened. The change over was orgiginally going to be about A Christmas Carlol, but was not fesible. So they looked for another character to celebrate Christmas in the Mansion, and The Nightmare Before Christmas' Jack Skellington won that. So every year around Halloween, the ride is decorated and new characters are added. It is so popular, that Fastpass is utilized during this time.

Another changeover happened in the Attic. In 2006, after a refurbihment, a new scene was added in the attic. The old bride was taken out, and the widow Constance Hatchaway was put in. Her story is a simple, but gruesome tale: Constance married rich men for their money, then killd them and got their money. This is a far cry from the original story, where the bride was murdered by Captain Gore who was actually a Pirate.

In 2001, The Country Bear Jamboree closed after 30 years of being in the park due to low popularity. It was going to be replaced by a new darkride, The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. When the latter attraction opened up in 2003, it was critized for being cheap. But to this day kids really love it. Not to mention the outdoor theme area is a really great atmosphere to start the ride, better then the attractions in Fanatsyland.

Pirates of the Caribbean has gone through a few modifications due to politcal correctness in the past. The women now chase the pirates with brooms, the "pooped pirate" who was holding underweard while looking for a lady, and a few other scenes were deleated and/or changed. But that's small compared to what was instore for the boat ride. With the success of Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, Disney was going to make 2 more sequels. And they also decided to add some aspects from the movie into the classic attraction that inspired the movie. And when I mean "aspects", I mean the "c" word that Purists hate to hear... gulp... characters.

Pirates was closed for a few months. The infamous Cursed Aztec Gold was added to the grotto scene and so was an impressive projection of the ghostly Dvay Jones in a waterfall. Barbossa now helmed the Wicked Wench, and was attacking the port. And of course, Captain Jack Sparrow made several appearances in the ride, first hiding behind a maniquin, then hiding in a barrel, then celebrating at the end with his treasure.

Some people saw this revamp as trashing the original ride. Others saw it as making the story odd. But most people, including myself, saw it as a great improvement to an already flawless ride. Will it remain? Only time will tell...

So, what do you think?