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Thursday, February 26, 2009

"The Life and Death of Jeremey Bentham"

For those who do not know, Jeremey Bentham was a philosopher. Johne Locke was, too.

No, I'm not talking about the bald guy from Lost. These people existed in real life, and it's pretty interesting that the survivor who knows most about the island is named John Locke, and takes on the name Jeremy Bentham when he leaves the island.

Poor, poor Locke. He wants nothing more then to save everyone, and give them a good life. But each time he goes to one of the Oceanic 6, he is slapped in the face. Jack owes a big thanks to Locke, and when they're reunited on the island, better treat him like a king.

Is John still in fact a king? I mean, he died, but is now alive again. Could the island not let him die? It's clearer then ever before that Locke is, indeed, "special".

And while we're talking about the death of Jeremy Bentham, lets talk about Widmore and Ben. Towards the end of Season 4, I began to like Ben. I was on his side. I felt bad for him when his daughter died, and wanted him to kill Keamy. But now, it seems like Widmore is on Locke's side. I believed him until Ben told Locke not to kill himself. But then, he goes right over and strangles him. Why? I have no idea, but we might find out in the coming weeks what is going on in Ben's sick mind.

Every week I will end my post with the top three questions I want answered. They are:
1). Why did Ben kill Locke?
2). How did Locke come back to life?
3). Where's the rest of the Oceanic 6?

Monday, February 23, 2009

Just A little Info...

Hello! After about a year of establishing myself on the Web, I decided to start a blog.

On February 22, 2008, I joined under the name PirateGuy 815. Little did I know that a year later, I would have a job om MI an would find myself a member of some other Message Boards, as well as a member of YouTube.

This blog is ment to be more then a place where I write down my thoughts. I will be analyzing things on this blog as well, from movies to theme parks to my weekly Lost update. Every month, I will also be doing a weekly Disneyland Update, using my friends pictures and some commentary/news.

Here, anyone regardless of race, color, sexual preference, or nationality is welcome to read and comment on my posts. Not only do I allow it, but I encourage it. Please enjoy yourselves here, tell friends, and come back often. I hope to here from many of you soon.

-PirateGuy 815