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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Fringe: "Subject 13"

I can never get tired of the 80s retro-themed Fringe intro. Or Walter's hair, either. Do you?

Several months after the events in the season 2 episode "Peter", Peter wanted to get back to his home at the bottom of the lake. Unfortunately for him, his real home is much farther in dimensional space than the lake. His home in in the alternate universe, where Walternate and Alt-Elizabeth are grief stricken.

Their marriage is falling apart. Walternate, who has built the "Star Wars" defense system has turned to drinking, and buries himself in his work at Bishop Dynamics.

But, back to our universe... Peter no longer trusts Walter or Elizabeth and continues to tell them that they are not his real parents. Both Walter and Elizabeth chalk this up to Peter's sickness, but it falls on deaf ears. Worried that Peter might try to kill himself, Elizabeth takes Peter to Jacksonville where Walter is doing the Cortexiphan trials on several kids, including Subject 13, aka Olivia Dunham.

Olivia, as she would explain to an adult Peter many years later, was abused as a child by her stepdad. As we saw last night, during times when she was scared, Olivia would be able to travel Over There for a few moments. After one trip, she drew a picture of a blimp that she saw Over There. (Also remember, that Olivia told Peter years later that she shot her stepfather when she was 9, though she didn't kill him. Shortly after that, the man left).

Walter realizes that Olivia can travel to The Other Side, and performs several tests to see exactly how she can travel to The Other Side. Because if she can, then Peter can go home. After several different tests, Walter concludes that fear is the reason she can travel. But when he tests this hypothesis, Olivia sets the room on fire. After this, Olivia runs away. Peter later goes after her, where the two meet in a field of white tulips. Peter convinces Olivia to return with him and face her fears.

They both return to the Day Care Center, where Olivia is notified that her stepdad is on his way over. Olivia is terrified, and begs to see Walter. She runs into his office, hands over her sketchbook, and tells Walter that her stepdad is hitting her. Upon telling him this, someone else comes in the room- Walter.

For a brief moment (which completely fooled me), Olivia traveled to The Other Side and told Walternate about everything that happened. She ends up telling Walter the same thing. Walter threatens Olivia's stepdad to not hurt her again.

Meanwhile, Peter approaches his "mother" and tells her he believes her and Walter. And even calls her Mom. Apparently, Olivia inspired Peter in the same fashion that he inspired Olivia. This huge secret causes Elizabeth to begin drinking, which will ultimately lead to her suicide years later over the guilt.

After looking through Olivia's sketchbook, Walter finds a drawing of Olivia and Peter. He calls up his wife, and tells her he has discovered what happened to Peter. The war between the Universes has begun.

Subject 13 was a really great episode. I'm curious how often we will be getting these type of episodes. After all, we are left with some questions. Why can't Peter and Olivia remember the stuff when they were young? And the longer we go without seeing Nina Sharp in the Alternate Universe, the more important I think she is.

Unfortunately, Fringe is not on next week. But we'll see a new episode in two weeks. Until then, this week's glyphs translate to:


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Coming Soon!

Hello readers,

Coming in March, not only will I resume my Disneyland Updates, but I will also start covering Walt Disney World, too.

I'd also like to take this time to announce my next Disney vacations.

-Walt Disney World: May 13-16
-Disneyland: August 12-22

I hopefully will also begin focusing more on The Walt Disney Studios productions in the near future.

Now back to your regularly scheduled blogging...

Monday, February 21, 2011

GH Weekly Roundup: Week of February 14

Do you want to know something odd? I was watching The X-Files on BBC America the other day, and I saw a pretty long ad for Sonny and Brenda's wedding. I've never seen a GH ad on another channel before, so I'm wondering if this was a special occasion to mark Sonny and Brenda's wedding after all these years.

Naturally, I have to open this week's column with the brand new revelation- Theo "The Balkan" Hoffman is married to Suzanne Stanwyk. And their son in Alexander. Though some might have suspected it, this caught me completely off-guard. Suzanne always seemed like she truly liked Brenda and that a friendship is there. So it really surprised me when it was revealed she was plotting to make Brenda pay.

Although I wasn't really surprised when it was revealed that Suzanne was trying to sabotage the wedding. But she apologized and Brenda forgave her. The way the interact, and Suzanne's reaction to Theo's wine toast before the wedding make me believe that Suzanne will try to help Brenda. Maybe it's just that Suzanne doesn't seem like a villain to me.

Carly, on the other hand, is bent on stopping this wedding. She really needs to just knock it off. Sonny took the precautions to stop Carly at any cost. And that includes having Max and Milo look after her. I love Max and Milo, but they seriously are inept. Sonny should have known that. Carly was easily able to get past the guards and run to the church where the wedding is being held up. We last saw her threatening to reveal Brenda's secret to everyone. If I were to bet, my guess is that Brenda has already told Sonny the truth about what happened in 2007. And only Sonny knows.

Meanwhile the wedding the being held up due to Jason's absence. Spinelli found out through DNA evidence that Theo is The Balkan. He was able to piece all the other occurrences together, and Sam, Jason, and Spinelli went to go contact Theo at his office. But when they got there, they found Molly. Molly had just overheard Theo say that he is the Balkan. As Molly and Spinelli went to the chapel, Sam and Jason were off to the Metro Court to take care of Theo.

Shawn is also crashing the wedding. He has his orders to kidnap Brenda, but thus far has been unable to do his job. He should have asked Carly for help. I'm sure Carly would be very happy to do anything to stop this wedding.

After several weeks, Lucky and Siobhan were finally able to find Megan and are about to rescue her. Of course, there's some gunfire right now, but what rescue doesn't involve a little gunfire?

The wedding is just about to get really good. The previews are promising. Will Sonny and Brenda really marry? Will Brenda be kidnapped? Will the truth be revealed to everyone? Will Jason walk Brenda down the aisle?

In other news, supposedly Rebbecca Hearst will not be leaving GH! And thank God! I'll continue to track these rumors and be back soon!