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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Carthay Circle Club

As reported on Bluesky Disney, as well as the newest Al Lutz article, there have been talks- rest assured, just talks- about a new club proposed for Disney's California Adventure. CCC, as it is being called (whether it is pronounced "C.C.C" or "Triple C" is unkown at this point do to the fact I can't hear how people pronounce the name over the Internet), has recieved mixed reactions by Disney fans around the internet.

And understandably so. Back in 2005, I had the previlage to go eat lunch with friends in Club 33. It was an amazing expierience, and I thuroughly enjoyed the history and prestige of the Club. It's not everyday you get to spend hours in a place where 90% of the theme park's visiting guests know about. A place where celebrities, dignitaries, and presidents have eaten.

However, some people are jumping the gun on this. Remember, it's no where near greenlit. But the fact that this story is being posted in many places around the net may propvide evidence that it is seriously being considered.

What I don't understand is that people are saying it's a marketing gimmick. Um, hello. Everything Disney has ever done is to make money. So let's get that thought out of your head. Even Walt, who I admire and respect but don't hold him to be the Savior some people think he is, opened Disneyland to make a profit.

What I'm curious about is how this club will be executed. Will it be another home for members of Club 33? Will it be another additional club for people to buy into? Or will it be a Club for something else, like a club for DVC members or D23 members? I really hope it's the latter of the list. For example, if it were to become a Club for DVC or D23 members, then members could scheduel one meal for themselves per year.

However, I will say this: I'm not against this club at all. However, it should be executed properly. For example, I say wait a while for DCA to become the respectable park it always should have been. It will be a few years until Buena Vista Street is done. When it is finally completed in Late 2010/Early 2011, the enterance to DCA will, as many of you know, resemble 1920's LA that Walt would have witnessed when he got off of that train. It would be a suiting area to have a club, like those old clubs in LA and Hollywood. Still, if I was Disney, I would continue to wait a few years, and add the club in Phase 2 of the Makeover.

Also, having the club take up the enitre Carthay Cirlce Theater leaves much to be desired. Disney should put whatever they want on the lower floor, yet have the upperfloor, as well as some buildings next to the club, be used as the space for this club.

And it must be different then Club 33. Different designs, different decor and a totally different atmosphere. Rather then be hidden from the crowd, make it known. Display it as an exclusive club, much like they did in LA 80 years ago. And make sure that there are other great restaurants, too so that everyone can eat at a nice place.

By doing this, Club 33 could keep it's secretiveness as well as it's prestigousness while giving DCA a new level of that detail that was sorely missing from it's opening day.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Lost Theory No. 3- The Whispers

*Editor's Note: The following column is just a theory. The views, events, and situations that I mention are not necessarily true. They are just ideas I have based on what I have seen in the various Seasons of Lost. Please do not take these as rumors or spoilers. But if they do turn out to be true, that would be kinda cool!

"Have you seen these others?"
"No... but I hear them... they whisper."

It was this quotation from Season 1 that introduced us to the Others. It would take several seasons for us to finally see who these others were, and finally in Season 3 we see how they really leave- in the former Dharma Barracks.

However, we have always heard these whispers. On TV, they are un-audible. But there are crazy people out there who actually have the patience to sit there and use special sound equipment to see what the whispers say.

All you have to do is look up on "The Whispers Transcripts" and you will find out what these people, whoever or whatever they are, discussing the events duringthat scene, talking about the people in the scene, or just spewing out random info. But what are these whispers? Who is speaking them? Why are they there? And why do they announce the Others are arriving?

As we saw in a flashback in Season 5, Ben told Danielle to run whenever she heard whispering. This led her to believe it was a warning of the Others. And this she told to Sayid, who told to the Losties.

But what if Danielle misunderstood? What if Ben warned her because said Whispers could help her?

I think the Whispers that we hear are actually the dead talking. The most obvious reason for this is that, in one episode when Shannon was in the jungle, a whisper said "Hi, sis". This leads me to believe that Boone was talking, but he was dead.

And we all know how much the Others love thier dead. The dead must be burried, but for what reason we do not know. Whether it has to do with the fact that Esau evidently likes to take the form of the dead or if there is another reason we're not sure. But anyway, the dead love to communicate with the Islanders.

Now, granted, really can't explain why or how the dead Whisper. But my theory is that the dead do Whisper, to warn the people, help them, or perhaps even put them in danger.

Monday, July 6, 2009

General Hospital Weekly Roundup: Week of June 29

What a wierd week in Port Charles, wasn't it?

And what's interesting is that I will begin my column not with Michael or the mob, but with the Port Charles' D.A. Yes, the lovely and talented Alexis Davis. Alexis hasn't had a major story since her little spat with cancer which miraculously went away. And now she has a story that stems from that time in her life.

I'm sure we all felt horrible for Alexis. Her husband slept with her daughter. She was going through a divorce. She had cancer and was caught smoking medicinal pot. And when it was too berable, she slept with the mayor. Why does everyone on TV fin d that sex is the answer to all lifes problems?

No matter. Mayor Floydd and her had an affair during that time. Now the dirty laundrey has been aired, and now the world thinks Alexis is a slut. And her daughter Kristina is being a bitch about it. I really can't stand her right now.

Anyway, this whole thing has to do with the murder mystery that's happening right now. I think we can all safely assume that Mayor Floydd is not the culprit. However, I think it's in his best interest to resign as mayor after the scandal he has been involved in. Could you imagine if Mac became mayor? All these veterans having big stories, now we just need a huge Quatermaine story!

Well, we kinda do have one now. The Q's have taken in Micheal with open arms, which has made me happy. I want so much for Micheal to become a Quatermaine. It would open up so much, for more Quatermaines to be on the way, for a fued between Sonny and Micheal, and even more the Quatermaines to beome the center of the show after these long years. Perhaps Micheal will go to college and become a business man instead of going into the mob.

Let's hope this really does happen.