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Saturday, October 17, 2009

FF: 1.4- Black Swan

*Editor's Note: Remember the promise I made to keep the posts on time? You can thank the PSAT for making me deviate from the plan. Expect FlashForward today, with Fringe either today or tomorrow. Then we'll take a look at Monk's latest case on Sun.

Yet another really great episode. And yet another surprise twist at the end.

Remember that terrorist suspect we met in the pilot? Well, she was back, and was finally being interrogated by Demetri for what she may or may not have done. Though she said she didn't have anything to do with the Blackout, she gave info on a restaurant. They go to the restaurant and the cook runs out of the place. But, it's revealed that he was a drug seller, and not involved with the blackout.

After the little wild goose chase, Mark decided to take a crack at interrogating the suspect. She doesn't give him any info, only a metaphor about Swans. This must be important; the episode's title was called "Black Swan".

In the hospital, Olivia and Bryce (the docotor who was going to commit suicide on the day of the Blackout) dealt with a patient who was feeling sick. But he wasn't worried about the surgery. He wasn't even worried on the day of the Blackout when he was in the bus crash. He told the doctors that in his flashforward he saw himself partying as a black man. Say what?

It turns out he had Addison's disease, which is a hormonal imbalance which is making calming hormones instead of adrenaline. It will also cause hims pigmintation darker. Bryce finds this out, and urges Olivia not to operate because he will die on the table. She doesn't listen because she doesn't want the flashforward to be true. But it turns out it will be true, and it saves the patient's life.

Speaking of flashforwards, this week we find out that Charlie's babysitter saw herslef being drowned. Mysterious, very mysterious. We also saw that Lloyd heard Olivia in his flashforward, and was in the same exact situation as Olivia's flashforward.

Back to the FBI, Mark wants one of his fellow agents to hack into the CIA database to search for info on the Somali Blackout back in 1991. This sounds illegal, no?

A surprise appearance by your favorite dead rockstar and mine made the final scene of the show. That's right, Dominic Monaghan was on as Simon. And he looks like a bad guy who caused the blackouts, with the help of Lloyd. Maybe next week more of our questions will be answered.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Lost Season 6: Titles and Speculation

*Editor's Note: Possible Spoilers ahead about the final season of Lost. Read at your own risk!!

This information has been out for awhile. But today, I thought I'd dedicate my Lost column to the Titles and centricities of Lost: The Final Season, as well as some of my personal speculations. WARNING: Possible spoilers ahead. If you don't want to know the titles and centricities of the Final Season of Lost, do not read!

6.1: LA X, Part 1 (Everyone)
6.2: LA X, Part 2 (Everyone)
6.3: What Kate Does (Kate)
6.4: The Substitue (Locke, or Flocke)

If you have noticed, this season's lineup of episodes is the same as Season 1. We have a 2 part season premiere (like the Pilot, except the two episodes will be shown on the same night!). This premiere will be devoted to everyone, allthough it's not clear what the he'll the episode will be about. Don't expect info on the episodes until January.

As stated above, the third episode of the season will be about Kate. Apparently, Kate will do something. But what? If the timeline was changed (I still doubt this occurred) then she probably does something bad.

As for episode 4... I am really looking forward to this one. Since Locke has actually been dead for half of Season 5, I suspect that this episode will be about Flocke. For those who may not know, "Flocke" is Jacob's nemesis in the form of Locke. I am waiting in aguish for this episode in particular.

So, with all the "ads" about there being a reset, is there? I don't have the correct answer for you. What I can offer is my personal speculation. In each season, Lost has used a different method to tell a story. In Season 1, there were flashbacks that were mainly used to introduce the charatcers, give us some background info on each of them, and explain why they were in Sydeny and traveling to LA. In Season 2, the smae thing happend for the Tailies. But we also got info on how each of the characters were connected to each other and extensive backround on all characters. His continued into Season 3, where we also met The Others and got backround on them, as well as our first FlashForward. Flashforwards continued during Season 4. Season 5 used time flashes and time traveling to give us info we wanted.

Where am I going with this? I think Lost Season 6 will explore the possibility of what would have happened if Oceanic Flight 815 did not crash. Everyone's life would have sucked, and they probably would have all gotten back to the Island... Because it's their destiny.

And destiny, John is a fickle bitch.

Monday, October 12, 2009

General Hospital Weekly Roundup: Week of October 12

Port Charles sure was happenin' last week. What should we start with first?

We'll begin with Claudia. She has easily become one of my favorite characters. It pains me to see people blaming her for Michael's shooting. Not only does she feel guilty for ordering a hit on Sonny that went awry, but she didn't even pull the trigger. That idiot Ian Devlin did. Why can't anyone see that? Well, besides Sonny and Spinelli. The worst is over. Just be glad the babyish Michael is back.

Jason and Sam are looking for info on Ian Devlin for the umpteenth time to see if Claudia was involved any way with the shooting. And just as they were ransacking the PCPD data room, who should walk in? Sam's ex, Lucky. Akward...

Claudia also knows Holivia's (my nickname for Olivia if you forgot) dirty little secret. She knows that Olivia's son Dante is Dominic. She broke up with Johnny for safety, and what did he do... go to Claudia and threaten to kill her. Did I miss something, because I'm fairly certain Claudia did not break them up.

But anyway, Johnny said that Holivia was the best thing that ever happened to him. Ummm... HELO? What the hell happened to LuLu. The poor girl must feel terrible her ex loves a whore much older then him. But I digress...

Now, for the big story... The Cassidine Adventure. Luke is in Greece and is helping Helena because some super evil Cassadine is about to make a grand enterance. EGAD! This is getting me very excited for sweeps!

I'm looking forward to next week!

"Mr. Monk Goes to Group Therapy"

When Mr. Monk's insurance would not cover anymore therapy sessions, I think everyone gasped. No therapy? Is this the end of our hero?

Never fear, Dr. Bell has group therapy! Of course, Monk is uncomfortable around other people. And what makes it worse: Harold is in the group. Once again, we'll see the comic compition between the detective and his nemesis.

But Monk is also thrust into a murder investigation. People in the therapy gruop keep getting killed. One by one, they're killed off into it's only Harlod and Monk left. So naturally, they're next.

I was able to figure out the murder this time. It's only happened about 5 times before, so this is a rare occasion. From the moment I saw the guy who stopped the group therapy, I knew it was him. But, unlike Monk, I didn't notice the clues he left to show it was him.

But Harold believes the murderer is Monk. Or, that's who he wants the murderer to be. And all the reasons he gives are good. Monk has investigated so many murders, he would know not to leave a clue. He also wanted his own therapy session, so it would make sense that he would try to kill everyone in the group off.

Even when the real murderer kidnaps the duo, Harold thinks its Monk. Pretty funny, this episode was one of the funniest ever. The two are in the trunk, and feeling very claustrophobic. But then the realize that the trunk is protecting them from all the nasty stuff outside. It saves them.

The murderer then takes them to Dr. Bells house where he confesses to Dr. Bell. The show ends with Harold and Monk being friends and interrupting the murder to tell how they got over their cluastrophobia.

The Fringe Files: 2.4- "Momentum Defered"

*Editor's Note: Lots of treats today! First we have The Fringe Files, then a Monk recap, and then your GH Weekly Update. The family member is now out of the hospital, so expect all columns to occur on time!

Case: Momentum Defered- Frozen human heads are being robbed, and people are being killed during these robberies.

History of Events: Shapeshifters keep stealing the frozen human heads. At the scene of the crime, where they find one of the shapeshifters dead. It turns out the shapeshifter's blood is pure mercury and is needed for said shapeshifter to survive. They also dicover the shapeshifter they thought was dead was actually alive. Walter then contacts the woman he experimented on with LSD and agrees to help. In the lab, she is once again given LSD and sees the shapeshifters. Olivia then remebers her travels back to the alternate Universe and sees William Bell. He then gives the Olivia a symbol in which they will be able to notify who their leader is. Later on, Olivia is attacked by Charlie, and Olivia realizes that Charlie is the shapeshifter. She kills him. In the final scene, we see a head of one of the shapeshifters reattaching itself to the body.

Non-case related Events: Walter gives Olivia a delicious flatworms milkshake to jog her memory. And it works. She remembers her conversation, and thats how she finds out information about the shapeshifters. Dr. Bell then tells her that "The Storm" is coming, which Nina Sharp explains to her is Bell's idea that the 2 Universes will collide, and only 1 will remain.

IMO: This was another great episode. It revealed alot, which is always nice. I'm so used to waiting years for answers to questions (Yes, I'm looking at you, Lost!) and on Fringe questions are answered fairly quickly. I am sad about the loss of Charlie. I really liked him. Not the shapeshifter Charlie, the real one. But we saw the other shapeshifter come back to life, so will the Charlie shapeshifter come back to life? Only time will tell.

Next Week's Case: Dream Logic

Sunday, October 11, 2009

FF: 1.3- "137 Sekunden"

*Editor's Note: Due to the hospitalization of a family memember, I missed the FlashForward, Fringe, and Monk columns. Today, the FlashForward and Fringe Columns will be today, and Monk will be tomorrow with General Hospital.

When everyone saw the title, I think everyone had the same question: What the hell is a "Sekunden"? And why are there 137 of them? That question was answered fairly quickly.

"Sekunden" is German for "seconds". And everyone knows that the blackout lasted 2 minutes and 17 seconds, or 137 seconds. A former Nazi, Rudolf Geyer who was in prison said he knew why the blackouts occured and why it lasted 137 sekunden. And he wanted to see Mark. And this man was in Mark's vision. It obviosuly must mean something, right?

When Mark goes to Germany to meet him, Geyer says he will only give out his information if he is safely returned to the US and given a pardon. First, he gives info about the 137 seconds. In Hebrew, each letter represents a number. He spells out Kabbalah, which is a Hebrew tradition in which everything has a hidden meaning. And what do the numbers add up to? 137. He them promises to reveal his second set of info after he is garunteed release. But he knows he will be freed. Why? Because he saw this in his vision.

After confirming this, Geyer is released and tells them something mysterious: after the blackout, all the crows outside his window were dead. And he was freed because he told them about the crows. Geyer also admits that he has no idea why the blackout lasted 137 seconds. This guy played them and Mark knows it.

Meanwhile, Demetri is nervous after that mysterious call he recieved telling him that he will be murdered on March 15, 2010. And whoever made that call travled their tracks- the call is untraceable. He doesn't have a heart to tell his fiance, Zoey,who was finally able to return from Seatle. But she has news for him: she saw them getting married in her vision, and he was there. To comfort her, he tells her he saw the same thing, even though he didn't. So what does this mean?

Mark's friend Aarron also may have seen his daughter alive. But on further investigation, it's proved that she is really dead. What?

Finally, research is done on the death of the crows. Apparently, crows died all over the world. The FBI agents then look for patterns of crow deaths. In the Ganwar region of Somalia, all crows died on the same day in October of 1991. The inhabitants of the region claim to have suffered a mass loss of consciousness. We see this occur, and a young boy sees this huge tower. What is it?

It seems like we keep being bombarded with questions. FlashForward keeps getting better each week!