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Thursday, April 16, 2009

"Some Like it Hoth"

Not being a Star Wars fan, I did not understand all the Star Wars references that thy put in, thank you writers. Just because YOU are Star Wars fans, doesn't meen WE like it. So I'm supposing the title "Some like it Hoth" has something to do with Star Wars. Wierd.

But our story begins as Horace Godspeed sent the Ghost Wisperer Miles to pick up a dead body. Why he died, we still have no clue. Then Marvin Candel met up with Miles and Hurley, and guess what: He's Mile's father! (I actually guessed that in the season opener, but anyway...). And how funny was Hurley with Candle and Miles?

In common flashback form, we see how Naomie contacted Miles, and why he came to the island. Ok, that's cleared up. We also understand the $3.2 million that he asked Ben for. So some things are cleared up.

But then some guy kidnapped Miles and aksed him "What lies in the shadows of the statue?" So I immediately think it has something to do with the island. And just when I thought we;d find out important info, Miles denies anything about going to the island. Damn it! Why aren't charcters interested in learning the mysteries of the island? The guy who kidnapped him was also the same guy on the Ajira flight. Wierd.

And now Danile is BACK! But where was he, and why did he leave? I'm sure we'll find out in 2 weeks, when his flashback is on. It will also be Lost's 100th Episode!!!

Because there will be some recap episode on next week, I might not be here. So until then, I will end like I alwyas do.

Top 3 Questions I want Answered:
1). Where was Daniel, why did he leave, and why did he come back? (ok, that's like 3 questions).
2). When will little Ben be back?
3). Why is Lost a new episode of Lost not on next week?

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

New York Welcomes Archbishop

I type this as I watch Timothy Dolan be installed as New York State's Archbishop. It is a very important event in NY and in Catholisism. But something else is going on in New York today.

Govenor David Patterson is pushing for a bill today to legalize Gay Marriage. This is very good, and I support Gay Marriage even though I am a straight Roman Catholic Republican.

But I can't help feeling this disrespect from our govenor. Why is he doing this around the day when Catholics in NY are supposed to celebrate the installment? Why is he doing this when many Catholics, and the Catholic church in general, oppose gay marriage? However important this bill may be, it seems like he is disrespecting NY Catholics. Does he not care about what this very important group of voters think?

I may be over reacting to this situation. Perhaps I'm letting my feelings of Gov. Patterson cloud my judgement. I mean, it's no secret to anyone that I really do not like our Govenor. But, I really feel he is making it known that he does not like the Catholic church, for some strange reason.

On a lighter note, remember to get your taxes done! Otherwise, Obama may pick YOU for his cabinet!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Public Service Announcement

You may be wondering why I have an article today. It's not commenting on Lost or GH. I'm coming to tell you that I'm adding something new to my schedual. Throughout the week, on any given day, I will post important information and news regarding TV, Disney, movies, and important events. I feel like this is a good thing, and hope you enjoy it! Keep coming back for more info and to see what's new!

Oh, and GREAT NEWS!!! Mickey is now on the Fun Wheel! That's right!

*Pics taken from MintCrocodile's Smugmug account.

It's not three dimensional, but looks amazing! With about 4 weeks of construction left, there's plenty of time to theme the queue, the sinage, and perfect the lights. As soon as I see the lights and gondalas unvieled, you will be the first to know!

Monday, April 13, 2009

GH Weekly Roundup: Week of April 6

First, let's get some big news out of the way. GH will be opening up this week with an all new set. Helena will be returning this week. Carly may be pregnant. Rebecca got her results of the biopsy. And Ric just told Sonny that Claudia was responsible for Micheal's shooting. And GH will be going into HD in 2 weeks.

Wow. I haven't been this anxious to see Monday's GH since... I don't know when. Maybe the Black and White Ball. At any rate, this week promises (fingers crossed) to be a great one. I want to see what Sonny will do. Kill Claudia? Or will Cluadia claim to be pregnant although it's to soon to tell if she is?

I haven't really been a fan of LuLu, but I felt really bad for her. Her heart was torn apart because of Johnny, but all he could think of was Maxie. He kissed her, and Spinelli walked in and saw it, a common practice on soap operas, and TV in general. I feel really bad for him, I hope he turns to LuLu for comfort. It may be nice seeing them together. I just hope she doesn't end up with Ethan, especially because I'm hearing he is Luke and Holly's son. Whatever happens, LuLu is better off without Johnny. Could he be leaving GH, following in Kate and Ric's footsteps?

Anyway, even though GH has been depressing right now, there is a glimmer of hope in Carly being pregnant. Carly needs this baby, and so does Jax. This could really help them be happy, especially when Michael wakes up. When I know when he is supposed to, you'll be the first to know!

I'm really looking forward to next week. Let's hope it's a good one!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

"Dead is Dead"

*Editor's Note: Sorry for not posting this sooner, but I was in New Jersey since Thursday morning. Now I'm here to recap the saga of Lost. Games of the Boardwalk info coming on Tues! Happy Easter! :)

Dead is Dead. Or is it? As we have seen, John Locke was resurected. What a coincidence that I'm dicussing this on Easter, the day Jesus rose from the dead. But anyway, back to Lost...

Ben claims he knew this would happen. Then why was he scared as hell when he woke up next to a very much alive Locke? I'll tell you why. En is a liying manipulator, out to help one person- himself. I wish the smoke monster- whoops, getting ahead of myself.

Anyway, Ben came back to be judged. Really??? As we saw in flashbacks, Charles Widmore was kicked out because he "broke the rules". What are the rules exactly? Was he not supposed to have a daughter? We found out that wierd haired Ben from the 90s was supposed to kill Danielle, but stole her daughter instead. Why? Charles said the island wanted her dead. And lo and behold, Alex was killed... inversely by Widmore.

Then, he tries to get back at Widmore by attempting to kill Penelope. That failed, thank God. Ben got beat up by Desmond, but he tried to kill Penny, but stopped after seeing Charlie. What is his deal with kids? Anyway, Ben was beat, which brought us to his appearance on Ajira Air Flight 316.

Back on the Island, Locke and Ben teamed up with Sun and went to the temple, where Ben was to be judged. But what did the smoke monster do? Let him relive painful memories and live. But then, Alex (dead or alive?) appeared and said that if Ben doesn't listen to Locke, she would kill him. That's interesting.

Top 3 Questions I want Answered:
1). What is Ben planning?
2). What do the survivors of Ajira have to do with the plot?
3). Is Alex really dead, or are ghosts able to kill people?