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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Lost Season 4

Within the first few minutes of Season 4, a major question was answered: besides Jack and Kate, there were 4 other people who got off the Island. One of those people was Hurley. Together, the people make up the Oceanic Six. As the season progressed,we would find out that Sayid and Sun also made it off the Island. Aaron also got off the Island, but Claire did not. Kate was raising Aaron after her criminal case was dismissed. Ben, too also made it off the Island. But how?

After making contact, the Survivors spilt into two camps. Half went with Locke to the barracks after recieving Charlie's message that the people on the boat were not who they said they were. The other half stayed with Jack in hopes of being rescued. For the remainder of the season, the groups would stay apart.

A group of people from the frieghter came to the Island. Daniel Faraday, a physicist who had memory problems. Charlotte Lewis, an athroplogist who discovered a Dharma polar bear in the desert. Miles, the ghost whisperer. And there was Frank Lapedius, who was supposed to be flying Oceanin Flight 815 the day it crashed. After seeing a staged wreckage of Flight 815, Frank believed that Oceanic is still out there.

They come to the Island and bring Desmond and Sayid back to the boat to check the place out. As they fly to the boat, Desmond starts traveling through time. It is in this episode that we are first introduced to time travel, and we learn that when traveling, you need a constant to protect yourself from tempral displacement, which can kill you. Desmond finds his constant, which is Penny. He lives.

There is also a spy on the boat working for Ben. It is revealed to be Michael, coming back to redeem himself by saving his friends. After leaving the Island, he becomes suicidal, and though he tries on numerous occasions to kill himself, he cannot. He is then recruited by Ben to come back on Widmore's boat to stop the boat from reaching the Island. It is also revealed that the Island won't let him die.

When Sayid finds out, he sees Michael as a traitor, and notifies Captian Gault. Michael is inprisoned, and can't stop the mercenaries on the boat from coming to the Island. They invade the barracks, killing Danielle and Carl, then taking Alex hostage in order to manipulate Ben. When Ben doesn't come out, Keamy, the guy in charge, shoots and kills Alex while Ben watches. Furious and sad, Ben summons the smoke monster, which attacks the mercenaries.

Sawyer, Miles, Claire and Aaron plan to go back to the beach, while Hurley goes with Ben and Locke to find Jacob's Cabin to get info on what to do. It is revealed the Horace Goodspeed actually had the cabin constructed. When they get to the cabin, Jacob is not there. Christian is there, as well as his daughter, Claire, who walked off in the middle of the night. Christian tells Locke he has to move the Island.

The mercenaries return to the Island after a shootout on the boat, which kills the captain. A bomb is placed on the ship, and if Keamy dies, a signal will be sent to the detanator and the bomb will go off. This happens as people are being ferried to the boat. Micheal works with Jin and Desomnd to ice the bomb and keep it from going off.

The Others work wit the survivors to free a captured Ben from Keamy, and in return are allowed to leave the Island. Kate, Jack, Hurley, and Sawyer leave, to Locke's protest. He tells Jack the must lie about everything that happened while they were there to protect those who were still on the Island. He then accompanies Ben to the Orchad, a Dharma station that can move things in space and time. After a confrontation with Keamy, Ben kills him, then procedes to go into an ice chamber to where there is a huge wheel that he turns to move the Island. Locke then is proclaimed the leader of the Others.

The helicopter carrying Jack, Hurley, Kate, and Aaron lands on the doomed frieghter after Sawyer jumps out to lighten the load of the chopper. Sun and Desmond get on the chopper. The helicopter takes off as Jin tries to get on, but can't. Just before the bomb goes off, Christian appears to Michael to tell him that he can go now. The bomb then explodes, killing him and Jin.

The chopper flies in the air as a bright light appears, and the Island moves. The chopper crashes in the ocean, and later, Penny's actaul boat finds them. Jack convinces everyone to lie about where they were.

When rescued, they say that Oceanic crashed in the ocean, and only 8 people survived. A current carried them to an Island where they lived. By the time a raft washed up on shore, there were only 6 people left. Kate passes Aaron off as her own.

Three years later, Hurley starts seeing dead people and is put in the nut house. After Sun has her baby, Ji-Yeon, she takes over her father's business and wants revenge against Ben. Sayid works for Ben after Nadia is killed, killing off Widmore's employees who are spying on the Oceanic Six. And Jack becomes suicidal.

Finally, it is revealed that in order to go back to the Island, everyone has to go together. And most importantly, they need to bring the man in the coffin.

John Locke is dead.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Lost Season 3

Again, I thought the opener was a flashback. In actuality, it was; just on the Island, before Oceanic 815 crashes.

It's reveled that the Others live in the old Dharma barracks after the Dharma people were all killed off. The Others are actually civilized, normal people who host book clubs, have plumbing, and a whole community. And after they witness the Oceanic crash, Henry Gale, who is revealed to be Ben Linus, the leader, sends Goodwin and Ethan to pretend they are survivors and get information on the other survivors. Meanwhile, Ben gets information on all the passengers. It is important to note that Ben was a Dharma member but became an Other after his dad abused him.

In real time, it is revealed that Jack, Kate, and Sawyer are taken to a small island of the coast of the main Island where they are held prisoner. Kate and Sawyer are held in polar bear cages where they end up having sex. Turns out the polar bears that the Losties have encountered were being experimented on by Dharma. Kate and Sawyer also work on building a runway.

Anyway, Ben is in trouble. He has a growing tumor on his spine, and needs Jack to operate. Jack will if Ben lets Kate and Sawyer go free and if he can go home. Ben agrees. To further solidify this, Jack almost kills Ben during surgery. After Kate and Sawyer escape, JAck saves Ben.

During this time, it is revealed that the Swan imploded. Locke, Eko, and Charlie survived. Desmond, however, was exposed to electromagnetic energy and gains phsycic abilities. And he keeps seeing Charlie's death. Though Eko is survives, he is attacked by a polar bear, and then the smoke monster. He is the first death of the season.

Locke assumes leadership, and Kate and Sawyer help him find the Others. Along the way, they meet Mikael, an Other who operates a Dharma station that can communicate with the outside world. They use Mikael as leverage to get Jack, and as they journey to the Barracks, the come upon a sonic fence, which Mikael seemingly dies as he walks through.

When they find Jack, they are captured. Locke goes to see Ben, and he manipulates him into blowing up the Dharma sub, the only means of transportation to and from the Island. Jack is furious, and his hatred for Locke increases.

The Others abandon the Barracks, leaving Juliet to infiltrate the Losties and find the pregnant women. Sun is one of those women, and it is revaled why Juliet was brought to the Island: all pregnant women on the Island die. Sun has only a few weekd to live. Juliet decides not to go through with the plan, and instead, works with Jack to exterminate all the Others.

Locke agrees to join the Others, but in order to do so, he must kill his father, who was brought to the Island via the "magic box". The same man who pushed him out of an eight story window and into his wheelchair. The same man who caused the deaths of Sawyer's parents. He is truly an evil guy. Locke gets Sawyer to kill him, and Locke joins the Others. He is greeted with cheers from Richard Alpert, Ben's advisor, and jeers from Ben.

After being pestered, Ben takes Locke to see Jacob, the true "leader" of the Others. He lives in a cabin surrounded by an ash circle. When Locke goes inside, Ben shows him an empty chair, claiming its Jacob. Locke doesn't believe Ben, but then some voice says "Help me" and things start flying. Ben doesn't hear this, and becomes jealous and shoots Locke. He leaves him for dead with all the Dharma members that he killed in The Purge.

Around this time, Naomie parachutes on the Island claiming to be looking for Desmond. She was hired be Penny to find Desmond, and her boat is just offshore. She has a phone to contact her boat, but there is something blocking the transmission. Juliet reveals it to be a Dharma Station called the Looking Glass, and Charlei volunteers to go down and turn it off. Jack leads everyone to the radio tower to contact the boat, while Jin, Bernard, and Sayid stay behind to kill the Others. Though they get captured, Sawyer, Juliet, and Hurley save the day.

Ben is captured and Alex and Danielle are finally reunited. Though Charlie turns off the device, he finds out that the boat does not belong to Penny. He tells Desmond as the station floods. In one of the saddest deaths on Lost, Charlie drowns trying to save his friends.

Ben also tells Jack these people are not who they say they are. If he does, it will be "the beginnig of the end". Jack contacts the boat, even though a very much alive Locke threatens him not to. They make contact and it looks like the finally are going home.

It should be happy, right? Well, the "flashbacks" we have been seeing of a drunken, pill-poppin', suicidal Jack who is sad over some unknown person's death actually gets off the Island. So does Kate. And in the greatest scene in Lost history, Jack claims they were not supposed to leave.

They have to go back.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Lost Season 2

You all saw it. You probably thought it was a flashback. I know I did. But, it turns out that the opening scene occurred inside the Hatch that was just blasted open.

Desmond was down there, pushing the Button every 108 minutes to save the world? From what? Well, the one time he delayed pushing it, he caused Oceanic Flight 815 to crash.

Season 2 was mainly about the Hatch and the scientific expedition, The Dharma Initiative, that came to the Island. They used the unique properties on the Island for research. Season 2 explained that the Hatch was used as for electromagnetic experiments, but there was "an incident"... and afterwards, the computer was installed to keep the electromagnetic energy from building up and causing devestation. And so when Desomnd left, Locke, Jack, and the other Survivors continued to push the button.

The Dharam Initiative revealed several mysteries. Why did they come to the Island? How did they find it? And why was food falling out of nowhere? It also revealed a bunch of other hatches- a medical station where Claire was taken when she was pregnant, for example. The Others did tests on her for some strange reason. There was also the Pearl, which was used did experiments on phsycology. And it was at first revealed that the Swan was nothing but an experiment to test the minds of people. Later, the Losties would find out that the Pearl Station was actually where the mind tests were being done.

Speaking of Others, a shipwrecked Sawyer, Michael, and Jin found other survivors of the crash from the tail section. By the time they met everyone, barely anyone was left. They either died or were taken by The Others. When the Tailies joined the Losties, Ana-Lucia accidently killed Shannon. She, like her brother, were the first death of Season 2.

It was also revealed that Mr. Eko has a connection with the Island. His brother was on a plane carrying drugs that crashed on the Island. He helped Charlie after Locke stopped believing. And he decided to push the button when Locke wanted to stop.

It wasn't until Desmond found the Losties camp that he and Locke plotted to have the timer get down to Zero. Then, they would find out if the Swan was real or fake.

Meanwhile, Michael found where the Others live. They live in huts, and also have a guarded hatch. He is briefly reunited with Walt. Afterwards, he is given an ultimatium: bring Jack, Sawyer, Kate, and Hurley to them, or he will never see Walt again. But if he does, he and Walt will be able to leave.

When he arrives back, he is surprised to see that a prisoner, claiming to be Henry Gale, is captured. It is revealed that the real Henry Gale is dead, and the imposter is really an Other. Micheal sets him free, kills Ana Lucia so there are no witnesses, and accidentaly kills Libby.

As Locke forces Eko to stop puhing the button, Michael leads the group of Losties to the Others. When we finally meet them, they are dressed primatively. They let Hurley go back to camp. Micheal and Walt are released, as a visibly angry Jack, Kate, and Sawyer are taken hostage. Just then, the sky lights up and turns purple.

They didn't push the button. Some odd hieroglyphics popped up on the countdown timer, and all metal things started flying towards a sinlge metal object. Locke realized he was wrong, and Desomd turned a Fail-Safe key to save the world. What would happen after that would be yet to be known.

And the final scene of Season 2 is a group of people on a boat notifying Desmond's girlfriend, Penelope Widmore, that "We found it".

Season 2, as a whole was very good. But in retrospect, not much happened. Still, I really enjoyed the Season. But would Season 3 be any better?

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Lost: Season 1

On September 24, 2004, all our lives were changed when Oceanic Flight 815 disappeared in mid-flight over the Pacific Ocean. And TV would forever be changed.

Season 1 to date continues to be my personal favorite of all the seasons. The characterization during the season is some of the best work I've seen done in any TV show, movie, or book. And through the ingenious use of flashbacks scattered throughout the epsiodes, we not only see how ans why each character was on that fateful plane, but what burdens and demons they are carrying. It's a story of survival- a gripping tale that really makes the viewers think.

Within the first epsiode, we are intorduced to all the survivors that will play pivitol roles over the course of the season, and the series. Specifically, three people: Dr. Jack Shephard, the leader, Kate Austin, the fugitive wanted for murder, and Charlie Pace, the former rockstar and current drug addict. Within the course of the season, we would come to aknowledge Locke as another major character. He has a special connection with the Island. Before the crash he was crippled- after the crash he could walk.

Locke is not the only one who faces demons on the Island.
Jack has daddy issuses, and was bringing his dead alcoholic father home to bury him.
Kate killed a man and was being transported by to The States by a federal marshal.
Charlie was a drug addict.
Sayid was a communications officer and also tortured people, but let the love of his life live.
Locke also has daddy issuses, as his father coned him out of a kidney.
Hurley won the lottery, and the Numbers he used brought bad luck.
Sawyer's mom was conned, and when his dad found out, he killed her and himself. Sawyer hunts for the man who caused this, and kills the wrong suspect.
Michael was bringing his son Walt and his dog, Vincent home, who he hadn't scene in years.
Jin and Sun were suffering marriage problems. Sun learned english and was going to leaver her husband, who secretly worked for Sun's father doing terrible things.
Claire was pregnant. She was preparing to give the baby away.
Boone and his stepsister Shannon shared an odd relationship. They were traveling to the US together.

Throughout the season, it is revealed that all the characters have met briefly in the past. They are all connected to each other somehow.

In the Pilot, a strange creature is revealed to live on the Island. It is our first dose of the mythology and as the season progresses, the mythology becomes more involved with the show. A mysterious hatch is discovered, and Locke becomes "obsessed" with opening it. He has become quite the Man of Faith, and believes everyone was brought to the Island for a purpose.

The Island is also revealed to be a place where other people reside. Danielle Rousseau was with a scientific team who crashed during a storm while searching for The Black Rock, a ship that somehow crashed in the middle of the Island. A sickness killed the rest of her group, and her daughter Alex is taken by "The Others", a group of hostile natives who live on the Island. Though they are never seen, Danielle claims that the Others are coming to steal "the boy"- Aaron, who Claire gave birth to on the Island.

But alas, she was wrong. The Others came for Walt, who left with Sawyer, Jin, and Michael on the raft. A bearded man took him and destroyed the raft.

Meanwhile, the Hatch is finally opened. But it would be several months before we were able to see what was in it.

Season 1 still continues to defy TV. A great combination of characterization, drama, humor, themes, mythology, and more.

Though Season 2 was not as good, it was still excellent.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Lost: The Countdown Begins

...or continues, actually.

It's been exactly
257 days, 10 hours, 0 minutes and 0 seconds
8 months, 12 days, 10 hours
22,240,800 seconds
370,680 minutes
6178 hours
36 weeks (rounded down)

Since we saw Juliet supposedly detonate that bomb. Did it reset everything that happened? Flashed them back to 2007? Created an alternate timeline? I have my own theories, but we will save that for another day.

In exactly 1 week, we'll see what happened. After an agonizing hiatus chock full of interesting and insane theories, not to mention nearly being knocked off up President Obama (alas, Lost fans united and made the president back down! I love you guys!:) ) it is almost here.

To celebrate, I'm kicking off a Lost Extravaganza! Over the next week, I'll post a review of all the Lost Seasons, as well as some cool theories and fun stuff. And, on Tuesday, join me and millions of Americans, not just to take part in television history, but history itself.

They're Coming.