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Monday, March 9, 2009

General Hospital Weekly Roundup: Week of March 9

*Editor's Note: Lats week, my GH links unfortunately did not work. So, on Mondays, I will be doing the GH Roundup. This will push my Disneyland News and Info column to Tuesdays. Also, thanks to the people for the kind birthday wishes. :)

You can learn many things from TV. Why just the other day in health class, we were learning about Post Pardum Depression. I talked about what is happening to Robin. I was laughed at. For this is not PPD. Have any of you left your child for over an hour in a restaurant? It is a long, boring aggrivating storyline. A great couple turned bad, thank you Mr. Guza.

At least Carly and Jax are happy. That is for now. Carly and Jax have got to be my favorite couple. I used to like Sonny/Carly, but that ship has sailed. Rumors have it that the "Carjax" marriage could be sailing away again. Supposedly, Jax will find out about Claudia's secret and not tell Carly. Big mistake. Why is there such a high divorce rate in Port Charles?

One couple who seems happy is Sonny and Claudia. I mean sex twice in one week. Wow! Although I'm fairly certain Sonny is going to find out about Claudia's invlovement with Micheal's shooting in the next 2 weeks. But Ric and Jax will find out first. But she's not going anywhere. Why? Perhaps there's a child growing inside of her as I type this. Hmmmm...

Big, controversial news in GH land. Micheal is waking up in April, but he will look really different. That's becuase he is being played by Drew Garrett. I'm sorry, but Dylan Cash is the one and only Micheal. The 4 Carlys I can deal with (Tamara Braun and Laura Wright are the best) but there's only 1 Micheal Corinthos. Well, there;s actually 3, but you get my point, right?

Let's hope next week is better.