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Monday, March 29, 2010

GH Weekly Roundup: Week of March 22

I come back to the GH column happy. Not only is the show great, but Skye Quatermaine, Brooke Lyn Ashton, and possibly Dillon Quatermaine are headed back to Port Charles. Add that to the more screen time Kate has been recieving and the return of Georgie (albeit in ghost form) and I have no complaints.

Ok, maybe just with the character Kristina. I really wish she would tell the truth. Her bf is a total bastard and really needs to get his anger under control. Carly, Jason, and Michael suspect it was really Kiefer who beat Kristina. Add that to the growing population who also suspect Kristina is lying, and the truth has to come out soon. Of course, you'd have to subtract the number of people who believe Kristina.

Sonny is the big person. After finding out Kristina dropped the charges on Ethan, he flipped out. His breakdown on Firday was not only scary, but played brilliantly. If I were Claire, I would really be spooked. And her witnessing this can't bare well for Sonny. His trial is already headed down the right track: to justice. And if Ethan does die now, Claire would have all the evidence she needs to lock Sonny up for good.

Sonny and Luke had several confrontations last week, and they're both protecting their respective children. Will their long friendship come to an end? Stay tuned...

I must comment on the jury. I didn't think Johnny's murder trial could be beat, with Epiphany and Mr. Q on stand. But watching Alice, who is loving being on this trial, and Coleman, who just doesn't care. Comedy gold right here! Oh, and while on that topic, the new waiter at Sonny's restaurant is hilarious!

Before I finish up, I'd like to touch base on the Maxie/Spinelli debacle. While annoying last week, seeing Maxie dying has been touching and sad. And when Georgie appeared, offering Maxie the chance to live or die, I was predicting some great scenes ahead.

We'll see if I'm right.

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