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Friday, April 2, 2010

FF: "Better Angels"

Last night's episode was the best episode of FlashForward. The show has had its ups and downs, but last night featured heavy action, some interesting characters, and a mysterious plot.

Janis, Simon, Demetri, and Vogel finally got to Somalia to investiagte those odd towers that were believed to cause a blackout in the tonw in 1991. There, they come across a mysterious man named Abdi. he attacks their group posing as the relief organization "Red Panda", killing many in the group. Throughout the episode, his backstory comes into play, and proves to be intrigual to the plot.

Abdi was just a boy when foriegn men came to his village to build those towers. One day, he was out of the village, and came back to find everyone "dead". He even saw a black camel, the omen of death. He ran awaym and never came back. This turned him into the man he is today.

In Abdi's flashforward, he saw himself starting a war in the country, taking Lincoln's inagural adress about better angels. Janis thinks he is mistaken, and shows him the Mosaic website. Other Somalians saw him wearing his mother's necklace, giving the speech. But it was not about starting a war. It was about keeping unity and peace. Abdi truly believes in destiny, and Janis shows him it's his destiny to stop the war, not start it.

Abdi then agrees to help the group, and takes them to the tower. Inside, Simon explains that he made up plans for the tower, but in 1992. Somehow, someone must have stolen them. How? TBD. Later, they find a video D. Gibbons made. He was interviewing the people in the village about what they saw. Their conciousness was shifted two weeks into the future. They also discover a linear accelerator. Simon believes that this was a test for the global blackout.

But that's not the scary part. In that room, there are many skeletons. And one is wearing a necklace. It's Abdi's mother, and he becomes enraged. He balmes Simon, and is about to kill him, but Vogel shoots Abdi first. Apparently, those visions will not come true.

That night, Janis and Demetri talk. It looks like Janis' time to get pregnant is up. Demetri says that he would get her pregnant because he will most likely not be around in a few months, so it would not matter to Zoe. But it would be nice if her baby was. Did they have sex, even though Janis is gay? I guess we will find out.

Afterwards, Demetri visits Simon in the tower. Simon is rewatching the tape, but something appears at the end of the tape. It's D. Gibbons. He says, “Hello, Demetri. My name is Dyson Frost and I am recording this message in 1991. Got your attention, didn’t I?”. My reaction: WTF???

Meanwhile, back in LA, Olivia finally learns what was in Charlie's vision. Charlie was hanging with Dylan, and outside was looking outside the window. There, she saw Vogel talking on a phone to someone, saying "Mark Benford is dead". Olivia really wants to move so none of this will happen. But Mark does not. He wants his Mosaic Investigation to continue. This makes Olvia believe that this is how they will drift apart.

Unfortunately, the ratings for FlashForward are not doing so well. It is my hope that FlahsForward will be given a second chance next season. Will it? We'll have to wait and see.

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