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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Changes Are Coming...

To all my readers...

Do to unforseen circumstances, my schedule of blog posts will be shaken up a tad.

Because Lost will now be on Tuesdays, my Lost posts will now be on the Wednesday following it's televised episode.

Starting in March, V will be televised on Tuesday at 10PM. Because Lost takes presidence, my V article will appear on Thursdays.

My "Fringe Files" will remain on it's Saturday schedule, but in February, Fringe will be going on hiatus until April.

FlashForward will also begin again in March, and my FF articles will also be uploaded on Fridays.

All articles will be suspended next week. However, each day will see new Lost columns in honor of the Premiere of the Final Season of Lost on February 2.

Now that that's out of the way, we now return you to your regularly scheduled blogging...

Monday, January 18, 2010

GH Weekly Roundup: Week of January 11

It finally happened! The event we have been waiting for!Liz was finally caught having an affair with Nikolas... in the act... by Lucky!

Earlier in the week, Nikolas was sitting on his plane, ready to leave Port Charles and Elizabeth. Finally, this selfish man was about to leave and try to do the right thing. But alas, Holier Than Thou Elizabeth came aboard his plane to stop him from leaving. Unfortunately, Nikolas listened to Elizabeth and decided not to leave.

Later, he had enough of the fallout in Port Charles, and was going to leave for good. He was to go to France, and already said goodbye to all his relatives. That is, until Liz came back and confessed her love for him. As a going away present, Liz had sex with Nikolas. And that's when Lucky saw.

Now, Elizabeth Hearst, the actress who plays Liz, is actually pregnant? Will this bring on a pregnancy storyline? If so, who's the father? Lucky, who has yet to have a son, or Nikolas, whose son we never see?

Are Robin and Patrick in trouble? We have Patrick's ex, Lisa, moving to Port Charles, reliving ancient history with Patrick, watching NASCAR... ZZZZZZZZ. This has got to be the most boring storyline ever. Please, let Robin and Patrick live happily ever after. Please!!

It's nice to have the mob related stop at the bottom of my column for the week. Who knows? Hopefully soon it will always remain at the bottom. I had no problem with the mob years ago. It wasn't the front story, and Sonny was only battling Alcazar, and was the lesser of two evils. I was rooting for him. But now, they kane Sonny appear to be the hero, battling law enforcement, the very system that is here to protect us and prevent anarchy. But on GH, the PCPD are made to look like bumbling fools who allow chaos and corruption explode all over Port Charles.

But Sonny's regime may be coming to an end. As soon as Franco left town, the cops found Claudia's body in the warehouse. Alas, my hopes that Claudia can come back in the future appear to be over, but it's a soap, so anything can happen. The autopsy done on her illustrate she died to do a blow to the head. All the pieces Dante has collected during the past months are finally coming together. But will Sonny be the culprit? Maybe Jason? Or will the truth finally come out about Michael?

On a ski trip, Michael went to a cabin that made him relive the night he killed his step-mom. Michael seems to realy regret killing her, so maybe he won't turn into a mini-mobster.

Finally, we end with Franco. James Franco was a welcome addition to GH, and his character opened up many stories. At first, I wasn't sure who Franco was going to be, but when he turned out to be a villianous serial killer, I enjoyed it. He left Jason with an ominus warning: for every person the professional hitman kills, he will kill another. This has affected Jason, and he is not taking this lightly. Will Jason finally quit the mob?

I can taste the mob's destruction, but let's hope it does truly end. GH was voted the most violent show on TV. I think you can see why. Like i said, I'm fine with the mob, as long as it takes a back seat and does not contradict what America stands for. Let's hope it gets better.