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Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Fringe Files: 2.3- "Fracture"

Case: Fracture- A bomb detonates killing and injuring people, but there is no trace of any explosives.

History Of Events: The police officer is given a briefcase and soon begins to crystalize, then finnaly explodes. The Fringe Divison is soon put on the case, and Walter soon discovers that the Policeman was the bomb- he somehow exploded. As the investigation continues, the story moves to Iraq, where "Project Tinman" occurred, but was supposed to have been stopped. The experiment was continued, and was taken over to be used for evil by peoplewho wanted to eliminate the Observers, those beings who are interemensional and are in the backrounds of each episode. Another woman was being used to do the same thing in a hotel, but the guy was caught and the woman was saved. The man was interrogated, and that's how we found out about the plot to take out agents of the Observer.

Non-case related Events: Olivia is still seeing Sam, the bowling man. Her memory is still, for the most part, lost. Will she ever be able to remember? Peter is fed up with only having one bedroom in his apartment, so he wants to find another one. Walter is very picky about it, and most times stubborn. He reveals to Astrid that he likes where he lives now, and that's why he doesn't like any other apartment they look at. He likes his current home.

IMO: The case was good, but not as good as last weeks. For some reason, I really enjoy the monster cases, maybe that's why. Still, Fringe did not disapoint. But the whole Sam thing is kinda weird. And he bowls. Did they get this inspiration from Sam the Butcher on The Brady Bunch? Something to ponder...

Next Week's Case: "Momentum Deferred"

Friday, October 2, 2009

FF 1.2: "White To Play"

Last night's episode was at a much better pace. It was just as interesting, mysterious, and awesome as last week's episode. I love this show!

Some of the intersting aspects about this show revolve around what each person saw in their Flashforward. Olivia met Dylan's dad, (played by none other then Commodore Norrington!!!) Loyd. Mark also was wearing the bracelet Charlie gave him. The same bracelet as in his flashforward. Is Mark encouraging the future to happen? So many questions.

We also have Demetri, who did not have a flashforward. During an investigation in an old wearhouse, he finds asherrif who also did not have a flashforward. Everything is ok, until the sherrif dies in a wierd explosion in the factory caused by some unknown person for an unknown reason. Could this mean that she didn't have a vision because she would die, and Demetri's theory is correct?

Also coming to light is info about Suspect Zero, the man (we're assuming it is a man) who was seen walking around while the rest of the world's population blacked out. Or was he the only one? In a series of incredible and harrowing revealations, we find out that the nice cupcake lady, DiDi Gibbons, who Mark saw on his large bulletin board in his flashforward, placed a phone call to Suspect Zero 30 seconds into the blackout.

In the final scene of the show, Mark was talking to Olivia about the flashforwards. As he does this, we see Charlie's bracelet burning in the flames. Could this mean that people can change their future? Are the flashforwards a gift? Are they set in stone? Can they be changed? After this scene, Mark talks to Charlie about her flashforward. We already know she probably saw Dylan in her flashforward, but she also gave a stern warning: "D. Gibbons is a bad man".

So many questions.

Monday, September 28, 2009

General Hospital Weekly Roundup: The Ups and Downs of Port Charles This Summer

Well, it's returned in all it's glory! MY GH Weekly Roundups are here once again! And what a summer it's been in Port Charles. I remember the last thing I was going to write about on here before my summer break was Karoke Night. And since then, GH has had some incredible ups, and some bad downs. For this week, I'll recap all my favorites and non-favorites and next week the GH Weekly Roundups will be back in full force!

For example, the murder storyline that took precedence this summer was amazing and enjoyable to watch. More recently, the carnival was fun and kept me glued to the TV. Molly, Morgan, and Dominic are stellar additions to the cast. I love watching these people, they are great characters.

Bad things this summer included the "on the run" storyline. A year ago, LuLu and Johnny were on the run, and I really liked that storyline. But this one was boring to watch and unimaginitive. I did like where the storyline went, but Michael and Kristina on the run for so long was terrible. Maybe it's because I still can't stand the teens. Michael and Kristina are whiny, self absorbed brats who think they're old enoguh to take care of themselves. And Keifer. I can't stand that SOB. He's the worst. Let's stop talking about him before my blood pressure spikes.

I also started to despise Olvia, nay- Holivia. Over the summer she has become a slut who cares more about Sonny/Johnny then she does about here own son, if you remember how she acted in the hospital. When Kate talked to her, I began to love Kate again. She is a strong and inteligent woman, so I have no idea why she was replaced with Holivia. Writers, please, please bring Kate back and send Holivia to Bensonhurst where that trash belongs!

And now we are n the midst of Spinelli and Maxie's wedding. I love these two together, and want Mac to see that Spinelli can take care of Maxie. But why can't he just leave Jason alone? Why do they have to live with Jason? Now that Jason is with Sam, (hell yeah!) Spinelli can leave and start a life with Maximesta (we he still call her that IF they get married?) and leave the mob for good. Spinelli is working as a PI with Sam, that's a terrific job. There's no need to work and live with Jason anymore.

And now for Sonny and Claudia- I love these two together. They are perfect for each other. Maybe that's one reason I hate Holivia- she was trying to break up Sonny and Claudia. Yes, she was. Don't argue with me. Holivia i drawn to Sonny, and no matter what you say, she is jealous of Sonny and Claudia.

When Claudia lost the baby, I was so sad for her. And now that they are trying for another one... it makes me happy. Unfortuantely, Claudia's days in Port Charles are numbered.

And that makes me sad.