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Thursday, May 7, 2009

"Follow the Leader"

Last night's episode did just that. We followed several people who have been leaders in the past, present, and/or future.

First, let's take a look at Sawyer. He has been the ehad of Security at Dharam after being a memeber for 3 years. Now, it was finally revealed to the other people that Sawyer- or in this case, LaFluer- took little Ben to the Others- or in this case, the Hostiles- and was in fact, a traitor. Now to get information out of him, the evil Dharma people kept hitting him, and finally hit Juliet. (Was anyone else grinning at the sight of her getting hit?) But he did evenutally talk, to save his skin and leave behind everyone else. Yep, that's right: Sawyer was a coward and left everyone else to save him and Juliete. And what kills me is, this is after Hurley said "Sawyer would never leave us."

Dr. Chang finally learned that Hurley and the rest were from the future through a lot of comical questions, and that Miles was indeed hi son. He ordered the evacuation of the island, and prepared for The Incident.

Jack teamed up with the Others and did just the opposite. He prepared to stop the Incident with a hydrogen bomb (One question: how would that help?). Elosie and Richard led him, along with newly-found Sayid, to the Temple where the bomb is stored. Kate refused to participate in this expedition after Jack used the "D-word". Yep, he said "It's our Destiny"! Wow, this "man of science" sure is turning into a "man of faith" I was shocked when he siad that, although I still think he's making the wrong desicion.

Everyone on that plane crashed on the Island for a reason. Jack to resolve his daddy issuses, Kate to realize what she did, Locke to walk again and become the leader, Rose to het rid of her breast cancer... the list goes on and on. Which makes me think about doing a post like that soon.

Anyway, back in the present, Locke has assumed his leadership role as leader of the Others, with Richard trying, but failing, to advise him. We learned that Locke in 2007 sent Richard to help time traveling Locke in the past and told him that he needed to die. Pretty cool scene right there, the writers are pretty smart. Locke also revealed his plan to "save his people".

It's also funny to note how Ben has no idea what's going on. Now he knows how everyone else felt when he talked to them.

Anyway, Locke's plan- to kill Jacob. Ben was stunned, like the rest of us. WTF?!?! First, why would he do that to Jacob who he seemed to worship in the past. Second of all, how can he kill someone who has never been seen?

Next week is the finale- "The Inicident". What will this episode hold? Will it answer questions, ask more, do both?

Top 3 Questions I want answered:
1). How/why would Locke kill Jacob?
2). Does the Incident really happen?
3). Why did Richard say he saw all of the Losties die, and if he's telling the truth, why didn't he and Ben and the rest of the Others die?

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Disneyland Resort Update and News: Summer Nightastic! and Star Tours 2.0?

*Editor's Note: Do to unforseen circumstances, my update will be today. Enjoy!

It's time for one of my ever-popular Disneyland Updates! Woot! In today's column, we will be discussing the events that will be happening in this summer as part of the new Summer Nightastic! I've also been closely monitoring Tours 2.0 rumors that I will share with you. Lastly, Mickey's Fun Wheel is nearing completion and is almost ready for guests. So, why not get started?

Summer Nighttastic!

This summer, Disney's straying a lottle away from the "What will you Celebrate?" capaign, but will still have it. They're introducing "Summer Nightastic!" which will promote the new entertainment DLR will have to offer. It's sorta like a capaign within a campaign. This will last from June 12 to August 23. It will include:

-Fantsmic!: The show that everyone has loved since it's 1992 debut is going HD. NEw HD cameras will play the clips on the mist screens, and it promises to be bright and clear. Besides this, Floatsum and Jetsum will be added to the Ursala scene. I have seen pics of these, and they look really, really cool. A new Animatronic dragon will also debut, and ut looks great, too!
-Disney's Electrical Parade: The clasic parade will be tweaked a little. Tinkerbell will now be leading the parade, and Pixie Dust will be spinkeled throughout he parade floats. Snow white and Pinnochio will also be added to the ride. Besides this, the classic "Baroque Howdown" will be enhanced a little, similar to DLP's "Dream Lights".
-TLT Dance Club: Each night, DJs will be playing hits in the Tomorrowland Terrace, everyone is garunteed to have fun rockin' and dancin'!
-Pixie Hollow: At night, this popular place will have light shows throughout the hollow to entertain guest waiting to meet Tink and the rest.
-Magical: All of you who read my column already know that Remember was going to be replaced with a shorter, more cost friendly show. Magical will be hotsted by actual Disney characters, not some unfimilar voice. Tink will once again lead the spectacular, but Dumbo will be joining her. But those who love Remember, fear not- rumors are swirling that Remember will be returning after the summer.

Star Tours 2.0: Coming to a Space Port Near You Soon?

Now this is some really good stuff I have. Star Tours 2.0 has been rumored for years, but these rumors have been very strong lately. has reported that they are already filming the second adventure. Rumors are also circulating that a new ride altogether could open up a soon as 2011. Could a new Tomorrowland follow? Perhaps we will see a new Tomorrowland emerge in time for the 60th Anniversary of Disneyland? One can only hope...

Mickey's Fun Wheel- Ready for Guests.

Mickey's Fun Wheel is reportedly open for guests. At night, the lights are beign tested. My friend has a video of the testing, and it looks really cool. Look out for a new update on the Fun Wheel later this week.

So, I really hope you like recieving all this info about Disneyland and the Resort. I'm all out of information, but I'm sure there will be more information for next month. Keep an eye out for a post about Mickey's Funwheel. Until then, this is PirateGuy 815 with the Disneyland News!

Monday, May 4, 2009

General Hospital Weekly Roundup- Week of April 27

It's May, you know what that means- sweeps.

Quite possibly the biggest sweep of them all? Robin is finally getting help for her PPD, and what's better is that she is being sent AWAY! Finally, family and friends gathered together as an intervention to set Robin on the right track, and she's getting help as wee speak. She is supposedly going to be back in Mid May and the Scorpio-Drakes will be a big happy family. Yeah, we'll see about that. Just a quick fun fact: supposedly, the word "Post Partum Depression" has been said a total of 445 times since January 1st.

Meanwhile, General Hospital is busy providing mommy care for Carly and her child. Now, I am Pro-Life, but I also understand that if a mother is in jeopardy, she should have th option of terminating the pregnancy. Carly choose not to, so Jax and especially Sonny, leave her ALONE! She made her decision and it will not change. Everyone always talks about Carly being selfish, but she is doing the most self-less thing: risking her life for her child. Bravo, Carly, Bravo!

On the other side of the spectrum, Claudia is being selfish. And now, egotistical Ric thinks he could be the father, and will hold this over her head too just like the shooting. Although, I've gotten to the point where I don't blame her anymore for the shooting. How could Claudia have known Micheal was going to be there? Did she pull the trigger? No, Ian Devlin did. Kate is more to blame then Claudia.

Speaking of Kate, we are supposed to find out a deep dark secret about Kate. You know, I used to loke her, but after she broke up with Sonny, she became a whinny bitch who's alwayss PMSing. I can't wait for her to go.

Here's some people I haven't talked about much: Nikolas, Rebecca, Liz, and Lucky. First of, Liz and Lucky need to get back together. "Liason" was just horrible, absolutely horrible. A train wreck to Elizabeth's character. Now, I don't want Rebecca and Nikolas together just yet: only if Rebecca is really Emily.

Oh, and then there's Maxie and Spinelli. Hey, Spinelli, you're an idiot. I've thought you brought so much to the show. Maxie loves you, and you deserted her to go be a PI. Though he's on the "stalker" case (and wouldn't you know that a real thief came to hurt her, can we please get some new material?), when she finds out she faked it, he won't like it. If that's the case, then your loss, buddy.

To end things, let's take a moment to adress the whole Ethan thing. Some say he's just a con, others think he's someone's son. I hope it's not Luke, that would kill the Luke/Laura story. I hope it's not Robert, becuase he's only good with Anna Devane. Maybe a Quartermaine between Holly and AJ? That could be interesting, the show needs more Qs. Altough I'm not sure if this could happen, because I didn't watch the show way back then. Then again, I'm not sure if the writers did either.

Let's hope next week is better