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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Garden Walk for Sale!

Huge news in Anaheim: Garden Walk is for sale!

As reported by the OC Register, Garden Walk goes up for sale on March 9. Many Disney fans have been following the saga of the troubled shoppertainment complex since before it was built.

It's price is $194.2 million. Now, many businesses would be crazy to buy this. The place failed once, who has the major bucks to buy AND redo the place? I can only see Disney jumping on this.

Garden Walk is right across the street from proposed Gate Three. It would be a nice transistion, and with bridges built across Harbor Blvd, monorial extensions, and PeopleMover systems, could easily be assecible to Disney guests. It could be a very successful "Downtown Disney Eastside".

This story is developing. As more info is realeased, I let you know!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Lost: "What Kate Does"

If any of you have been around the Internet recently, then you know what has been going on. There are full-out wars on opinions of the episode. Some say it is good, other say it is bad. But before we divulge into that, let's take a look at what could possibly be the last Kate-centric episode. Deal?

Sayid is back from the dead, and the Temple Others seem surprised. They do various tests on him to see if he has been "claimed". By what? Well, as Dogen explains to Jack, there is "darkness" building up inside of him. Dogen even tried to kill Sayid with a poison pill. Funny, though... Dogen explains the same thing happened to his siser, Claire!

But where has she been? Remember, Kate's reason for coming back to The Island was to reunite Claire with Aaron. So, as Sawyer leaves the Temple, Kate sees this an oppurtunity to kill two birds with one stone: bring Sawyer back and find Claire. Jin goes with her, for a different reason: to find Sun. 2 Temple Others go with them, but, in common Other fashion, one of them refuses to answer any questions that Kate and Jin ask.

Kate and Jin are able to get away from them for a while, and Kate find Sawyer in the Barracks. There, Sawyer is distruaght over Juliet's death, and blames himself. He also reveals that he was going to purpose to her. As of now, it looks like Sawyer is on his own.

Jin, however stubles upon Claire. In the last minute of the show, she appears to be like Roussaeu, living by herself, making traps, and quite possibly, sick. I really can't wait to see what happens next week!

And now for the flashsideways. Last night, Kate hijacked a pregnant Claire in a cab, but let her go. When Kate finally got out of her handcuffs, she saw a pregnant woman's items in Claire's suitcase that was left behind (specifically, a stuffed whale!) and felt guilty. When she returned, she brought Claire to the couple's house that was going to adopt the baby.

But it is revealed that the couple split, and can't take care of the child. At that point Claire goes into early labor, and Kate rushes her to the hospital. And who is her doctor? Ethan Goodspeed! Apparently, the hydrogen bomb went off and in this timeline sunk the Island. So, all the Others and Dharma people that were on the Island should be dead. That would explain why Ethan is no longer on the Island, after Horace made Amy take him off the Island.

Claire wants to name the baby Aaron, and Kate persuades her to keep the baby. Though the pregnancy is normal and the baby is safe, Claire does not give birth to Aaron. It appears as though Kate and Claire will become friends.

So, I think I have the flashforwards figured out. Seeing Claire, Kate, and Ethan all meeting up makes me think that the puropse of the flashsideways are to show that the Losties destinies are the same. And that, Destiny is ultimately more powerful then Free Will.

Now, true, not much happened in the episode. But I'm not sure why exactly there is so much screaming of "filler epsiode". I liked the episode, but I can see why some didn't. But attacking other people for their opinions is not cool. The extermists on both sides ("OMG, great episode, everyone who doesn't think so should stop watching Lost", "OMG, worst episode ever, anyone who enjoyed that is stupid") are babies. Grow up! At least we have a Locke episode next week that will end the bickering!

Top 3 Questions I Want Answered:
1). What happened to Claire during the past 3 years?
2). What is really the sickness?
3). What is Man in Black planning?

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Disneyland Resort Info and News

As the Disneyland Resort enters February, a lot is brewing. Construction is in full swing, and the DLR is becoming the Land of Walls. Walls are everywhere, but it's the price that must be paid for progress. As for rumors, there haven't been many, but we have seen a vast improvement in the Silly Symphony Swings that appeared relatively quickly in Paradise Pier. There have also been some pretty awesome videos of the World of Color testing, which I am happy to share with you. Are you ready? Let's go!

Park Hours
Feb 1-4: 10a-8p
Feb 5: 9a-11p
Feb 6-7: 8a-12a
Feb 8: 9a-11p
Feb 9-11: 10a-8p
Feb 12-15: 8a-12a
Feb 16-18: 9a-11p
Feb 19-21: 8a-12a
Feb 22-25: 10a-8p
Feb 26-28: 8a-12a
Disney's California Adventure:
Feb 1-4: 10a-6p
Feb 5: 10a-9p
Feb 6-7: 10a-10p
Feb 8: 9a-7p
Feb 9-11: 10a-6p
Feb 12-15: 10a-9p
Feb 16-18: 10a-8p
Feb 19-21: 10a-9p
Feb 22-25: 10a-6p
Feb 26-28: 10a-9p
*Park Hours subject to change.
**Also, please note that rumors are flying that DCA will be opening at 9AM on days in February. While the calender does not say this, it may just be for early entry, which is something new to DCA. During this time, Soarin' and Paradise Pier attractions are scheduled to operate. Sorry I don't have more deatails, hopefully next month!

Attraction Closures
Rivers Of America- Closed until May 6 for a refurbishment. Due to it's closure, Fantasmic! will not show during this time. The Mark Twain, Sailing Ship Columbia, Davy Crocket Explorer Canoes, and Pirates Lair on Tom Sawyer Island will also be closed.
Tommorowland Terrace- Closed until May 4 for an extended refurbishment.
Orange Stinger- Planned to open on April 28 as the new Silly Symphony Swings. Recently more visual progress on the ride has been seen.
SS rustworthy: Starting to be demolished in order for construction for the Garden Grill/Beer Garden to begin. Expect this construction to really start once Sily Symphony Swings is complete and the World of Color viewing area is open. Pizza Oom Mow Mow will also close some time later.
Redwood Creek Challenge Trail.- Closed until Feb 19 for a short refurb.

Comings, Goings, and Tidbits from Around the Resort
As we head to the middle of Feb, it is still unclear exactly when Captain EO will return. Painting and a theater revamp are still in progress, but there is little info avaliable. As we get closer to the end of Feb, I suspect we will have an opening date, and I'll post the info here. Until then, here are some pics. As you can see, not much has visibly changed, at least on the outside.

As for Silly Symphony Swings, I'll let the pics do the talking:

Today, some interesting construction on the queue was occurring. I'll keep you posted.

Here are some pics of the World of Color Viewing Area. The railing work should be done within the next week or so and horiculture can come in and do their magic. I'm sure many of you agree that DCA was missing a lot of greenery and landscaping when it opened, and was more or less a concrete slab. Things like the work in the viewing area will help that problem. The first tier of the viewing area has also begun to recieve it's boarwalk treatment.

And now, for some World of Color testing videos. This stuff is pretty amazing! Enjoy!!

This show is going to be awesome!!!

Well, that pretty much wraps this month up. It's sometimes frustrating to not see much visual progress, but I guess you can blame the unions for that. Just kidding! Anyway, I'll be back next month for another column. Also come back on Friday for a special DCA Birthday post!

Until then, this is PirateGuy with the Disneyland News!

Monday, February 8, 2010

GH Weekly Roundup: Week of February 1

*Editor's Note: Regularly scheduled blog posts return today! Also, a big shoutout to Disney's California Adventure turning 9 today! I'll have a commemorative post for you later in the week. Also be on the lookout for a new special Disney psot coming to you on Saturdays starting next week!

Sweeps have started once again, and, once again, GH is on fire. While I am no fan of the mob's central focus, this drama is gripping and I am enjoying every minute of it. I find myself anxious and nervous for the characters, cheering an jeering for the characters, and excited for the next episode. Everyone on GH is doing a terrific job!

Of course, the central point of the show right now is the mess Sonny is in. He shot his son, the undercover cop, who he didn't know was his. Once Sonny did find out, he lamented the whole situation. Of course, because it's his son, that makes a HUGE difference from shooting a cop, right? Sonny decided to stay in town after begin arrested and let out on bail. Does he think this will actually make the situtation better. I am praying he will go to jail. I'd love to see this whole thing pan out!

Dante lied about the shooting for some reason, which irked me. Sonny needs to pay for the crimes he commited. Seriously, if there was a person in your town who murdered dozens of people, wouldn't wou want them in jail for anything, even owing taxes?

He blames Olivia for causing this, and he is partly right about that. But, I will say I understand where Olivia is coming from. She wanted to keep Dante out of danger. On the other side, I would want to know who my father was if I was in Dante's shoes.

Jax also wanted to protect his family. That's why he didn't say anything about Dante. And Carly left him. Will this be permanent? I'm not sure, because I love these two together, and I want them to get through this. But I'm curious to see Carly's reaction when she finds out LuLu and (obviously) Olivia knew about this, amongst others. Will she be furious at them as well? Will she take away LuLu's godmothering privelages? Of course, after the fight she goes directly to Jason's penthouse. Surprised?

Speaking of godmothering, the Christianing was great! Seeing all those poeple together was quite fun! It's also a great way to get news to spread arounf Port Charles. Who would have thought that all the kids connected to Sonny would find out about the whole situation at a Christianing?

I predict Michael will be jealous of Dante, though Dante wants nothing to do with Sonny. Dante is now the first born, a very special position in the family. And judging by the way he almost attacked Jax, he is angry at him. Kristina will continue to hate her dad, and be beat up by dumbass Kiefer. And Morgan, he'll have to choose between Sonny and Dante. And seeing as how Dante is really the only person that pays attention to him, I think he'll choose Dante's side. Who know? In 10 years, he may even be a cop.

As for the other storyline... Liz is out of control. She is screaming at people in GH for being unfit mothers and taking her anger out on people. She is being a bitch, but I like how Nikolas is getting off clean. WTF? It takes two to have an affair!

Well, there is so much to look forward to in the coming weeks and months on GH. A large court showdown will occur later this month. Excited? I know I am! See you next week!