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Friday, November 27, 2009

Lost: The Final Season

*Editor's Note: I hope you all had a GREAT Thanksgiving! Seeing as yesterday was a holiday, I think you can forgive my Lost column's absence. It's here today!

Destiny Found.

February 2, 2010.

Yes, Lost will be moved to Tuesday Nights. Is this a good move? A bad move?

I know one thing: I'll have to move my schedule.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

We really have so much to be Thankful for.

I'd list what I'm thankful for, but what's the point? I'm more interested in knowing that all of you are in good health and are happy. At times the world may seem bleak, but remembering what you are thankful for will make you feel better. I garantee it.

So, from my the bottom of my heart, I wish all of you a Very Happy, Safe, and Healthy Thanksgiving. Enjoy the feast and company!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

V: "It's Only the Beginning"

So let's recap- recently, "The Visitors" a group of Alien lifeforms have visited the Earth. Their leader, Anna, cailms "We are at peace. Always." Slowly, people begin to except the Vs, as reporter Chad Decker interviews the Vs and reveal who they really are- kind people eager to help the humans.

On the flip side, not everyone is buying into this. There is a large protest resistance among the people of Earth. Soon, an alliance between FBI Agent Erica Evans, Catholic Priest Father John, and Morris Chestnut, who is revealed to be a V posing as a human.

But how do they know he's a V? Well, the Vs wear fake skin to appear "human". The Vs really have lizard like skin. If you cut them deep enough, you'll find it.

Morris is not a bad guy. He is one of the few Vs who rebell against Anna. We suspect that the Vs true intentions are not Universal Healthcare or Peace. They are associated with terrorists. They have manipulated human thinking. And they watch us. Their cameras are everywhere.

V is a show where you'll probably have to like sci-fi to watch. But V has many different layers. The sho tackles things that have bothered humans since the dawn of time. Are we alone? If there is other life out there, are they evil? Is a war of the worlds coming?

It's also been controversial. Some have shown parallels between the show and President Obama presedency. Is it an allegory? Who knows, I guess we'll find out.

V is becoming one of my favorite shows. It has the depth of Lost, but is totally sci-fi. This 4 month break will be hard, but I will definately be back in March. But the question is... when is the armada of Vs coming?

Come back during the next several weeks and I'll go more in depth about each episode.

Monday, November 23, 2009

GH Weekly Roundup: Week of November 16

*Editor's Note: With everything appearing to be calm and smooth, I'm gonna go ahead and resume columns. If any of you have heard that Lost will premiere on Feb. 2, 2010, please come back Wednesday to see where that leaves us. But for now...

November sweeps are dying down... or are they? James Franco has come to Port Charles, grabbing attention of soap fans and the media. Hell, and even the woman who played Naomi from Lost was on Friday's episode, making this Lost fan happy.

Form months now, we have wondered what the hell that room is and the mysterious guy who dwells there. Is he a stalker? A maniac? A murderer?

Nope... he's just some twisted artist. But why is he "obsessed" with Jason? This will be revealed soon enough...

For my weekly readers, you may note that I try to connect the dots on GH together so I'm not jumping from topic to topic. This week, I can't find myself doing that due to the very different things going on right now. On one hand we have secret relationships, love, and passion. On the other hand, we have a bunch of mob stuff.

As for the relationships, we have Liz who is back to her bitch ways. Lucky is trying so hard to start over, and she is just stinging him along for the ride and won't even bother telling him that she has feelings for his brother. Then again, Nikolas is also being bitchy and won't leave Liz alone. He's like a stalker (hey, I could've used that to tie the stories together!).

Nikolas also confessed to Rebecca he was using her. And I felt so terrible for her. She came clean to be honest with him, and all he wanted to do was use her for sex. Yes, that's exaclty it. Will she go back to Ethan? Or, will Ethan be to busy protecting Kristina from her bully of a boyfriend Kiefer?

As for the mob stuff, Johnny learned the truth about Dante/Dominic. And boy is he pissed at Olivia for keeping this a secret. But here's something I don't get. Dominic is not tyring to put Johnny in prison. Johnny has done nothing illegal that I can remember. Seeing as he probably wants revenge on Sonny, you think that he would strike a deal with Dante and agree to put Sonny in jail and avenge his sister's death, the legal way.

Johnny is easily one of my favorite characters. He is not the mobster like Jason or Sonny who enjoy the lifestyle. Sonny and Jason can make excuses all they want, but they love what they do. Johnny has tried to go off on his own, but his sister kept pulling him back into the mob. Maybe with her death, he can finally leave.

Lastly, I must say that I am beginning to like Kristina more and more. I feel bad for her and she seems to be emerging as a strong young teen, not the bratty, whiny one was over the summer. Meanwhile, Michael digs a bigger hole in the ground as a complete jackass and a monster. It was nice not to see him this week.

As we get more into Claudia's murder, I'll give more of my opinions about the whole thing. Untill then, I'd like to point out how awesome GH is right now. Best this year. Let's hope it continues!!