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Thursday, March 5, 2009


This season of Lost has been the greatest season since the very first one. And just like the first one, we're back to where we started. First, there's a plane crash. Second, I have NO IDEA what is going on!

The headaches have stopped. The noses have stopped bleeding. And what, praytell, does this mean? The time traveling has stopped. The flashes are no longer occuring. To quote Daniel "The record has stopped skipping, but is now on the wrong track."

We all know that with Jack gone, and Locke not really "in the mood" to lead, Sawyer has emerged as the leader of the Survivors. Oh, wait: there are none. Sawyer is the only person left. I mean, honestly, can't Bernard and Rose be part of the group? Where are they?? This has yet to be clarifyed. But back to Sawyer, not only is he the leader of the Survivor/Frieghtor peeps/Other, but is also the leader of DHARMA.

The new format of the flashbacks/flashforwards (I can't tell if they're which is which) are helpful. We know that a period of 3 years seperate the flashes. But this is something that is confusing. Why are they in the 70s? How did Sawyer, over the course of 3 years, forget about Kate? Now he's in love with Juliette, so where does that leave Kate? Then again, Kate seems to be really in love with Jack now, so it'll be interesting to see how this plays out.

So, why is Jack, Hurley, Kate, and presumably Sayid and Sun, in the 70s but everyone else from the plane, including John Locke, in the present. But wait, are they in the present? Only time (no pun intended) will tell. Unfotunately, this means 2 weeks because next week, Dancing with the Stars will be in the Lost time slot.

Top 3 Question I want Answered:
1). Are all the people who crashed in the 70's?
2). How is everyone going to be reuinited?
3). Where the hell is Bernard and Rose, and why is no one worried about them?

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Disneyland Update and News- In with the Old, Out With the New

*Editors Note: My weekend was incredibly busy, so there will be know GH update and Weekly Review this week. They will hopefuly return next weekend. :)

There's a lot to take down here. And it just so happens that there was also an Al Lutz update today. So why not discuss some of what he's saying and what is actually happening.

The Return of Abe and The Gallery

Yes, Great Moments With Mr. Lincoln is returning later this year, minus Barack Obama and George Washington, as Al Lutz previously stated. (If you ever read his articles, please take it with a grain of salt. His news is almost entirely wrong). But with Lincoln returning, what will happen to this charming film?
It's no surprise that Disneyland: The First 50 Magical Years has stayed for so many years. It's charming, hits the sweet spot in everyone's heart, and features Steve Martin. Well, you can relax. If my sources are to be beleived, it will continue playing in the lobby of the Opera House, and all the props there will still be around.
Also, The Disney Gallery, which was taken over by the wonderful Dream Suite (I should know, I was lucky enough to win a night's stay there) will be returning right next door. Those who have missed the gallery will be happy to know that it's taking up residence in the Bank of Main Street, and the AP prcessing will be moved to the Plaza Pavilion. There will doors between the 2 buildings, allowing guests to wander. I will provide more info on this later in the year, stay tuned!

Remeber... Dreams Will End

If you are a Disney fan, chances are you are in love with the awe-inspiring, jawdropping Rember...Dreams Come True fireworks spectacular. Well, according to Al Lutz, it's leaving (grain of sand again). It's caused a hassle with guests who want to ride Fantsayland attractions which are closed, and others which are mobbed. This makes nio sense at all, just look at how miscombobulated it is over by Rivers of America for Fantasmic! each night. To replace this amazing fireworks show with a lower quality show, especially for the 55th Anniversary is the dubmest thing I've read. I will hopefully have more information for you next month, and maybe even a video!

DCA Expansion Watch

For the past year, Al Lutz has been parading around stating that the $1 billion funds for the DCA have been locked in, and there will be no delays in construction. There have been rumors that this is not true, and Little Mermaid, Buena Vista Street, and Carsland will be delayed a little. Is Al right or is he covering up his statement? Only time will tell.
Also, my friend, who I SWEAR works for Disney, gave a similar idea for how Buena Vista St. will be constructed. New enterances will not be used, and instead of shutting the whole thing down, parts will be done at a time. This is almost certainly going to be delayed, and I hope to relay information to you ASAP!

I have a lot of info on Carsland that is waiting to come out, but that;s it for now. Next month, I'll tell you the plot for Radiator Springs Racer, as well as Star Tours 2.0 info. Starting later this month, I also plan to do a monthly article about DCA, from the moment of conception, to it's premiere, and including what it has stor for in the future, including some ideas I have for the park myself (No, I Don't work for Disney). Stay tuned for this really cool article!!

Untill next month, this is PirateGuy 815 with the Disneyland News!