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Monday, December 6, 2010

GH Weekly Roundup: Week of November 29

Looks who's back in town. Lady Jane! God, I love this woman so much! Ever since she first met Carly and faked that heart attack, I've been a fan of Jax's mom. Jax invited her to see if she has heard from Jerry, who everyone expects to be the Balkan now. She's given Jax some good advice, too. Leave Brenda alone, she told him.

He didn't do that on Sonny and Brenda's first date, though. After dancing around giving it another go, Brenda and Sonny are starting to date. Sonny took her to the Metro Court, probably to get Jax mad. And then Jax joined them for a little while. It certainitly was a battle of testosterone in the restaurant. Their second date was more comic though as Spinelli, Max, and Milo prepared a delicious multi-course meal for them.

Sonny originally wanted to take Brenda elsewhere, but Jason ordered her to stay in th penthouse. It appears as though Jerry will be back in town at any time (he will be very soon!). He already has some of his goons roaming around the city. Jason caught someone, and just as he was about to spill, he was shot by an unknown gunman.

That gunman was revealed to be Johnny. So why did Johnny shoot him? To mess with Jason? Or is he involved with the Balkan, too? Very interesting stuff to ponder. But Johnny did not get away unharmed. He was shot. And instead of going to the hospital, he called Lisa. Recall that Lisa gave Johnny the syringe she was going to inject Robin with, and Johnny went along with it. He still has that syringe, and if Lisa d doesn't help him, he'll turn her in.

Lisa also has another friend now: Nikolas. Lisa the nut has been charming Nikolas to make him believe that she is the one who is being terrorized and stalked. Nikolas has had some bad taste in women. First now Brooke now Lisa? He must be real lonely in that castle of his...

Finally, we might be one step closer to finding out info about the Balkan. Interpol has asked Lucky to go to a bank as Ronan to get a safety deposit box. I'm not sure how this is a really dangerous task, but that's a story for another day.

Oh, and one more thing. Bradford Anderson, who plays Spinelli, is filming a TV pilot. So where does his future in Port Charles stand? I'll let you know when more info is avaliable.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Happy Birthday, Mr. Disney

109 years ago, a child was born. This child would go on to change the entire entertainment industry, and the world forever.

His innovations include:
-Theme Parks
...And so much more.

Thank you, Mr. Disney for all you have done.