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Monday, October 12, 2009

"Mr. Monk Goes to Group Therapy"

When Mr. Monk's insurance would not cover anymore therapy sessions, I think everyone gasped. No therapy? Is this the end of our hero?

Never fear, Dr. Bell has group therapy! Of course, Monk is uncomfortable around other people. And what makes it worse: Harold is in the group. Once again, we'll see the comic compition between the detective and his nemesis.

But Monk is also thrust into a murder investigation. People in the therapy gruop keep getting killed. One by one, they're killed off into it's only Harlod and Monk left. So naturally, they're next.

I was able to figure out the murder this time. It's only happened about 5 times before, so this is a rare occasion. From the moment I saw the guy who stopped the group therapy, I knew it was him. But, unlike Monk, I didn't notice the clues he left to show it was him.

But Harold believes the murderer is Monk. Or, that's who he wants the murderer to be. And all the reasons he gives are good. Monk has investigated so many murders, he would know not to leave a clue. He also wanted his own therapy session, so it would make sense that he would try to kill everyone in the group off.

Even when the real murderer kidnaps the duo, Harold thinks its Monk. Pretty funny, this episode was one of the funniest ever. The two are in the trunk, and feeling very claustrophobic. But then the realize that the trunk is protecting them from all the nasty stuff outside. It saves them.

The murderer then takes them to Dr. Bells house where he confesses to Dr. Bell. The show ends with Harold and Monk being friends and interrupting the murder to tell how they got over their cluastrophobia.

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