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Monday, October 12, 2009

The Fringe Files: 2.4- "Momentum Defered"

*Editor's Note: Lots of treats today! First we have The Fringe Files, then a Monk recap, and then your GH Weekly Update. The family member is now out of the hospital, so expect all columns to occur on time!

Case: Momentum Defered- Frozen human heads are being robbed, and people are being killed during these robberies.

History of Events: Shapeshifters keep stealing the frozen human heads. At the scene of the crime, where they find one of the shapeshifters dead. It turns out the shapeshifter's blood is pure mercury and is needed for said shapeshifter to survive. They also dicover the shapeshifter they thought was dead was actually alive. Walter then contacts the woman he experimented on with LSD and agrees to help. In the lab, she is once again given LSD and sees the shapeshifters. Olivia then remebers her travels back to the alternate Universe and sees William Bell. He then gives the Olivia a symbol in which they will be able to notify who their leader is. Later on, Olivia is attacked by Charlie, and Olivia realizes that Charlie is the shapeshifter. She kills him. In the final scene, we see a head of one of the shapeshifters reattaching itself to the body.

Non-case related Events: Walter gives Olivia a delicious flatworms milkshake to jog her memory. And it works. She remembers her conversation, and thats how she finds out information about the shapeshifters. Dr. Bell then tells her that "The Storm" is coming, which Nina Sharp explains to her is Bell's idea that the 2 Universes will collide, and only 1 will remain.

IMO: This was another great episode. It revealed alot, which is always nice. I'm so used to waiting years for answers to questions (Yes, I'm looking at you, Lost!) and on Fringe questions are answered fairly quickly. I am sad about the loss of Charlie. I really liked him. Not the shapeshifter Charlie, the real one. But we saw the other shapeshifter come back to life, so will the Charlie shapeshifter come back to life? Only time will tell.

Next Week's Case: Dream Logic

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