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Sunday, October 11, 2009

FF: 1.3- "137 Sekunden"

*Editor's Note: Due to the hospitalization of a family memember, I missed the FlashForward, Fringe, and Monk columns. Today, the FlashForward and Fringe Columns will be today, and Monk will be tomorrow with General Hospital.

When everyone saw the title, I think everyone had the same question: What the hell is a "Sekunden"? And why are there 137 of them? That question was answered fairly quickly.

"Sekunden" is German for "seconds". And everyone knows that the blackout lasted 2 minutes and 17 seconds, or 137 seconds. A former Nazi, Rudolf Geyer who was in prison said he knew why the blackouts occured and why it lasted 137 sekunden. And he wanted to see Mark. And this man was in Mark's vision. It obviosuly must mean something, right?

When Mark goes to Germany to meet him, Geyer says he will only give out his information if he is safely returned to the US and given a pardon. First, he gives info about the 137 seconds. In Hebrew, each letter represents a number. He spells out Kabbalah, which is a Hebrew tradition in which everything has a hidden meaning. And what do the numbers add up to? 137. He them promises to reveal his second set of info after he is garunteed release. But he knows he will be freed. Why? Because he saw this in his vision.

After confirming this, Geyer is released and tells them something mysterious: after the blackout, all the crows outside his window were dead. And he was freed because he told them about the crows. Geyer also admits that he has no idea why the blackout lasted 137 seconds. This guy played them and Mark knows it.

Meanwhile, Demetri is nervous after that mysterious call he recieved telling him that he will be murdered on March 15, 2010. And whoever made that call travled their tracks- the call is untraceable. He doesn't have a heart to tell his fiance, Zoey,who was finally able to return from Seatle. But she has news for him: she saw them getting married in her vision, and he was there. To comfort her, he tells her he saw the same thing, even though he didn't. So what does this mean?

Mark's friend Aarron also may have seen his daughter alive. But on further investigation, it's proved that she is really dead. What?

Finally, research is done on the death of the crows. Apparently, crows died all over the world. The FBI agents then look for patterns of crow deaths. In the Ganwar region of Somalia, all crows died on the same day in October of 1991. The inhabitants of the region claim to have suffered a mass loss of consciousness. We see this occur, and a young boy sees this huge tower. What is it?

It seems like we keep being bombarded with questions. FlashForward keeps getting better each week!

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