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Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Fringe Files- 2.2: Night of Desirable Objects

*Editor's Note: With the start of the new season of Fringe and the start of my new Fringe Column, I thought I'd do something unique. Here, we have the Fringe Files. In the column, you'll find out what the case was about, how it was solved, and other important events that happened in the show.

Case: Night of Desirable Objects- People in Pennsylvania keep disapearing and cannot be found.

History of Events: A scientist's wife had lupis and could not carry a child to term. Instead if giving up hope, the scientist injects scorpian and mole DNA to help the child survive. They both presumably died. 17, Years later when people start disappearing around the home of the scientist, Olivia, Peter, and Walter investigate and are lead to open the caskets of the scientist's dead wife and baby. That's when they discover the wife had lupis, and therefore could not carry the baby to term. The baby however, appears to have borrowed out of the coffin. It is then suspected that do to the DNA, the child is alive and living underground around the scientist's home. The "superbaby" feasts on the people who disappeared, and then drags Olivia down there, with Peter following them. A tunnel collapes, killing the superbaby. The scientist commited suicide before this happened.

Non-case related Events: Walter tried to simulate Olivia's accident with frogs, and is convinced she visited another universe. Olivia seems to gain super hearing and can hear almost mute noises loudly, like flies walking and flying. Nina Sharp then gives Olivia info on how to reach a man, Sam Wiess, who can helo her. He works at a bowling alley. Meanwhile, the man who shapeshifted into Charlie can communicate with some unknown person in an alternate universe via a typewriter.

Next Week's Case: Fracture- An explosion without a bomb.

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