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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Disneyland: One Man's Dream- The Future of the Disneyland Resort

For the past month (actually, it's been longer then a month) we have been on one amazing adventure. Disneyland: One Man;s Dream took a lot longer then I expected it to, but we're finally at the last post: The Future of the Disneyland Resort.

Well, all the DCA Expansion can be considered part of the future of DLR. We also have stuff like Star Tours 2.0. Of course, Lincoln will be returning to the Opera House and The Disney Gallery will be opening up right next door. That much is certain.

You can also expect a large Tomorrowland retheme to be done within the next decade. In a year or two, expect for Honey I Shrunk the Audience to leave Tomorrowland for good, to be replaced by a new show or possibly even a ride.

The Disneyland Hotel project will be completed in 2012. After that, the Paradise Pier Hotel should be set to go under a giant overhall, and there are rumors of DVCs to be added to the hotel.

Disney plans to open up 2 hotels in GardenWalk, one for families, and the other to be more high end. I also would not be surprised if GardenWalk is owned by Disney in a few years- espeically with something else at DLR afoot.

The former Strawberry Fields that are rumored to be (well, it's more then rumors) the site of the Third Gate at Disneyland will become a parking lot. This may have some of you worried, but fear not- this contract only lasts 6-10 years. And consider the following timeline. All phases of DCA Construction are finally done in 2016. So, that could be the magic year Disney starts to build the Third Gate. They could wait until 2020 to build it, too. It's a nice chunk of time to be careful with right there.

That's all I have for you. I'd like to thank you everyone who read all these posts about the history of Disneyland. I love all history, and Disneyland's rich history is no exception. I hope you learned something, found these posts helpful and interesting, and had some fun (even half the fun I did). Regular posts will return tomorrow.

Remember, Disneyland is always changing. What you like/dislike may be gone or be brought back on your next trip there. And let's use Walt's infamous quote right here: "Disneyland will never be complete, so long as there's imagination left in the world".

It's nice to debate things, but like Walt Disney said, "I hope we never lose sight of one thing- that it was all started by a mouse". This statement is actually false.

It all started with One Man's Dream.

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