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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Why Thursday Nights Will Rock

For a long time, Thursdya nights have been filled with shows like Grey's Anatomy, Ugly Betty, and other shows I don't watch. So, Thursdays have kinda sucked.

That is, until this year.

Last week marked the first of my shows to return: Fringe. (Well, technically second since I watch Jay Leno each night).

Fringe has really come a long way since last year. While I have loved every minute of it, they did drop that whole Scott Calvin (was that his name? I can't remember) storyline as well as the tank thing they had going. I do love the new direction they are taking, especially the alternate universe thing. I great show, truly something different on TV.

And that's what I like. I don't see the necessity with having 4 different NCIS, 15 different Law and Orders, and 1,256 CSIs. Not to mention all the other murder shows out there. But when there's a murder show out there that really is different from the rest (Pushing Daisies or Monk, for example) I will watch them and be interested in them.

But back to Thursday Nights: we also have SNL Weeked Update: Thursday. Weekend Update has always been my favorite part of SNL (rivalries include Celebrity Jeopardy, Vincent Price Specials, and political sketches). And devoting a half hour show to this is awesome in my book. It just competes with what seems to be the most promising show of the fall.

For those of you who guessed FlashForward, you win the prize! This looks to be like a truly promising show. It's been hyped and plugged for such a long time, it's oen of those things I think everyone will be watching to see what it's like (kinda like The premieres of Jay Leno and Lost). And if they get addicted in the process, so be it.

So I invite you to go watch these shows. You won't be sorry! Then come back here and will discuss them right here on Bring Me That Horizon. For FlashForward, come back on Fridays. For Fringe, come on Saturdays. And for Monk (I know, it's not on Thursday nights) come back on Sundays. You won't be sorry.

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