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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Lost Season 2

You all saw it. You probably thought it was a flashback. I know I did. But, it turns out that the opening scene occurred inside the Hatch that was just blasted open.

Desmond was down there, pushing the Button every 108 minutes to save the world? From what? Well, the one time he delayed pushing it, he caused Oceanic Flight 815 to crash.

Season 2 was mainly about the Hatch and the scientific expedition, The Dharma Initiative, that came to the Island. They used the unique properties on the Island for research. Season 2 explained that the Hatch was used as for electromagnetic experiments, but there was "an incident"... and afterwards, the computer was installed to keep the electromagnetic energy from building up and causing devestation. And so when Desomnd left, Locke, Jack, and the other Survivors continued to push the button.

The Dharam Initiative revealed several mysteries. Why did they come to the Island? How did they find it? And why was food falling out of nowhere? It also revealed a bunch of other hatches- a medical station where Claire was taken when she was pregnant, for example. The Others did tests on her for some strange reason. There was also the Pearl, which was used did experiments on phsycology. And it was at first revealed that the Swan was nothing but an experiment to test the minds of people. Later, the Losties would find out that the Pearl Station was actually where the mind tests were being done.

Speaking of Others, a shipwrecked Sawyer, Michael, and Jin found other survivors of the crash from the tail section. By the time they met everyone, barely anyone was left. They either died or were taken by The Others. When the Tailies joined the Losties, Ana-Lucia accidently killed Shannon. She, like her brother, were the first death of Season 2.

It was also revealed that Mr. Eko has a connection with the Island. His brother was on a plane carrying drugs that crashed on the Island. He helped Charlie after Locke stopped believing. And he decided to push the button when Locke wanted to stop.

It wasn't until Desmond found the Losties camp that he and Locke plotted to have the timer get down to Zero. Then, they would find out if the Swan was real or fake.

Meanwhile, Michael found where the Others live. They live in huts, and also have a guarded hatch. He is briefly reunited with Walt. Afterwards, he is given an ultimatium: bring Jack, Sawyer, Kate, and Hurley to them, or he will never see Walt again. But if he does, he and Walt will be able to leave.

When he arrives back, he is surprised to see that a prisoner, claiming to be Henry Gale, is captured. It is revealed that the real Henry Gale is dead, and the imposter is really an Other. Micheal sets him free, kills Ana Lucia so there are no witnesses, and accidentaly kills Libby.

As Locke forces Eko to stop puhing the button, Michael leads the group of Losties to the Others. When we finally meet them, they are dressed primatively. They let Hurley go back to camp. Micheal and Walt are released, as a visibly angry Jack, Kate, and Sawyer are taken hostage. Just then, the sky lights up and turns purple.

They didn't push the button. Some odd hieroglyphics popped up on the countdown timer, and all metal things started flying towards a sinlge metal object. Locke realized he was wrong, and Desomd turned a Fail-Safe key to save the world. What would happen after that would be yet to be known.

And the final scene of Season 2 is a group of people on a boat notifying Desmond's girlfriend, Penelope Widmore, that "We found it".

Season 2, as a whole was very good. But in retrospect, not much happened. Still, I really enjoyed the Season. But would Season 3 be any better?

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