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Friday, January 29, 2010

Lost Season 3

Again, I thought the opener was a flashback. In actuality, it was; just on the Island, before Oceanic 815 crashes.

It's reveled that the Others live in the old Dharma barracks after the Dharma people were all killed off. The Others are actually civilized, normal people who host book clubs, have plumbing, and a whole community. And after they witness the Oceanic crash, Henry Gale, who is revealed to be Ben Linus, the leader, sends Goodwin and Ethan to pretend they are survivors and get information on the other survivors. Meanwhile, Ben gets information on all the passengers. It is important to note that Ben was a Dharma member but became an Other after his dad abused him.

In real time, it is revealed that Jack, Kate, and Sawyer are taken to a small island of the coast of the main Island where they are held prisoner. Kate and Sawyer are held in polar bear cages where they end up having sex. Turns out the polar bears that the Losties have encountered were being experimented on by Dharma. Kate and Sawyer also work on building a runway.

Anyway, Ben is in trouble. He has a growing tumor on his spine, and needs Jack to operate. Jack will if Ben lets Kate and Sawyer go free and if he can go home. Ben agrees. To further solidify this, Jack almost kills Ben during surgery. After Kate and Sawyer escape, JAck saves Ben.

During this time, it is revealed that the Swan imploded. Locke, Eko, and Charlie survived. Desmond, however, was exposed to electromagnetic energy and gains phsycic abilities. And he keeps seeing Charlie's death. Though Eko is survives, he is attacked by a polar bear, and then the smoke monster. He is the first death of the season.

Locke assumes leadership, and Kate and Sawyer help him find the Others. Along the way, they meet Mikael, an Other who operates a Dharma station that can communicate with the outside world. They use Mikael as leverage to get Jack, and as they journey to the Barracks, the come upon a sonic fence, which Mikael seemingly dies as he walks through.

When they find Jack, they are captured. Locke goes to see Ben, and he manipulates him into blowing up the Dharma sub, the only means of transportation to and from the Island. Jack is furious, and his hatred for Locke increases.

The Others abandon the Barracks, leaving Juliet to infiltrate the Losties and find the pregnant women. Sun is one of those women, and it is revaled why Juliet was brought to the Island: all pregnant women on the Island die. Sun has only a few weekd to live. Juliet decides not to go through with the plan, and instead, works with Jack to exterminate all the Others.

Locke agrees to join the Others, but in order to do so, he must kill his father, who was brought to the Island via the "magic box". The same man who pushed him out of an eight story window and into his wheelchair. The same man who caused the deaths of Sawyer's parents. He is truly an evil guy. Locke gets Sawyer to kill him, and Locke joins the Others. He is greeted with cheers from Richard Alpert, Ben's advisor, and jeers from Ben.

After being pestered, Ben takes Locke to see Jacob, the true "leader" of the Others. He lives in a cabin surrounded by an ash circle. When Locke goes inside, Ben shows him an empty chair, claiming its Jacob. Locke doesn't believe Ben, but then some voice says "Help me" and things start flying. Ben doesn't hear this, and becomes jealous and shoots Locke. He leaves him for dead with all the Dharma members that he killed in The Purge.

Around this time, Naomie parachutes on the Island claiming to be looking for Desmond. She was hired be Penny to find Desmond, and her boat is just offshore. She has a phone to contact her boat, but there is something blocking the transmission. Juliet reveals it to be a Dharma Station called the Looking Glass, and Charlei volunteers to go down and turn it off. Jack leads everyone to the radio tower to contact the boat, while Jin, Bernard, and Sayid stay behind to kill the Others. Though they get captured, Sawyer, Juliet, and Hurley save the day.

Ben is captured and Alex and Danielle are finally reunited. Though Charlie turns off the device, he finds out that the boat does not belong to Penny. He tells Desmond as the station floods. In one of the saddest deaths on Lost, Charlie drowns trying to save his friends.

Ben also tells Jack these people are not who they say they are. If he does, it will be "the beginnig of the end". Jack contacts the boat, even though a very much alive Locke threatens him not to. They make contact and it looks like the finally are going home.

It should be happy, right? Well, the "flashbacks" we have been seeing of a drunken, pill-poppin', suicidal Jack who is sad over some unknown person's death actually gets off the Island. So does Kate. And in the greatest scene in Lost history, Jack claims they were not supposed to leave.

They have to go back.

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