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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Lost: Season 1

On September 24, 2004, all our lives were changed when Oceanic Flight 815 disappeared in mid-flight over the Pacific Ocean. And TV would forever be changed.

Season 1 to date continues to be my personal favorite of all the seasons. The characterization during the season is some of the best work I've seen done in any TV show, movie, or book. And through the ingenious use of flashbacks scattered throughout the epsiodes, we not only see how ans why each character was on that fateful plane, but what burdens and demons they are carrying. It's a story of survival- a gripping tale that really makes the viewers think.

Within the first epsiode, we are intorduced to all the survivors that will play pivitol roles over the course of the season, and the series. Specifically, three people: Dr. Jack Shephard, the leader, Kate Austin, the fugitive wanted for murder, and Charlie Pace, the former rockstar and current drug addict. Within the course of the season, we would come to aknowledge Locke as another major character. He has a special connection with the Island. Before the crash he was crippled- after the crash he could walk.

Locke is not the only one who faces demons on the Island.
Jack has daddy issuses, and was bringing his dead alcoholic father home to bury him.
Kate killed a man and was being transported by to The States by a federal marshal.
Charlie was a drug addict.
Sayid was a communications officer and also tortured people, but let the love of his life live.
Locke also has daddy issuses, as his father coned him out of a kidney.
Hurley won the lottery, and the Numbers he used brought bad luck.
Sawyer's mom was conned, and when his dad found out, he killed her and himself. Sawyer hunts for the man who caused this, and kills the wrong suspect.
Michael was bringing his son Walt and his dog, Vincent home, who he hadn't scene in years.
Jin and Sun were suffering marriage problems. Sun learned english and was going to leaver her husband, who secretly worked for Sun's father doing terrible things.
Claire was pregnant. She was preparing to give the baby away.
Boone and his stepsister Shannon shared an odd relationship. They were traveling to the US together.

Throughout the season, it is revealed that all the characters have met briefly in the past. They are all connected to each other somehow.

In the Pilot, a strange creature is revealed to live on the Island. It is our first dose of the mythology and as the season progresses, the mythology becomes more involved with the show. A mysterious hatch is discovered, and Locke becomes "obsessed" with opening it. He has become quite the Man of Faith, and believes everyone was brought to the Island for a purpose.

The Island is also revealed to be a place where other people reside. Danielle Rousseau was with a scientific team who crashed during a storm while searching for The Black Rock, a ship that somehow crashed in the middle of the Island. A sickness killed the rest of her group, and her daughter Alex is taken by "The Others", a group of hostile natives who live on the Island. Though they are never seen, Danielle claims that the Others are coming to steal "the boy"- Aaron, who Claire gave birth to on the Island.

But alas, she was wrong. The Others came for Walt, who left with Sawyer, Jin, and Michael on the raft. A bearded man took him and destroyed the raft.

Meanwhile, the Hatch is finally opened. But it would be several months before we were able to see what was in it.

Season 1 still continues to defy TV. A great combination of characterization, drama, humor, themes, mythology, and more.

Though Season 2 was not as good, it was still excellent.

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