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Sunday, December 26, 2010

2010: The Year in Review

I hope you all enjoyed a great holiday, but now it's time to look to the future. It seems that at this time of the year, everyone is doing the same thing. We spend time remembering the past year, and when it is over, we find ourselves looking forward to a new year and a new start.

It has no doubt been a busy year.

Over the next week, I'd like to spend time remembering 2010. On Monday, we'll look at the year on General Hospital. On Tuesday, we'll look at the year at Disneyland. On Wednesday, I'll name my 10 Most Fascinating People of The Year (take that, Barbra Walters!), and on Thursday I'll name my Favorite things of 2010 (take that, Oprah!).

Enjoy the snow (if you have any) and enjoy your gifts. We're in for a treat this week!

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