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Thursday, December 30, 2010

My Favorite Things: 2010

10). The Hub

Though most of it is the same, Discovery Kids quietly became The Hub in the Fall of 2010. So why is this good? If you like older shows, like Happy Days, Family Ties, Batman and more, then you're in luck. I DVR Happy Days each night, and enjoy it!

9). Family Guy "And Then There Were Fewer"

Though the most recent season of Family Guy has been pretty lackluster (let's stop focusing on only Brian and Stewie), the season opener was anything but. Funny and mysterious, "And Then There Were Fewer" is, in my opinion, the best Family Guy episode yet.

8). Tangled

Though it probably won't win any awards (that will be Toy Story 3), Tangled was an ingenious movie that was funny and touching. And it's doing something Princess and the Frog didn't: it's making money.

7). Jimmy Kimmel

In a year when most people were Team Coco, I was not. Overrated and not that funny, I was saddened to see most people ignore Jimmy Kimmel. He is the funniest of all the late night talk show hosts. Watch him, and you won't be disappointed. Not to mention, he hosted a great "Aloha to Lost" special.

6). Betty White

Whether she's hosting the best SNL in recent memory or staring in her own

5). Modern Family

By far the funniest show on TV, Modern Family is the rare show where I really can't choose a favorite character. I love each one. Even the kids.

4). Fringe Seasons 2 and 3

Fringe was a pretty cool show up until the end of Season 2, when it became incredible. It has became my favorite show on TV right now. It's just awesome.

3). Toy Story 3

I was very young when the first movie came out. Now, just like Andy, I'm off to college. This movie was not just funny, fun, and enjoyable. It tackled themes that only a Pixar film could do. And I cried a little at the end, like 90% of the people who saw it.

2). World of Color

Nothing about this show disappointed me. I loved the entire thing. It was emotional, as well as a technological wonder. I only saw it live twice, and have watched it numerous times on video, but I still love it. I look forward to seeing it again on my next trip!

1). The Lost Finale

A roller coaster. Emotional. Heart wrenching. Mysterious. Surprising. Fun. I could go on and on to describe the greatest show ever to grace TV, but that may become tedious. Instead, we'll end 2010 with the clip that made me and many of you, cry your eyes out.

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