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Monday, December 27, 2010

GH Weekly Roundup: 2010 Edition Part I

It seems like 2010 has flown by, but when I think about what has happened on GH this year, it feels like so long ago. And to think it was in January when we got a new opening credits that replaced the old aging one...

We had quite a few additions to the cast this year. Elizabeth's brother, Steve, became the Chief of Staff at Gh after Monica offered him the job. Though he himself has not had much of a storyline, he has been a guider to almost everyone on staff. Lisa was introduced as Patirck's ex from college who joined the GH staff. Although she is a good doctor, she is a horrible person. From the beginning, she was out to get Patrick. When the two got drunk and had sex, she became crazy for Patrick. IMO, she was a terrible addition to the cast.

But would you agree that Maya Ward has made a terrific addition to the cast? After Edward invited her to live with them, rumors flew that she would be in a relationship with Micheal. But that never happened. Instead, she had quite the relationship with Ethan, which I'll cover later...

We came into this year with me hating the new Michael. He was a punk and a brat and got away with things because he was in a coma for a year. And in November 2009, he killed Claudia Zaccarah. There was a coverup, and only a select few knew what happened to Claudia.

Unbeknowst to most, Franco, the serial killer/artist, knew about what happened. He had pictures and Claudia's body to prove the murder. But he wasn't really interested in that. He wanted to play a game with his idol, Jason. It ended with the kidnappings of Lulu and Sam, though they were both rescued. But the police found Claudia's body, and were using it to build a case against Sonny.

Sonny's son, Dante, who was undercover in Sonny's organization as Dominic, was bent on brining Sonny down. Michael was jealous of Sonny and Dominic's relationship. When he found out the truth about Dante, he was more than happy to blow that secret out of the water. It was the day of Jossalyn's christening when Sonny wanted to get revenge on Dante. In an intense moment, Sonny shot Dante as Olivia ran in, screaming that Sonny shot his son. Sonny was horrified, but Dante's life was saved. Sonny wanted to make ammends with his son, though Dante refused. However, when questioned about the shooting, Dante stated he had accidentally shot himself.

Over the course of the year, Sonny and Dante would become closer. Sonny was soon arrested for Claudia's murder. Jax was also involved in the undercover investigation, which angered Carly and she threw Jax out. Michael felt guilty, and tried to confess to Mac at the PCPD, but Mac did not believe him. Claire Walsh was brought in to help bring Sonny down, and the trial began. Diane argued that Sonny killed Claudia in self defense to protect Carly and Jossalyn. But Johnny helped Claire's case by stating Sonny had abused Claudia so much that it was only a matter of time before he killed her. Micheal was eventually subpeonaed to testify, and was sent out of the country to Sonny's Island.

Dante and Jax both wanted to protect Micheal. While visiting, Micheal (now played by the awesome Chad Duell) told Dante everything. Dante took Micheal back to Port Charles and thought about what to do. Eventually, the truth came out. Micheal confessed to killing Claudia, and the charges against Sonny were dropped. Dante believed this would help Micheal. He would probably get a suspended sentence and community service hours. Judge Carrol did give him a suspended sentence: 5 years in Pentonville with possible parole after 2. Everyone was mad, but no one was madder than Carly. She wanted revenge on both Lulu and Dante. Then she aslo wanted to keep Morgan away from Sonny, and Jax adopted the young boy.

Jason wanted to kill Dante, but Sonny convinced him not to. Jason decided to give up his freedom and go to prison to protect Micheal. Claire, who felt terrible for helping Micheal get into jail, helped Jason. It's a good thing, too because in prison Micheal was attacked by Carter and may have been raped. Jason was forced to kill Carter, but before he died, Carter told him "Franco says hi". It was revealed that Carter was working for Franco, who would be returning to torment more people.

To get back at Lulu and Dante, who were more in love than ever before, Carly hired Brook Lyn to sleep with Dante to break them up. Spinelli, who was recuperating after a breakup with Maxie, decided to help Carly get revenge.

But all became slightly better when the Judge agreed to release Micheal from prison into the care of Dante. Sonny liked Dante even more now, though Carly did not. Jason had to stay in prison, until Franco came back to town. Claire decided to get Jason released to catch Franco. And what would happen next would surprise everyone.

Remember the Elizabeth/Nikolas/Lucky love trianlge? That flame was quickly extinguished, ey? After Lucky found out the truth, he was enraged and heart broken. He wanted nothing to do with Elizabeth or Nikolas, and began drinking. Lulu felt the same way. Elizabeth suffered a mental breakdown, and went to Shadybrook. After a while, however, Elizabeth learned she was pregnant. Who was the father, Nikolas or Lucky? She hoped it would be Lucky, but a determined Helena decided to switch the paternity test results and make Nikolas the father so there could be a new Cassidine heir. Nikolas wanted to use this to build a family with Liz, but she didn't want him.

During the spring, Elizabeth met a terminal cancer patient named Shirley. By time baby Aiden was born, she accepted Nikolas in her life, and they agreed to share the baby.

Kiefer Bauer and Kristina Davis appeared to be a happy couple, but we all knew that wasn't true. Keifer was abusive towards Kristina, and Kristina was hit and forced into sex. Kristina met Ethan and developed a crush on him. Ethan insisted she was too young for him, but she peristed. One night, Ethan got really made at Kristina for sabbotaging his date. She was devestated and returned to her house, where Keifer was waiting. He beat her and left. Ethan felt guilty and went to see Kristina, but ended up rushing her to the hospital. Kristina was scared that Sonny would kill Kiefer, so she framed Ethan for the beating. When she refused to press charges on Ethan, Sonny was furious and wanted Ethan dead.

Dante and Lucky, who became partners and friends, investigated Kristina's beating and believed that Kiefer was really the culprit. After they questioned Kiefer, he went to go convince Kristina to keep the charges on Ethan. When she refused, he beat her again. But this time Alexis found out the truth. Unfortunately, justice could not be served, for Alexis hit Kiefer on the way to the hospital. Kiefer died, prompting his father to swear vengence.

We were all very happy to see Georgie on the show for a visit. Maxie was very sick, and was dying. Georige visited Maxie and told her she had to choose between living and dying. And Maxie choose to live.

Also returning for a brief stint was Skye Quatermaine. She wanted Luke's help in finding her former husband Alcazar's hidden funds for herself and Lila, and enlisted Luke's help. This angered Tracy, and that was just the start of Luke and Tracy's downfall.

Helena kidnapped Tracy, and Luke went to find her. He was captured as well, and Tracy became very sick. While trapped, Luke confessed that they were never really married. And when Tracy got better after they were rescued, she threw Luke out.

And that was just the first half of the year. We have a lot more to cover, including Brenda's return. I'll be back tomorrow with Part 2.

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