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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

GH Weekly Roundup: 2010 Edition, Part II

As we go into the second half of the year, we can still feel the reprucusiions of Micheal's jailtime frequently. But Micheal begins to feel that he owes Dante, and they begin to bond like brothers. Micheal meets a girl named Abby through Sam, who was introduced to have sex with Michael. They never did, but they soon became close friends. No one approves of this relationship, but they do seem to like each other.

Also affecting many characters was Kristina's disdain for her father. To get back at him, Kristina pretended to date Johnny. Though he didn't want to at first, Johnny went along with Kristina's plan as a way to get back at Sonny for how he treated Claudia. He did eventually decide this was a bad idea, and convinced Kristina to stop. But Sonny had planted a bomb in Johnny's car, and as he raced to stop the bomb from detonating, Kristina and Johnny witnessed the explosion. Though no one was hurt, Kristina was still angry.

When Franco returned, so did his mother. Franco was planning a big exhibit in California, which Jason and Dante crashed. A chase led to the supposed death of Franco, but this death was fake. For Franco's plan was going smoothly in Port Charles.

Franco had kidnapped Liz's baby and the hospital was put in lockdown as they searched. Meanwhile, an insane Warren Bauer opened fire on people in the hospital, injuring Ethan and Mac. He came after Kristina, but Mac was able to kill him in time. When the baby couldn't be found, they oepned the hospital up and Lucky went to search for the baby.

The search took him to Oregon, where Franco had given Aiden to his mother. After some convincing, she gave him Aiden back. It was very touching watching Lucky with his son. If only he knew the truth...

After being thrown out, Luke bunked with Lucky for a while before he left town. Lucky was soon caught up in an FBI investigation where he posed as Ronan O'Riely and went to Ireland. It was revealed that Ronan was working for a mysterious a crime figure who has a connection to Brenda Barret. Towards the end of September, Lucky was surprised to catch up with Luke who encouraged him to start a relationship with Siobhan, who he met and became friends with in Ireland. When they all returned to Port Charles, Lucky and Siobhan were kind of an item.

Carly had hired Brooke Lyn to sleep with Dante to break up Dante and Lulu, but this failed. Brooke had drugged Dante, and Lulu found out. Dante and Lulu washed their hands of Brooke and are happier then ever. Brook became employed by Nikolas as an escort pretty much, which angered Liz when she returned from her maternity leave. Carly needed another plan to make Dante and Lulu pay, so she started digging around.

Starting early in the summer, Lisa's insanity began to show itself. Before Patrick told Robin about the one night stand while she was away, Lisa took joy in taunting Robin. And when the truth came out, Lisa still toyed with Robin. She wanted Patrick for herself. Things included scratching out Robin's pictures and boiling Emma's stuffed toy. She even stole Robin's HIV meds and threw herself in front of Robin's car to make Robin look guitly. And it worked. Still, Patrick stod by Robin.

One day, Lisa drugged Robin and took her into the woods, where she fell down into a well. Robin was visited by Stone, who helped her get through this. Patrick came and rescued her, but Lisa pulled a gun on Patrick and Robin. She then turned the gun on herself, though Patrick rescued her. Lisa was sent to Shadybrook, but was released a few weeks later. To this day, Lisa enjoys tormenting Robin. Recently, she has tried to drug Robin, but was caught. She gave the syringe to Johnny Zacarrah, who is blackmailing her with the syringe to help him.

Once a villian to Sonny, now Claire was quite the bedmate. Originally, she wanted Sonny to be the father of her child, and to get him to trust her in order to send him to prison, but the fling became real. Sonny wanted to be able to get Claire into a position of conflict so she couldn't bring him to prison. But he fell for her. She couldn't prosecute Sonny after Sonny was provoked by Johnny to shoot him, even though Sonny looked guilty. This was because Ronnie hid Johnny's gun. Though these charges were eventually dropped, and a peace treaty was made between Johnny and Sonny, once again Sonny was arrested for the car bombing. When the evidence that could put him away was discovered to be illegally obtained, Claire was reprimanded for pointing this out. Claire put everything on the line for Sonny. Unfortunately for her, Sonny began having dreams of Brenda Barret. And she was about to make another big impact in his life.

Brenda Barret became a model and a spokesperson for ASEC, a charitable organization. Unfortunately for her, a crime figure named the Balkan was after her. So someone from ASEC decided to give Jason a call to come and protect her. He eventually brought her back to Port Charles, where she ran into her old friends and foes. It was also at this time that the truth about Brenda's past was revealed. In 2007, Brenda dated The Balkan's son. When she found out about his ties to organized crime, she dumped him, prompting Alexander to stalk her. Three cops were on Brenda's security detail, one of them being Dante. They became close. One night, while out for a walk, Alexander attacked Dante. Brenda shot him to save Dante, but there was a coverup. And the Balkan wanted revenge.

Back in PC, Brenda was very hesitant to go be with Sonny again. However, they both gave in to temptation and decided to give it another go, nd are currently engaged (again!). Meanwhile, the Balkan sent some of his men to kidnap Brenda, but this resulted in Brenda killing another man. The family of the murdered man has filed a lawsuit against Brenda. The Balkan also has Siobhan on his payroll, as well as Jerry Jax. However, Jerry Jax was killed when he refused to listen to the Balkan.

After many months, The Balkan's identity was finally revealed. It just so happens that the Balkan is Theo Hoffman, a man who currently wants to sue the hospital for bad treatment. Theo was also brought on to help Diane with Brenda's pending lawsuit, though Theo has his own plans.

Carly's digging revealed some startling info about Brenda and Dante. She suspects that Dante and Brenda might have a child. Indeed, they do talk about "the baby" sometimes. But do they really have a kid?

To end things on a happier note, Luke and Tracy were married. Of course, there had to be terms. Luke had to be sober, not run away, and sign a prenup. Though he didn't sign the prenup, Tracy took him to the alter anyway. Luke and Tracy are happy now, and are probably the happiest characters on GH.

It has been quite a year, folks. I hope you have enjoyed my brief review of all the events that have happened on the show, and I hope you'll continue to come here for everything GH!

So what will happen between Robin and Patrick? Will Sonny and Brenda be married? Will Lisa be caught? Will Kate Howard be on more (please!)? Where is the Balkan storyline going? What about that bush crash we keep seeing on the previews? Will Olivia and Steve hook up? Do Brenda and Dante actually have a baby? And will Mac and Alexis finally date? Will we ever have a sweeps a kin to the Hostage Crisis or Black and White Ball again?

I guess will find out in 2011!

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