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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Garden Walk for Sale!

Huge news in Anaheim: Garden Walk is for sale!

As reported by the OC Register, Garden Walk goes up for sale on March 9. Many Disney fans have been following the saga of the troubled shoppertainment complex since before it was built.

It's price is $194.2 million. Now, many businesses would be crazy to buy this. The place failed once, who has the major bucks to buy AND redo the place? I can only see Disney jumping on this.

Garden Walk is right across the street from proposed Gate Three. It would be a nice transistion, and with bridges built across Harbor Blvd, monorial extensions, and PeopleMover systems, could easily be assecible to Disney guests. It could be a very successful "Downtown Disney Eastside".

This story is developing. As more info is realeased, I let you know!

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