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Monday, February 8, 2010

GH Weekly Roundup: Week of February 1

*Editor's Note: Regularly scheduled blog posts return today! Also, a big shoutout to Disney's California Adventure turning 9 today! I'll have a commemorative post for you later in the week. Also be on the lookout for a new special Disney psot coming to you on Saturdays starting next week!

Sweeps have started once again, and, once again, GH is on fire. While I am no fan of the mob's central focus, this drama is gripping and I am enjoying every minute of it. I find myself anxious and nervous for the characters, cheering an jeering for the characters, and excited for the next episode. Everyone on GH is doing a terrific job!

Of course, the central point of the show right now is the mess Sonny is in. He shot his son, the undercover cop, who he didn't know was his. Once Sonny did find out, he lamented the whole situation. Of course, because it's his son, that makes a HUGE difference from shooting a cop, right? Sonny decided to stay in town after begin arrested and let out on bail. Does he think this will actually make the situtation better. I am praying he will go to jail. I'd love to see this whole thing pan out!

Dante lied about the shooting for some reason, which irked me. Sonny needs to pay for the crimes he commited. Seriously, if there was a person in your town who murdered dozens of people, wouldn't wou want them in jail for anything, even owing taxes?

He blames Olivia for causing this, and he is partly right about that. But, I will say I understand where Olivia is coming from. She wanted to keep Dante out of danger. On the other side, I would want to know who my father was if I was in Dante's shoes.

Jax also wanted to protect his family. That's why he didn't say anything about Dante. And Carly left him. Will this be permanent? I'm not sure, because I love these two together, and I want them to get through this. But I'm curious to see Carly's reaction when she finds out LuLu and (obviously) Olivia knew about this, amongst others. Will she be furious at them as well? Will she take away LuLu's godmothering privelages? Of course, after the fight she goes directly to Jason's penthouse. Surprised?

Speaking of godmothering, the Christianing was great! Seeing all those poeple together was quite fun! It's also a great way to get news to spread arounf Port Charles. Who would have thought that all the kids connected to Sonny would find out about the whole situation at a Christianing?

I predict Michael will be jealous of Dante, though Dante wants nothing to do with Sonny. Dante is now the first born, a very special position in the family. And judging by the way he almost attacked Jax, he is angry at him. Kristina will continue to hate her dad, and be beat up by dumbass Kiefer. And Morgan, he'll have to choose between Sonny and Dante. And seeing as how Dante is really the only person that pays attention to him, I think he'll choose Dante's side. Who know? In 10 years, he may even be a cop.

As for the other storyline... Liz is out of control. She is screaming at people in GH for being unfit mothers and taking her anger out on people. She is being a bitch, but I like how Nikolas is getting off clean. WTF? It takes two to have an affair!

Well, there is so much to look forward to in the coming weeks and months on GH. A large court showdown will occur later this month. Excited? I know I am! See you next week!

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