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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Lost: "What Kate Does"

If any of you have been around the Internet recently, then you know what has been going on. There are full-out wars on opinions of the episode. Some say it is good, other say it is bad. But before we divulge into that, let's take a look at what could possibly be the last Kate-centric episode. Deal?

Sayid is back from the dead, and the Temple Others seem surprised. They do various tests on him to see if he has been "claimed". By what? Well, as Dogen explains to Jack, there is "darkness" building up inside of him. Dogen even tried to kill Sayid with a poison pill. Funny, though... Dogen explains the same thing happened to his siser, Claire!

But where has she been? Remember, Kate's reason for coming back to The Island was to reunite Claire with Aaron. So, as Sawyer leaves the Temple, Kate sees this an oppurtunity to kill two birds with one stone: bring Sawyer back and find Claire. Jin goes with her, for a different reason: to find Sun. 2 Temple Others go with them, but, in common Other fashion, one of them refuses to answer any questions that Kate and Jin ask.

Kate and Jin are able to get away from them for a while, and Kate find Sawyer in the Barracks. There, Sawyer is distruaght over Juliet's death, and blames himself. He also reveals that he was going to purpose to her. As of now, it looks like Sawyer is on his own.

Jin, however stubles upon Claire. In the last minute of the show, she appears to be like Roussaeu, living by herself, making traps, and quite possibly, sick. I really can't wait to see what happens next week!

And now for the flashsideways. Last night, Kate hijacked a pregnant Claire in a cab, but let her go. When Kate finally got out of her handcuffs, she saw a pregnant woman's items in Claire's suitcase that was left behind (specifically, a stuffed whale!) and felt guilty. When she returned, she brought Claire to the couple's house that was going to adopt the baby.

But it is revealed that the couple split, and can't take care of the child. At that point Claire goes into early labor, and Kate rushes her to the hospital. And who is her doctor? Ethan Goodspeed! Apparently, the hydrogen bomb went off and in this timeline sunk the Island. So, all the Others and Dharma people that were on the Island should be dead. That would explain why Ethan is no longer on the Island, after Horace made Amy take him off the Island.

Claire wants to name the baby Aaron, and Kate persuades her to keep the baby. Though the pregnancy is normal and the baby is safe, Claire does not give birth to Aaron. It appears as though Kate and Claire will become friends.

So, I think I have the flashforwards figured out. Seeing Claire, Kate, and Ethan all meeting up makes me think that the puropse of the flashsideways are to show that the Losties destinies are the same. And that, Destiny is ultimately more powerful then Free Will.

Now, true, not much happened in the episode. But I'm not sure why exactly there is so much screaming of "filler epsiode". I liked the episode, but I can see why some didn't. But attacking other people for their opinions is not cool. The extermists on both sides ("OMG, great episode, everyone who doesn't think so should stop watching Lost", "OMG, worst episode ever, anyone who enjoyed that is stupid") are babies. Grow up! At least we have a Locke episode next week that will end the bickering!

Top 3 Questions I Want Answered:
1). What happened to Claire during the past 3 years?
2). What is really the sickness?
3). What is Man in Black planning?

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