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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Walt Disney World July 2009- Animal Kingdom

I've heard a lot of great things about Animal Kingdom, so I had very high hopes. I thought that this would be one of my favorites. I was also excited to do Everest.

It started out as a really hot day. When I first entered the park, the enterance was shady, so I thought this would help. But, alas, it did not.

First stop was DinoLand, USA. Big mistake. While the ride Dinosuar was fun (not as much as Indiana Jones), the land was the tackiest place in any Disney Park. Paradise Pier, commonly picked on by Disney fans (not as much after the retheme), is 10x more pleasing to the eye than this area.

Next was Everest, which was a blast. I was lucky enough to sit in the back and be able to see how the track resets. The track simply flips over, and then you go backwards. It's just unfortunate that the foundation for the Yetti broke, so it can't move anymore.

Kali River Rapids was a let down because you barely got wet. It was a nice ride, just to dry. The Kilamanjaro Safari was pretty cool, too. Although the whole "get the poachers" thing was kinda dumb.

And, there are no food place indoors. Everything is outdoors. Not only is it hot snd humid, but we have ducks constantly attacking you, while CMs make sure you don't feed them.

So, my high hopes for this park were dashed. A few people told me they didn't like it the first time they went, and to try it again. I will, and I'll go to the park every time I go. However, it won't be my favorite park. It's actaully my next-to-least favorite.

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