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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Walt Disney World 2009- Where to Eat?

When I go to theme parks, honestly, the last thing on my mind is where I'm going to eat. Usually, I'll eat on impulse, or survive merely on snacks and Vitamin Water. But this trip, we used the Disney Dinning Plan. It was both good and bad.

It was good, because it save a lot of money. You got one counter servie meal a day, one snack, and one table service meal each day, for however many days you visited. With each meal, you get the main dish, drink, and dessert. And at WDW, the portions are big. So, you got your money's worth.

Unless you're like me, and only eat 2 meals a day. I never eat breakfast (yeah, I know it's supposedly not healthy, but I've been in good shape and have had 2 years of perfect attendance at my school, so stuff it!), and my lunch is small. I do snack, and have a big dinner. We got a lot of food, and I could not eat all of it. At the table buffets, I found myself getting 1, maybe 2 small plates and a cookie for dessert. So, is this really getting your mony's worth?

All the quick service places are the same. And unfortunately, there were qquite a few picky eaters in my family, so whenever we were at Epcot, we always had to eat at America. No China, no Italy, no Japan. America.

I'll also say this: at the character meals, there were barely any characters, unlike Disneyland. At the Crystal Palace, there was quite a nice spread of food, but there were only 4 characters (Pooh, Tigger, Eyore, and Piglet). And the place seemed really big, and even the server explained that if you missed a character, it would be a good hour until they came back.

This happened everywhere. Chef Mickey's located in the Contemporary, which had quite a few characters, and not so much food. Not to mention that it was in the wierdest spot: underneath the monorial tracks, with only a small wall keeping people out.

1900 Park Faire also featured 5 characters (Cinderella, Prince Charming, Lady Tremaine, and the Step sisters). Their buffet was set up in different countries, so there was Asian Cuisine, Italian food, and so on, but there was not much avaiable for kids. The step sisters made the evening though, dancing and fighting with each other. It was quite a spectacle.

We also went to 50s Primetime Cafe. The food there was great, and we met our Uncle Tim (for those who do not know, your waiter there pretends to be part of your family). He made me wash my hands and yelled at people who put their elbows on the table. He even yelled at the guy next to us for being sassy and having his haat on. This restaurant was one of the best!

Planet Hollywood, located in Downtown Disney, was very cool. They had props from a ton of movies all over the place. The food was expensve, but we had the dining plan so no worries. But, for older people or those who like quiet meals: this is NOT the place for you. They play music videos constantly, and it is veyr loud.

Finally, there's one last place to talk about. The Spirit of Aloha dinner show at the Polynesian. Now, while the Polynesian itself needs to be brought out of the 70s, the dinner show was quite fun. The food was great, I loved the salad, and the dancing was a nice compliment to the evening. And I'm always amazed at the fire dancing!

Well, that's about it. Tomorrow, I will close with the final thoughts of WDW, and offically end my very late trip report. More info on what's to come on this blog later.

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