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Friday, October 2, 2009

FF 1.2: "White To Play"

Last night's episode was at a much better pace. It was just as interesting, mysterious, and awesome as last week's episode. I love this show!

Some of the intersting aspects about this show revolve around what each person saw in their Flashforward. Olivia met Dylan's dad, (played by none other then Commodore Norrington!!!) Loyd. Mark also was wearing the bracelet Charlie gave him. The same bracelet as in his flashforward. Is Mark encouraging the future to happen? So many questions.

We also have Demetri, who did not have a flashforward. During an investigation in an old wearhouse, he finds asherrif who also did not have a flashforward. Everything is ok, until the sherrif dies in a wierd explosion in the factory caused by some unknown person for an unknown reason. Could this mean that she didn't have a vision because she would die, and Demetri's theory is correct?

Also coming to light is info about Suspect Zero, the man (we're assuming it is a man) who was seen walking around while the rest of the world's population blacked out. Or was he the only one? In a series of incredible and harrowing revealations, we find out that the nice cupcake lady, DiDi Gibbons, who Mark saw on his large bulletin board in his flashforward, placed a phone call to Suspect Zero 30 seconds into the blackout.

In the final scene of the show, Mark was talking to Olivia about the flashforwards. As he does this, we see Charlie's bracelet burning in the flames. Could this mean that people can change their future? Are the flashforwards a gift? Are they set in stone? Can they be changed? After this scene, Mark talks to Charlie about her flashforward. We already know she probably saw Dylan in her flashforward, but she also gave a stern warning: "D. Gibbons is a bad man".

So many questions.

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